10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Into You

This post has been revisited, reviewed and revamped.

So you wanna know if this guy, a guy, any guy is interested in you.? There are ways that you can tell, sometimes if a DUDE is into you. Well here are some clues that may help you on your quest. Now i’ll be the first to admit, GUYS are mysterious little creatures of life, if some of these seems odd, blame mother nature.
10. He babbles on when he talks to you.

–Ok look, we babble on and on about things and here’s why. We babble for two reason; 1. Silence is death. There is nothing worst than for a guy to finish talking and the girl is completely silent. 2. In an attempt to connect with you on some level, will continue to babble on, in hopes that something we say triggers a response or a an interest. Granted some of us don’t know when to STOP(sorry they don’t make a pill for that). Just be patient and know, something important is coming..

Note: When we get nervous, we normally get sweaty hands, clammy skin, aka the works.

9. There are long pauses between his comments.

–Guys often think way to hard about things, esp when it comes to women. Unsure of how to act or approach we sometime take long pauses to calculate the next move. Now a smooth guy will be two steps ahead of the girl and wont need to calculate as much, unless thrown a curve ball.

8. He tries some how to relate, to you in many ways.

— For there to be any connection there’s gotta be common ground somewhere. More so than often guys will share things with you..Interest, experiences, pet peeves etc. He’s setting up compatibility, Letting you know you guys could be a match. It depends on the dating attraction of the guy; If he like dating someone opposite of him or if he likes dating someone just like him.

7. He digs for untypical information.

Sometimes guys won’t BS with the same old conversation or some guys try to fish for info. Honestly some guys are less concerned with the mundane aspects of your life and they are more interested in what makes you YOU and more importantly different from the 3 girls standing behind you.

Note: Stay slightly guarded, there are some freaks(stalkers in training out there) but if you get asked something completely different, don’t be taken completely off your feet.

6. If you catch him always smiling at you-Constantly

— Ok, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ll send a smile in a hearbeat. A smile is free, quick, subtle and it doesn’t require me opening my mouth. A smile from a guy usually indicated some kind of approval. A smile is easily one of the bes self-esteem weapons out there.

5. If a guy, admits something slightly embarrassing or unknown to you willing.(sometimes combined with #8)

Example. Some guys will share stories, or oddities about them, to break-ice, or show that they are “real”. ‘I had asthma when I was younger” ” I failed that class too”. Our ego are always in check for us to admit these things are a big deal sometimes.

4. If makes fun of you in a harmless way, especially if he makes you laugh.

— Okay if a guy starts cracking jokes about something you said or did, then he’s feeling comfortable with you and being around you somewhat. We normally hope that be making you laugh or smile, that we will win some affection/approval points.

3. If he invites you to a social gathering, with his good friends.

–Ok listen up, an invite from a guy is a very good indication that he is interested in you, at least physically and perhaps in your personality as well. See if a guy is willing to invite you somewhere, then he’s not ashamed to be seen with you, or even perhaps he wants to show you off. See he knows, like YOU know, like I know that people talk. Just to be seen with someone can cause all sorts of assumptions to arise. Finally, there a good chance that he’s interested in your personality. Depending on the intimacy of the event, he’s go to be around you and converse with you, so in meaning, he thinks he can do that with you.

Note:A party or event, in which he doesn’t know 75% of the people personally, TRULY doesn’t count. This invitation was more likely, to avoid going alone, or he just being nice.

2. Gives you an uncommon way of contact him.

This needs to be unique in order for it to count. That means he really wants to talk to you, or have some type of interaction with you. In his eyes, theres something about you, that he wants to interact with you again. If could be that you were funny, witty, or bluntly truthful, whatever is was, he wants more of it, and my advice is milk it for what it’s worth.

Good Example: Phone Number, email, job or work location.

Ambiguous Example: AIM (everyone is on AIM, I mean everyone)

Bad Example: Myspace, Facebook

1. He complements you at odds times, in various places.

Note. A steady flow of complements, is usually a good indication. Gauge the guys personality first though. If he’s generally overnice or complements everyone, then, look for other clues. Also you might want to gauge the degree of the complement, while Pretty, Beautiful, and Gorgeous are similar, they mean completely different things. We stick the the basics, flattery. Yes it’s true we use complements to win over the ladies.. SUE US.. Now do we really mean them.. that’s another post in it self.

In closing…There are several degrees of ” IN TO YOU” so beware. It could be a crush, it could be serious, it could be true love at first sight. But there is also the other side and unfortunately it could be the complete opposite; with hopes of one way to panty-ville. Just be careful and sometimes it doesnt hurt to follow those instincts.

Now if someone would only post 10 ways to tell if a girl is into you.

Updated- 3/27/08

If you the guy is into you, or you already have him now. Maybe you should check out my latest post; 7 ways to keep your guy.


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  1. Justin… I am not sure if I can give you 10 ways, but I can say from my own self that the biggest way to know a girl is into you is communication. She wants to talk to you, with you. She wants to know everything about you. She makes time for you, maybe overly so. If she goes so far as to rearrange her schedule for you, you know you’re in! She might call you “just because”… ugh.. even I can’t stomach that one!

