Stay Outta my Frig

If you have you ever had a room mate with bothersome friends, you can hopefully relate.

Ok so my room mate friend pops over to visit and after while becomes hungry. He goes through the frig and starts talking junk and complaining about nothing to eat. Ok I’ll admit I take up about 80% of the frig, with my food. My roomie just doesn’t use the frig, he eats out everyday and when he cooks it’s pops-tarts and hot pockets. I’ll admit when you open the frig it seems a bit scary, with all the separation and compartmentalization. The bags of 6oz chicken, 4oz turkey burgers, the containers of separated egg whites, and the rows of yogurt, one would think I have the worst case of OCD, ever know to man…But I don’t, I prepare food the week, , it saves time and keeps my lifestyle in check.

Back to the issue at hand. My room mate’s friend begins to talk junk and make fun of the foods, I eat. More so the lack of things, we have that he likes to eat. Trivial, I know, I completely just ignore him on such a silly issue. Everything would have been ok, but he took the LAST yogurt…this is a derivative of the saying ” Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, You don’t talk junk about my stuff, only to turn around and take it, People should remember,  YOU NEVER TAKE THE LAST OF ANYTHING, with out permission, and even with permission you should feel guilty about asking!!!

I guess this all leads to the bigger point. Often we find ourselves complaining about things, only to return to those things, out of need, desire, or want. We shouldn’t judge or complain about things we don’t understand, or don’t always like.


5 Responses

  1. i can relate. i really don’t like it when people take things without permission. you must be really nice to be feeding your roommate.

    ps. i discovered ur blog thru the naked soul’s blog (

  2. Show mouthy friend the before and after pics below, and he’ll be asking you where you buy your egg whites. You look great, so the results speak for themselves.

  3. I would find that annoying to the point of hatred. I am pretty free with the stuff in the fridge, but nobody I know has ever crossed that line of taking stuff without permission.

    I am married and do most of the shopping. My DH has simple tastes and usually does not take anything that he doesn’t buy himself, though I encourage him at all times that anything in there is HIS as well… unless there is a note on it that I am saving it for something special.

  4. Oh, about your last paragraph…
    I’ve done this many times, reaching for something that I’ve complained about prior because I didn’t see a way to get what I really wanted. Sometimes I did feel guilty about it, whether it be food that I really didn’t want, or any other second or third choice anything.

  5. […] what it offers. [This might be of particular interest to Justin V as I just read one of his posts, “Stay Outta My Frig”.] I will be the first to admit that we are definitely struggling, yet I am an electronic gadgets […]

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