Mom and Prom

When I was in high school, I told my my mom, that I would take her to the prom, because she didn’t get to go when she was younger.  I look at old pictures and I see that my mom was beautiful when we as younger, and I never really asked her why she didn’t go, but I sorta know my mother well enough, that I could understand why.  At the moment I told her that,  I honestly meant it. I look back 6 years ago, and even though I had a fine time at prom with Stenisha Green, I think I would take my mom to the prom, if she wanted to go. Would you have taken your Mom or Dad to prom?

 I dunno, my Mom is just on my mind today. I don’t think I’ve done anything nice for her since Christmas. I need to change that. I don’t think she called today. Unusual for her. She normally buzzes once a day.(So much better, it used to be about 9 times a day–hey I’m an only child, it’s part of the package)

Blog Out.


3 Responses

  1. I’m an only child too, Justin. So I understand the phone calls. (I hate to break this to you but I still get calls about once a day and I’m 47….)

    If you feel like you should do something nice, DO IT. Just go and get a card and say thanks.

    Trust me, you can never go wrong with doing something nice with no reason for it, especially for someone who means something to you.

    A quote I remember. To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.

  2. I never went to my prom either…but I wouldn’t want to ruin my stepson’s fun night. You’re only a senior once.

    I bet you can think of something nice to do for Mom. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon

  3. Do something nice for her today, something she wouldn’t expect, you will feel better and she will be elated!

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