    Girls are forever trying to figure the guy out, always trying to read between the lines. We analyze everything said, done, to see what it “really” means. We are terrible, I know, but we are always trying to keep ahead of the guy and plan our next move. This overkill is due to the fact that we really will never be able to figure you out!

  2. Maybe it’s because we can’t see the forest for the trees, we think that you are more complicated than you are. With most men, what you see is what you get… and we, well, just don’t get it!

  3. Different girls, different approach. I’ll just send a drink over/wink. Done. message across.

    • Some other tips:

      Carries on conversation – Have you noticed that he sometimes wants to just extend a conversation that has led to a dead end? If he really doesn’t want to end the talk and comes up with new topics, ideas, jokes, and if you determine that he does it deliberately – you’re right 🙂 HE LIKES YOU 🙂

      Not mentioning other women – This can be a pretty clear giveaway. If he normally talks about women and mentions his female friends but when he talks to you – he doesn’t – then that can be a sign. Why does he do that? Well he just does not want you to think that he might like any of those girls… It’s weird, but guys do it subconsciously…

      Pupils dilate – I didn’t want to write “pupil dilation” here, I think it would just sound plain stupid and scientific kind of xD. So scientists have proven this already, your pupils dilate when you see somebody you like! That’s an easy one, but you have to catch it. It happens in the beginning of the conversation usually, or after a compliment per se… So try to catch that when you bump into him next time

      Well those are SOME of many signs if a guy likes you, but if you wanna know more, there’s a whole website covering the topic of how to tell if a guy likes you, so check it out –> http://www.ifaguylikesyou.com/

      Good luck 🙂

  4. Justin.. I’ll admit I do 7/10 of these things.. LOL. Stop telling our secerts. I’m telling.

    • I am a girl and I like this guy and his friend told me that the guy I like likes me but he does not do any of these things but he let’s wear his hat and let’s me seat by him and he is my friend should I tell him I like him or wait for him to tell me he likes me

  5. Great post!! Very cool. 🙂 Here are some ways I think girls tend to show guys they’re into them…(they tend to be similar with your list, as far as I can say)…

    – They smile a lot around the guy
    – They laugh at all/most of his jokes
    – They want him to meet her good friends/all hang out together
    – They ask unusual questions/give unusual info
    – They might touch their hair a lot…(a weird nervous reaction?)
    – She talks a lot to him/babbles

    Those are some I could think of right now….haha they all seem to be the same as yours, Justin…but I think guys and girls really aren’t all that different, usually, when it comes to attraction and how to deal with it. 🙂

    • -Also they tend to show off around them, my friend when she used to like someone she used to do handstand in front of them and stuff haha

  6. -how to know he is that into you
    -ells you everything theres to know about him
    -Plan the future together
    -Puts you First
    -Tells everyone about(EVERYONE)
    -Shares the highs and lows with you
    -Picked out baby names and how many kids you are going to have….

    l guess thats jst about it you will know when you are the perfect match trust me he will accept it and the whole company will know

  7. love the way you give advice..Thnks it really helps!

  8. Bern thanks for stopping by the blog dude..

    I try my best..

  9. 10 ways to tell if a girl is into you:

    10) She’s talking to you- and just you.
    9) She’s looking at you- and just you. If she’s interested, she won’t be visually working the room.
    8) She does any combination of 10 and 9 while touching her hair. Hair is a big thing for us, if we’re touching, we’re definitely trying to attract a man. Probably you.
    7) She’s laughing/smiling a lot. Deep down, you know you’re not that funny. She knows too, but she likes you, so it doesn’t matter.
    6) She offers to buy you a drink. Take it. She likes you!
    5) She tries to find common ground.
    4) She rambles. Naturally, she’s a little nervous around a guy she likes.
    3) You get to meet anyone she knows well, best friend, co-worker, whatever. Men may talk more, but women can be downright vicious, so she won’t risk being seen with someone without potential.
    2) You are invited to her place where a bunch of her friends will be, for any reason, BBQ, Super Bowl party, whatever. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and we don’t just let anyone in.
    1) You meet anyone in her family. If she brings you in front of these folks, her toughest critics, you must be something special.

    Awesome blog, btw.

  10. Thanks for visting the blog LA cowgirl,

    More importantly thanks for posting the 10 ways to tell a girl is into you.. LOL. Nice list.


  11. okay so another question the guy im talking to okay he is a few years older then i am. Well, when he talk to me he speaks shortly. In small answers like ” Yea,” or sometimes he speaks in three word sentences. Until you get him on a subject that he likes then he like never shuts up. These are the nice time. He shows all the signs that you say, A guy will show if he likes a girls. As in he smiles at me all the time an he Aims all the time, but how will i know for sure. That my “play” is going all right?

  12. hmmm 5 ways…

    well first of all we are also a mystery so don’t expect it to be easy! there are all different types of girls out there.

