Resolution Month Frustrations

Ok It’s January, and you know what that means. It’s resolution month for most people.  I wanna stop smoking, I wanna eat better, workout, stop kicking my dog, doing drugs on the commute to work, whatever.

Most people want to lose 8-10 LBS at the beginning of the year. Well guess what, that 8-10LBS you want to lose you just gained over the past 6 weeks from Thanksgiving- Christmas. Yes all those holiday get togethers add up.  So what do you do, you come to gym and try to workout.  This is all fine, I’m all for health and fitness, but if you aren’t serious go home already.You come and crowd my gym taking up much sapce. 

I sorry but last night, was the last straw. I couldn’t take it anymore.  There’s a track at our student REC center, and well it’s about three lanes wide.  Walkers on the Out, and Runners in the inner. Not to terrible picky if one gets in the “wrong ” lane. BUT when a group of three people, who obviously had not seen the gym…EVER– decides to stretch themselves arcoss all three lanes I have a problem, especially when you’re moving at a snail’s pace.  MOVE out of the way, for the runners and the people, who are still walking faster than your “running” pace.  It is not chat time. Don’t get upset when I come by, and say excuse me to get by. Next time I’ll just dropkick you from behind, and be done with it.

 TO all the girls wearing Makeup, GO HOME, GOHOME, GO HOME.. You come to the gym to get gross, so that you can look good later. You’re scared to lift weight and treat sweating like a sin. First, if you lift some weights and bulk up, please tell me what you did, SO I CAN GO DO IT.  Seriously you’re not going to be BUFF and SWOLE, by lifting some serious weights. YOU lift 5 lb weights like they are the max, YOUR LAPTOP weighs more, maybe you should just stop lifting that. Secondly, sweating will ruin that makeup, but it’s not going to melt your skin, I promise.  Sure i guess the gym could be a cool place to pick up people, just do it at the JUICE BAR or something. My 79 year-old grandma with arthitis in both knees, could workout harder than most of you, princesses.. UGHHHHHHHHH 

This kills me. You make a little resolution to lose the weight you just gain. After two weeks you leave the gym. Then you come back 2 weeks before spring break, so that you can attempt to get that beach umm 14 days.. Only to go there to drink up what ever you just did, if anything. Then from the time you return till the year’s end, you’re be in and out maybe, and perhaps you’re lose that 10Lbs.. Only to gain it again, and spend another YEAR trying to lose it.


2 Responses

  1. Jason,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    Sounds like you are focusing on all that is going on around you. Turn that negative judgement energy into a positive stream of energy and be a role model for those that are causing you to allow yourself to be frustrated.
    Have fun at the gym! Your perception is the only thing that is causing your frustration.

  2. Justin…
    I love your blog and your style of writing. Funny, blunt, right to the point. That’s the way to do it!

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