Guys 101: We’re Stupid

Let me tell you something about us guys, if you didn’t already know we’re stupid, even the smart ones.  We make mistakes, which only God knows why. We almost view life as one big game of Trial and Error.  I promise you it makes sense to us in the moment.  It’s only later, till we get that “What the heck” look, someone gets hurts or we’re fussed at, do we see the error of our ways.


 To Ladies:

We’re so very clueless about things.  I swear we are normally not aware when a girl likes us.  It’s not that we don’t notice you, it’s just we are completely out it most of the time. We’re slow and it takes a while for us to catch on, OK!! Ladies if you try to drop hints, no WOMAN talk please. It doesn’t have to be extremely explicit, but don’t confuse us. Look we don’t always know when to bring, flowers, or candy, so bear with us.


 To Moms:

We don’t mean to hurt ourselves, really. Unlike daughters, the hardest times aren’t those hormonal, moody teenage years, it’s keeping us alive, until we are..let’s jsut go with alive period. On top of all of this, we do stupid things, for fun; spinning doughnuts, and doing 360’s in cars. We like to climb things, jump from high places, place CDs in microwaves(gets me everytime); we throw things, break things all for fun  We rig things to do things, they’re not suppose to do. It’s just something about lighter fluid, matches and open spaces that attracts us. We’re just wired to do such things.


So please be patient with us everyone, and understand, we just can’t help it sometimes. J


14 Responses

  1. As I’m sure you know, in the adult world of jobs and living certain distances away from each other, it makes it difficult to MAKE the time to discuss cerrtain things.

    As for giving hints, girls give hints ALL THE TIME, you just need to have one of your girl friends do some recon work if your not sure “the girl” is giving “hints” or what we call flirting. Girls that are just friends can be real handy, and they need your help too sometimes. It’s win win!

  2. Hi,
    Different yet…. an honest post. I can when it comes to guys they are clueless about most of the things you have mentioned. However, it doesn’t hurt to be a “little more” attentive ! 😉


  3. Sad part guys never grow out of it – If the females in my life (wife, daughter, girlfriend) want anything from me they better just tell me – no hints please. Like get dressed now, get a haircut, listen to me, behave, etc.

    I even need to be told it’s my own birthday and we’re going out to dinner to celebrate.

    The real question is why are woman facilitators of incompetence in attentiveness.

    • “The real question is why are women facilitators of incompetence in attentiveness”
      Thats a good question most men dont know the answer to. Heres my take on it. Women are attentiveness buy nature. The reason they drop hints instead of telling you is it is unatractive for her to tell you to go get a hair cut or get dressed now, or listnen to me now. Youre supposed to already know this stuff.
      -in a girls eyes-. Remember Men are SUPPOSED to be the dominant ones. Shouldnt you know youre own birthday. Shouldnt you know when youre hair looks like shit or you have ketchup on youre shirt or you have a booger on youre face. Women drop hints because, for some reason, telling you flat out might hurt youre feelings, may give you a sense of stupidnes, and maybe they want to pretend you do know and youre just bieng silly. Either way you should be aware of this stuff anyways. Come on man……..youre birthday. Cut your hair? Take a shower? Change youre clothes? Looks like shes the dominant one to me. I guess if it works for you great.

  4. In a woman’s world, the concept of men being clueless is akin to a law of physics.

    That said, I think that men are clueless because they focus on a very narrow field of vision, whereas women focus on the big picture. Maybe it stems from the fact that women are the protectors of their children. We must mesh the present and future together in an attempt to forsee any danger coming to our kids by way of their actions, our actions, and anything happening around us.

    I have tried the coy way, now I am doing it MY way, the straightforward way. I must anticipate everything that is happening or going to happen in our house. It makes us women indispensable, you know. Women do not tell men what they want because they need to know that you care about them and that you are willing to act on your own on their behalf, without being told. It’s a need we have to feel loved. Silly, right? I think that from your male perspective you are thinking, “heck, she KNOWS that I love her!” Yes, we need to HEAR it now and again. Check out Luthur Van

    • I think the reason women “NEED” to feel love is because, they have a unquenchable longing for a “real man”. The “real man” does not exist. Just like the “right girl will come someday” does not exist either. This is not Disney. Its LIFE! And we dont live in the stone age anymore. Why dont you girls adapt to youre suroundings. Its time for women to change, not men.

  5. sorry about that, my stupid computer must be male because I am not finished! I was saying, check out Luther Vandross’ “Buy Me A Rose”. It’s about a guy coming to the realization of the little things he can do to make his woman happy and how so very small a gesture can mean so much to a woman.

  6. If only women out there would realize that they should stop complaining about men being clueless and take up their roles, use their God given talents, and be the helpmate. No, I am not a passivist. What I am saying that this is a sort of power we have and it should be used as it was meant to be. As women, we know that it’s not that our men do not feel for us, or feel less for us; but they are incapable of expressing it how we would want… but so what? We know that the feelings are there. We should use our power, our talents and our men will express their feelings in the ways that they know.

    THAT is another part of the problem. Both sexes are not familiar with the style of expression of the other. I would recommend reading the Mars/Venus books. I have learned a lot about my own nature and the nature of men from them. Once we can understand how the other sex naturally communicates, our lives would be so much easier in the relationship department because we will have a new tool to use.

    • Did you know Mars stands for MARtial. And Venus stands for VENUSian.
      Martial Arts- Art of Survival
      Venusian Arts- Art of love

  7. I explained to my wife long before we were married that I was terrible with hints. If you like something, tell me. If you want something, tell me. I will break my neck to get it for you if you would just tell me what it is.

    Women have subtle thought processes that are way beyond mortal men.

    “It’s so ugly, it’s cute!”

    “Well yes, but no.”

    “If you don’t know then I’m not going to tell you!”

    Women understood those statements. Guys are scratching their heads.

    We aren’t stupid. We just don’t speak the language.

  8. waistloss – you sound like a Fat Savage

  9. Mmm, I’m just trieing to figure out if you’re a cute straight guy or a cute gay guy. PLEASE let us know! It may not be very PC to ask, but I don’t want to cyber flirt with you if you’re straight.
    Don’t post a picture, I know you look like Daniel Craig, only better.
    If all this confuses you, it’s just that I enjoyed this post.

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