    1) the Look – if a girl is looking at you then looks away and back again and so it goes on. It means they are almost sizing you up. Sometimes we will see something we really like 🙂

    2) The questions – if she is genuinly interested in you she will ask questions. A LOT of questions about anything. about your life or even a topic that shes not exactly into.

    3) The glaze – thats right i told you we were strange. We will completely ignore you just because of something we read in a magazine says that to get the guy you want there has to be an air of mystery about you. Let yourself be chased.

    4) the laugh- we will laugh at the jokes noone else finds funny. you ask why? to impress you. Girls want to show guys they have a personality.

    5) feeling the need- this is the most important one. If we like you we will feel the need to….
    *bring up your name in random conversations
    *sit in a spot at school where we can see the back of your head
    *make an effort with your mates
    *to be loved
    *to show love

    great blog 🙂

  13. okay, so my “guy” friend marty does all of those things, but when he’s with his friends he acts like a jerk to me! is that normal ‘cuz it makes me feel bad:(
    Does he like me

  14. 10 ways to tell a girl is into you

    1.) we smile constantly at you
    2.) we play with our hair ( twirling it around our fingers and such)
    3.) we ask you questions ( like ” how many girls have you dated?” or ” what’s your dream girl?” we are trying to find out what you like and if you are a player)
    4.) we look down, mostly at the floor (we cant help but avoid eye contact)
    5.) we become super nervous ( we cany help it guys make us nervous esp if we arent sure they are into us)
    6.) we become ultra girly ( esp if we tom boyish we seem to revert to our girly stage :] )
    7.) we lick and or bite our lips while talking to you
    8.) we go out of our way to hang with you ( stop by ur locker, walk you to class, ect…)
    9.) we give you our cell number
    10.) we babble, alot… we tend to talk alot to begin with it just gets worse when we into cus we suuuper nervous

  15. Ok, so there’s this guy I really like and here are 10 pretty weird things that I do to be near him and get him to like me.

    •My 2nd period is his 3rd period so I purposely take forever to get my stuff together. And even then all we say is “Hi.”

    •I’m always looking around for him, even when I know he’s not there.

    •I almost never talk to him 1st. I act like I don’t notice him until he talks to me. Even when all I’m thinking is ‘Oh my god! He’s right there, what do I do?!?!’

    •I’m always totally obsessing over my hair. I get annoyed when my hair is in my face so I put it behind my ear. But then I remember that I look better when it’s not behind my ear so I keep playing with my hair until it’s right.

    •I love to talk, but when he’s talking all I want to do is listen. So I always seem totally quiet.

    •I always make lame jokes when I get nervous in an attempt to seem funny but fail sadly every time. I have learned to either keep quiet or seem lame.

    •I laugh at everything he says, even when he’s not trying to be funny and then I look retarded.

    •I have a very nasally voice and try to change it when I’m near him. I also avoid saying words with the letter ‘N’ because then I sound like a nerd.

    •I’m always really outgoing and funny and random but when I’m near him I’m always afraid of saying the wrong thing. So I’m pretty boring near him.

    •Sometimes I get up the nerve to call him for no reason. If I can’t think of an excuse before he picks up I usually end up saying that I was bored.

    • oh mai goodness! i totally agree with you “littlemissy” .. those things are si true, i do almost the exact same things..Even did them today !
      *If we’re in the same class, i always go in front of him at the end of it, so i can hold the door for him, hoping that he will atleast say thanks !
      *i try to be all cool and funny but fail.. so he just ends up sayin “whatss that?” and i have the sorry look on my face
      *i always always try to sit close to him , preferably behind him! but where i can see his reflection in someones laptop. but if hes right behind me ,i cant sit stable i keep on moving… go to my backpack to grab something , drink water ! and laugh! my frnds think i act pretty sill ahh well =)
      *i cant say a freaking word in front of him , like ill mumble , sound nervous (i bet he can tell) just cant talk

      a quick question – but what do youdo when guys never come out of their own little bubble of friends? for you guys out there, if you have super awesome friends since elemntary , do you like not give a shit about making new frnds?
      well, thanks fro this blog ! ❤

  16. i always get totally nervous around this guy and i stutter and laugh but can’t look him in the everyone says he likes me but what if he doesn’t i am a nervous wreck when we work together i am so confused

  17. Have you ever just liked this guy so much tht ud do enything 4 himm? Well i have i even wrote a 5 page thing about “love”.. its a rollercoster . it rele is. its hard, it sucks , and half the time it hurts.. Now a days its hard to tell if they like like you or not well we ALL noe if a gurl she; 1.) Plays with her hair alot. 2.) Smiles ALOT. 3.) Nerviously laughfs alot. 4.) Keeps looking at you bitting or licking lips.. (no shes not hungry haha.) 5.) Smiles at everything you say. AND FOR GUYS…… 1.) Makes time 4 u and not the guys. 2.) Calls u daliy or nightly just 2 check on u. 3.) Asks how ur day went.. small and cute stuff. 4.) Walks u 2 class or hangs wid u. 5.)Loves 2 b wid u. Well thts all i noe hope it helps goodluck.. ^_^

