New Blog New Year New Me

New Blog: Well my old blog website, (iblogs, not own by Apple by the way) went down months ago and doesn’t seems like its going to be getting back up any time soon, so I’ve decided to move over to a more stable and sercue blogging site. Hopefully World Press won’t let me down.

So with that, I most likely won’t be importing stuff from the old blog. But you know what this is just as much my blog, as it yours, so if there’s something you want me to blog about let me know. Rather it be random or serious just let me know. Also don’t be afraid to post comments, jabs or verbal abuse on any thing I post.

New Year: Welcome 2007.. It’s going to be a good year. I can tell that already. 🙂

New Me: Same ole me, just with add-ons haha. NO one stays the same forever and we all have to grow. Expect more of things you love about me, less of the things you hate, and don’t be surprise when I shock you with something new.



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