North Carolina Is Bi-Polar

Weather, Weather..

Down here in NC, we have been experiencing for the most part on of the warmest winters ever. Most the month has been in the 60-mid 70’s. It’s been really nice. Cool morning, Comfortable days, chilly nights. Last weekend and MLK day… 75-79.. so pretty, tons of people went to the beach even. Then came Wed. The 40 degree drop in one day, with WIND. Talk about not knowing how to dress.

Then Sa 40’s, and TODAY(sunday), it was sleeting this morning. SLEET some SNOW PEOPLE. and to think, I thought I was never going to get to wear all the new winter clothes brought. WTFreak.. How can we be experience such extremes. Mother Earth needs to get back on the Meds, cause her Bi-Polarness is driving us insane. I swear I need cargo pants that can unzip to shorts, yet can be used as a wind-breaker if needed.

I feel so bad for the weathermen/women.. sorry sorry Meterologist. it goes something like this…
6:00am.. For those of us, just waking up, Plan for a Cool day around 50
6:25am For those of us just waking up, Plan for warm day, around 65, and those of you who just got dress, change now before leaving for work.
6:45.. Umm Umm, Chilly-to warm day, bring a light coat, but wear short sleeves, but be prepared for that downpour, and the miniheat wave around 4:00pm

Snow in Spring?? Ice in Summer? Hurricanes this winter.. Who KNOWS


One Response

  1. Justin,
    You are right, this has been a very wacky wheather year!

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