  18. wht in D case if u don’t meet A guy…..but u chat wid him….?????plz..reply

  19. For me, I just tend to talk to them a lot, make time for them, etc etc. I ask about their interests to find some common grounds, tell them they’re sweet, the little things. I’m not very confident, so I never outright say things….but maybe I should? I’ve known the guy I like for 2 months now and we’ve become pretty good friends, have a lot in common, and he makes me laugh (always a good thing!). I think I like him, but as he’s a friend I wouldn’t want to lose him by telling him my feelings. Thus, confusion! XD

  20. I, for one, do almost all of the female attraction thingies the other chicks posted around all guys, especially good looking ones. I’m just an extremely akward person. So, girls can easily be misread… yeah

  21. ok, so basically everything everyone has said so far is true about how to tell if a girl likes you. if a girl is really into you here are some common things she does(p.s. practicly all of this is from personal experiance):
    1) she will make time to be around you. wherever you go she will go as long as it appears natural and not too out of the ordinary. she stalls to hang out with you more. she will walk past you as often as possible.
    2) she gets flustered easily (more common in shy girls). she might say something stupid and then get very embarrassed and then angry. to you, we may look like we are p.m.s. ing but really, we just are frustrated we can’t sound smooth.
    3) she remembers TONS of details about you! its not like she goes shouting these details from the rooftops, but we ALWAYS REMEMBER them.
    4) we love watching you 🙂 to us, your beautiful and we want to soak up as much of that gorgeousness as we possibly can. however, we always do this when you’re not watching.
    5) i know everyone has already said this, but it is soo true. we laugh at all your jokes, we smile at every silly thing you do to make us laugh. we never miss the chance to show how much we love to laugh along with you. there is the difference between being polite and laughing at everything you do 🙂

  22. i had a crush on a guy.i tried to make him aware of myn intrest in him.den he used to luk at me but used to look elsewhere when i noticed.he took my no. and made a friend of his talk to me through phone but i didn’t coz i didnt know him. den 3-4 times he behaved like he wanted to talk to me, he came to my class sat at front desk facing me but i was too nervous to even look at him and he went away after 4-5 minutes. such sort of things happened but i was not alone at all such points there were people around but i still cant get the reason y he didn’t talk to me.after dat he disappeared from d scene. den i with the help of a friend talked to him but he said he didn’t even know if i was in same college, n i was very nervous. after dat day i didn’t talk to him. den he started staring at me n always trying to gain my attention whenevr i was not aware of his presence. after 2 months he went up to dat friend of mine and says where m i these days. i dont understand whether he really likes me or not.please h

    • he likes you but he doesn’t know whether u feel the same or not. If he still wont talk or come to u directly, then make the first move and break the tension. Guys love it when girls make the first move. hope i helped.

  23. Ok well theres this guy i have known for 2 years and we finally started talk bout me and him dating and he says im everything and tells me how much he loves me and he shakes really bad like everytime he holds me i was just wondering if thats a sign if he likes me

  24. Um.. there’s this guy who goes to my school, and i’m really getting into him… I get nervous sometimes. we have a class together, and when it was just me and him, we had a great time and got nothing acomplished!!!! I agree to some of the things that where on your list justin… like laughing at almost everything he says, and he really is funny! i dont know what to do, im not the kinda person to flirt and stuff— what should i do?????

  25. ok, i also wrote the message most recent(0ctober 15 one) aka- mysterious1….we have a few classes together and i love it when he talks to me. I feel we have so much in common we can start something and i just keep laughing, but like i said, im not a flirty person.. what should i do? how can i know for certain that he is into me????

  26. So there is this ultra hot 10 that works in our dept. But only comes in monthly for meetings. I get told by all my girls at work that he’s HERE. I then work up a sweat. Fix my hair, start getting real nervous. I.ll make habit to walk past his office or area just so he can see me. The most i could ever say was hi and get told *long time no see* kinda makes me think he’s noticed when i’m around or not. He’s got this killer habit of walking away then turning and smiling at me. I just melt like putty into the ground but he wont approach me. I heard he’s shy tho. I turn into a dripping filter coffee machine after standing near him. I just want to grab him and kiss him. But he is so modest. He knows he is hot and i want his beef but he wont show off. Ah what a man. The other day he washed his mug in the office kitchen. I would do anything to be that mug that day. Oooo he’s a drop dead gorgeous looker and i’m a stunning looking girl. But neither of us can get it going

  27. Ok so i made the first move and turns out he’s very shy. And he has been interested in me for a while. So we takin it slow right now.

  28. Sigh*
    Most people are different, but most girls flirt with:
    Their eyes
    Their mouth (pouting, biting, smiling, grinning)
    Their hands – moving them about a lot, and letting them “suddenly” drop on a guy’s shoulder, hands, wrists, etc.
    Most girls tend to use their laughs to seem cute and charming.
    Others tell a lot of funny stories, so the guy never has the need to leave, and she can secretly take his torso in for a while longer :p
    Basically girls use their strengths to land guys. Beautiful hair = a lot of hair flipping. Nice teeth = a lot of smiling. Sexy lips = a lot of pouting. A cute laugh = ROFLMAO the whole time.
    It works 🙂

    I’m currently in this weird position with my best friend… I dont know how to read him, because he tells me everything – I’ve never had to read him. I find him staring at me at odd times, when I’m walking and turn suddenly, when I laugh and he looks up at me… Then the little hints about what he’s wanted to do to me forever… And the whole, “I’d be a beautiful wife” bit..
    Then the next second he’s avoiding me. It’s hard to read and I need… advice? 🙂

    • I do not flirt with my eyes or my mouth or my hands and I am a girl

      • well i had 10 bad boyfriends but by the way im 15 and this boy will not stop looking at me what should i do he is cute

    • Well, I was talking to my older brother about a guy that I like, and he said that sometimes guys avoid you just to see if you miss them. So, if that’s what your friend is doing, I think you should probably talk to him and acknowledge that you’ve been seeing less of him…maybe something like “I haven’t seen you around lately. We should catch up sometime.” And you can use that to maybe ask him out without it seeming too much like a date. If you like him back, that is.

  29. ways to know if a girl likes you:
    1. She responds to any type of communication and it lasts for a couple hours. This means she enjoys talking to you
    2. She looks straight into your eyes when your talking to her for more then 4 seconds.
    3. She gives you hugs and lingers there
    4. She makes those little comments that make you think. Trust me we won’t make them unless we want you thinking about them

  30. I like a boy name dillon hes black im white doesnt matter wat ever were in eighth grade and he is alwaysssss touching my legs and moving close to me,,,, i reallyyyyyy like him but cant found out how he is a footballer and im a girl……. Help me found out pleaseeeee 3-31-2011

  31. Thx you have no idea how much this helped

  32. I think most of the comments about girls are true except the one about playing with ur hair. I play with my hair anytime no matter who is around

  33. I have had alot of guys into me but I am hard nut to crack. I flirt but that means little because that ismy personality and guys misinterpret it for interest. I don’t alway like good looks to get to know men. That is the initial attraction but I often quickly lose interest whey the open their mouths. If I suspect a guy is a player I am friends but keep my distance. and don’t pland on any future with them. I may have a short term relationship but that is it. I hate men who manipulate and play games. It is a serious flaw. Honest is the best policy. I often misread men thinking they are just frients and find out they want more. If a guy is forceful with moving into a serious relationship I run and panick. I kind of feel sorry for men because courting women is a timid dance and they are the ones that often get burned.

  34. 10 Ways You Know A Girl Likes You..I Am A Girl So Trust Me…(:

    10.She Looks Nervous Around You Or Bites Her Nails,Picks Nail Varnish Off Etc.So She Doesnt Seem Nervous.
    9.She Trys To Get As Close To You As Possible Eg.In A Crowded Hall Or In The Line In The Cafeteria
    8.She Smiles And Laughs A Lot (:
    7.She Talks Abou You To Her Friends Or If They Look At Her When You Walk By Or Look At Each Other When You Are Talking To Her (:
    6.You Are Into Rave,Roc,Rap Etc.And She Starts Listening To That Kind Of Music.
    5.She Walks By Your Classes Just As She Knows You Are Coming Out Or Going In.
    4.If You Are Always Late She Will Try To Be Late As Well.
    3.She Puts On Makeup Always.
    2.She Looks At You Nd Smiles
    1.She Will Pout Or Look Like She Doesnt Care When Teachers Put You Together Or Say ”Ah Miss” Or ”Please Sir” But She Will Be Secretley Happy.

    Hope This Helps Ypu

    • I am a girl too . And what u said is TRUE !!!!
      Especially no.7, my friends always did that and it irritates me all the time.

  35. i need help i like this guy i knew him when i was 5 and then i found him again and he liked me backed then but he dont anymore what should i do 🙂

  36. Hey this guy in school let’s me wear his hat all the time and wants me to seat by him in class and at lunch and when we went on a flied trip today he let me wear his hat and wad not leave my side does that mean he likes me

  37. Hey this guy I like him but no one knows and the other day we went on a flied trip and he let me wear his hat and everyone keeps calling me his girlfriend and he wants me to seat by him all the time does this means he likes me but does not say it to me

    • aww dats so sweet u can tell dat he likks uu y dont u ask him nonchalantly who he thinks is cute from ur school maybe he’ll tell uu dat he thinks ur pretty… he’ll probably get shy too… Good Luck!!!

  38. girls are different. you usually can’t tell (for sure) if they like you. just because they “flirt” doesn’t mean she’s into you. Usually you can tell by the way she looks at you, if she’s shy around you, or if she is always wanting to be around you. *Note: if she wants to be around you; that could also mean she is comfortable around you (as a friend)* sometimes when people bring up her past around you (if embarrassing) her face will start to turn pink or reddish, or will try to hide from it by changing the subject.

  39. hey.m a girl and here is some things i tend to do when i like a guy: i act like i am *totally* not into him.i look at him on the corner of my eye to see if theres any hope that he could be looking at me.i *always* make sure i am next to him when he least expects it.i smile a lot with him.i listen attentively to *everything* he has to say.he asks for …well…eg my lunch…lol i give him in abandance!and i always make sure i get highest marks in class…just to i,press him more;)…lol bye

  40. sory…just to impress him more..lol:)

  41. I was just wondering, At the end where he says: In closing…There are several degrees of ” IN TO YOU” so beware. It could be a crush, it could be serious, it could be true love at first sight. But there is also the other side and unfortunately it could be the complete opposite; with hopes of one way to panty-ville. Just be careful and sometimes it doesnt hurt to follow those instincts.

    What does he mean from ‘But there is also the other side and unfortunately it could be the complete opposite’ does he mean that men could just have intentions to just want to have sex with you?

    i don’t get what he is trying to say

  42. I realy like this guy he has long black silky shiny straight hair and dark brown eyes and dark skin he is mexican and im american im a brunette with brown eyes but his is darker well he is so sexy he shakes his hair and runs his fingers thru it all the time and when he walks his hair goes flapping thru the air ahhhhhhh he is so hot omg and he as amazing mucsiles/ abs I so want to play with his long hair
    but I dont know him I just see him alot at the library he is smokin hot hotter than a model.

  43. I still dont know if he likes me

  44. I wrote a guya silly little note that said Happy Easter with a smiley face on it and I saw that he now has it taped to the inside of his locker. Does keeping something silly like that mean he likes me? Sometimes it seems like he’s flirting with me but he’s very friendly and nice to everyone so I don’t know if I’m just mistaking his kindness for flirting.

  45. You people are sooo dumb if you lyk a guy ask him out atleast you’ll find out and if he seiis no den sei I dnt realli mean it it was a dare sorry if uu got caght of gaurd. And if he lyks you dnt w8 deffo ask you gnna know the repply and ders no waii you can tel if a guy lyks you or if a girl lyks you cuuz we all different. So dnt b shy and if you won’t talk 2 him proppa nw he’s deffo gonna think if I ask er out she won’t even b able 2 talk 2 me so wat do I do so yh b normal and b confident

  46. Thanks.! This really helps.!

  47. That is true, the material is the key ingredient, also word and mouth from my audience to spread the word for me is also important!

  48. Ok so i really like this guy and he lives next door to me. I am friends with his mom and little brothers and i talk to him occasionally but not too often. He rides my bus in the afternoons because he gets driven to school in the mornings. He is a grade lower than me because he has a really late birthday but back on topic, my dad is really strict and wouldn’t let me date him if i asked and plus he doesn’t like them because he thinks they are bad people but he hasn’t ever talked to them my mom is friends with them also and she thinks they are nice. But i really like him and i have seen him looking at me on the bus sometimes. What should i do? I really like him and want to be with him. Help please. 🙂

  49. OMG i have no idea if my crush likes me.
    I only get to see him 2ce a day, in the mornings and at lunch. personally, I try to be near him so I can see him, but I never talk to him. I have no idea what to say. Besides, i rly hate some of the ppl he hangs out with so i don’t want to walk up to his table 2 say hi. But i do glance at him from time to time. I JUST WISH I KNEW!!! WHY MUST I BE SO SHY?!?!?!

  50. This totally helped me because now I know that my guy is interested, very interested 😀 Anyway, I am a girl so I would say that a girl likes a guy when:

    1. She brings him up in conversation with friends constantly when she is not talking to him or around him and clings to her phone, waiting for him to text or call back.
    2. If she is always talking and being loud with her friends but when she gets around you she seems shy and quiet, she likes you and just doesn’t know what to say and does not want to embarass herself.
    3. There is a mutual amount of teasing and joking within your texting conversations and she wants to know just as much about you as you want to know about her.
    4. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom quite a few times when you two are together because she is checking her face in the mirror to make sure she looks super cute and attractive.
    5. She feels comfortable enough to let her guard down and tell you about truely personal aspects of her life.

    Also, she may not be an ideal choice if:

    1.She asks you, within two to three days after getting your number, questions like, “How many girls have you been with?” and “Have you ever cheated on your previous girlfriends?” because she is probably overly obsessive.
    2. If she finds out you like her and then obsesses over seeing you every single day and texting you every single minute. This is a clingy chic and you should definetely steer clear of those.
    3. She acts like a completely different person just so you will both have things in common. Differences can be good for relationships but you have to have something in common with the other person or else your conversations are going to dwindle down and become boring.

    Guys: We want the exact same things that you want. Respect and honor, along with a dash of chivalry and love on your part. It is really quite simple and also, do NOT be a big cry baby. Emotions come naturally which is fine but when Titanic comes on, you better act like a man and hold us while we cry instead of hogging the freaking tissues!!

  51. Okay,I can’t give 10 but here’s a few:
    1. If she texts u a lot
    2.if she likes to be around u;talk to u a lot
    3. If she laughs at the most random things u say. I’m not gonna lie,but that’s me
    4. If she smiles more around u,looks up more with u
    5. If she’s not afraid to tell u ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING.
    6. If she ever gets kinda shy,or moves closer to u
    7. Look for smiles,winks,staring,etc. constantly at YOU
    8. Do u dream about her? She went to sleep thinking bout her
    9. If she looks at ur lips,she wants a kiss.easy enuff.
    10. Does she think of u as a little/older brother? (that’s how I feel with my crush lol)
    Okay I lied that was ten. Haha hope this helps!

  52. I cant give ten but i will do my best.
    1.she will go out of her way to talk to you
    2.you will constantly catch her looking at you
    3.whenever you r together she will try to get close to you(thats what i do)
    4.she will smile alot around you

  53. a couple ways to know if a girl likes you.
    -she might look away when you catch her staring to avoid making it bvious
    -she might be real quiet because she is nervous about u
    -she smiles at you laugh or lauhs when you smile
    -she is alway s near where you will be and seems happy to see you(if she doestn seem suer hypr its alright she is nervous)
    -ps girls notice if you say hi and bye evn if it is simple
    -she might fidget her feet around you (nervous) or look down and waaay more but those are the basics

  54. ok quick question pleas can you post something that explains the difference between a guy being polite/nice or if he realluy is into you

  55. True but jost not sure bout my guy

  56. Well one reason a girl is into a guy is well….. How she talks to him like he is her best friend or something!! Telling secrets and stuff like that!

  57. That is incrredible. I’m a boy so that was right on the hamiltons. You must get the girls in on this cube steak right here. This might get boys more luck with more chicks. I have never seen anyone explain males that fluently in my life. And i’m fifthteen.

  58. you want ten ways to tell if a girl is interested? alright.
    1. she can’t stop looking at you, like at all.
    2. she forgets what she wants to say
    3. she’ll play with her hair, bite her lip
    4. she’ll stare into yours eyes so intensely you might flinch. don’t.
    5. she’ll act shy and have big eyes (no joke we try to act fragile)
    6. she’ll flirt or make jokes or make fun of you
    7. she’ll want to play with your hair or touch you
    8. she’ll look at you then look away really fast, and then look back and smile a little, to act mysterious
    9. she might blush or get embarrassed
    10. she’ll talk mainly to you if there are other guys around
    or maybe this is just all me. 🙂

    • Omg there’s this guy I really like and we always talk and walk together in the halls and stuff and we mess around and joke about things and he says he likes someone but not in any of the classes we have together and I almost think he’s lying cuz that’s wut I would say if It were me except I say I don’t like anyone whenever he asks me. I almost think it might be me but I really doubt it and we both kinda flirt but that’s just our personalitys so idk. SOmeone please tell me if you think he likes me or something because I’m dying to know and I REALLY like him

  59. Ty so much I am 13 an idk if this guy is into me but so far 5/10 ways are true fingers crossed! 🙂

  60. Huh, my crush does some of these stuff… But, I dont understand– one sign said he smiles at you constantly, I mean he smiles (laughing) when his friend is doing something funny, does dat count? :”)

  61. well i am a shy type of boy and this girl i adore her and love her a lot.she is smart and never hesitates to talk to the opposite sex(unlike me).we went to a common tution,so she took my contact number and mostly the texts we exchenged were related to tutions and studies.she had crushes on two boys before but they dumped her:(..slowly she started to text me more personal message that she wish she possesed those and that qualities etc…i tried my best to soothe her,praise her..sometimes she replies to my text promptly sumtimes she takes an hour..now she willingly tells me about her family members and ailing grandma etc..my friend told me she looks at me too….well i am confused if she likes me or not…she often tell me i am a gud guy and thnks for my kind words etc…but still i am not sure..can u plz help me..pleaseeeeee

  62. OMG! I was thinking of a guy, then BAM! Most of this fit his friend…who is married! Married guy is cute and all, but still married with kids.
    I suppose I will have to watch my crush better, and hopefully he isn’t wearing those damn sunglasses everyday this week.

  63. Okay, here are some signs to if a girl likes you.
    – she’s different around you then she is around other guys
    – she smiles a lot and laughs a lot when you talk to her, and thinks you’re funny
    – asks other people who you like
    – when you’re sitting right next to her and you dont talk to her, she seems more silent and looks a bit down. Especially if you’re talking to another girl!!
    – she may tease you a bit and sometimes seem like she’s gone crazy for the moment or something.
    – and she could txt you for little things, like what’s the homework or do you understand that problem when she could have asked anyone else.
    – if you tease her , she might say you’re so mean or something in a fake crying voice.
    – and lastly, she mostly does what you tell her to. She may let you borrow a pencil or do you a favor.

  64. Every single one. Every single point.
    If you feel like giving advice here’s my story – We met almost a year ago, both attached to others at the time. We both waited to tell each other we were seeing other people so it was a shock to find out we were both in relationships. (We’re completely platonic but there’s a very strong chemistry) We’re both back for our last semester in college and four months from now we’ll be living a few hours away from each other, 6ish. I’m single now and he’s in a long distance relationship. I do value our friendship and respect his relationship but I’m human I want to read him poetry in the bath and talk about food (Get this his g/f and I are both bakers/ pastry chefs and hes a chef) release this tension for him that I’ve had for so long now… Is four months worth it? He’s important to me. I don’t want to get rejected, I don’t want to hurt anyone, and he really shouldn’t look at me the way he does. My heart beats like crazy for hours after. WOW THIS IS CHEESY! Sorry lol, advice would be great thanks.

  65. Heyi , hi, you know I’am just way too confused with this guy and so I need your guidance. Oki, well there is this guy that I like a lot and my friends feel he likes me too. Well, we were together in high school and everybody used to say that they feel a spark between us and that we both like eachother, but he hasn’t told me anything till date, nor have I told him anything. Well, but I had just msgd him my number on his email and the very next day I got a call from him. Since then, he calls me whenever he feels I’am free. I just mentioned to him , that I’am working with a couple of N.G.Os and he remembers about it. Whenever we talk, he just doesn’t feel like putting the phone down and the conversation draws on like he would say so tell me about something else… Even when we are talking and his friends call him he doesn’t put the phone down. We talk for like an hour at a stretch. He laughs at practically all my jokes even if I myself don’t find them funny enough. He calls me stuff like, oh you are a celebrity or you look marvellous, and I just told him I would not settle down for nest 5 yrs and he instantly told me even he wouldn’t want to settle down so soon , I told him I want to do some work and he said he would like to be a part of it, he wishes me on every important occasion, replies to all my messages even when they are just forwards, I told him the kind of guy I want and he tried to fit himself in that bill, indirectly. But, he himself had confessed to me that his friends feel that he is a flirt and so whatever he says to me, I don’t want to buy it to mislead myself but I really really like him. But, I’am too confused, there is a girl who has posted scraps on his pics like he is all mine and stuff, but he has never mentioned her to me, he doesn’t talk about any other girl infront of me, our whole conversations seem to end up focussing on me. When I said, I don’t know who would be the lucky guy in my life, he said may be he is right in front of your eyes. But, he has not told me he likes me or not. I’am just too confused please help.

  66. If you want a guy to like you be yourself and ummn….,… he will… if you be yourself he could possibly fall in love with you ❤

  67. If i havent lived my life who i am i never would be married to my hansome husband and had wonderful babies

  68. Um there’s this guy that u REALLY like in my 5th 6th And 7th period clasess and I sit by him and he’s a lot like me actually really hyper and funny and social. But I’m confused because sometimes I think he likes me because he flirts but other times I’m not sure because he’s always talking about this girl he likes and he won’t tell anybody who and he says it’s no one in those classes but I’m not sure. I Like seriously like him a lot and I guess I flirt too so he might get the hint. We talk a l

    • This guy is so into u but u just can’t see this!! And am guessing this girl he keeps on talking abt is actually u

  69. I have this problem I moved with my best friend to a new school and we are both always together it’s like we were never apart and we met a guy at school whose simply gorgeous and I just don’t knw whom does he like! He never talks to anyone but us. He is always with us (both) he keeps on teasing me like I love u 40% and I love ur frnd much much more or like he says to my friend that she’s cute am ugly and he says he wants to carry her books and he looks at me saying hahah I won’t carry yours sometimes I say am sad he doesn’t say sorry he just tries making me laugh I don’t know what to do now I rlly like him but he keeps on complimenting my frnd but she doesn’t love him she told me and she knows I like him she’s trying her best to help but she can’t and one thing all his frnds talk about us together I donno is that good? And he smiles at me across the class sometimes I donno what does it mean?!
    Need help!

  70. Well Nikki since we both live in the same house! And since I am ur sister I wanna tell u that u r so stupid and wasting your time wondering if he likes u or not! He lives next door drops u off to classes! Okay ur best frnd jenny is always around and u guys are never alone but it’s obvious that PATRICK likes u not jenny!!!!

    • I totally agree ! all he is doing is making u react to his actions, which by the way is working ! he wants some kind of hint from you that u like him and the only way he thinks is by acting really nice to other girls other than u ! when u ” wrote sometimes i say im sad” ! that was reality slapping him in his face saying oppps i went too far this time !!so his best way of comforting u was to make u laugh ( because the last thing he wants to do is hurt u !!) best advice i can give u is if he does this again then say “your in my bad books now”! see how he reacts? oh and the definate winner u said was somtimes he smiles at you across the room your in there gal !!!!

  71. Thank you for the information i hope that it will help me fugure out if the guy that i like… Likes me back
    Thank you,
    Odalis 🙂

  72. Hello. Im in a situation where i liked this guy for almost year. During that time i caught him staring at me multiple times and he likes to talk to he me alot. One day he told me that he had a crush on me and i could believe he said that to me so i panicked. All i could say was” crush? As in liking someone?” . Because he is a international student he asks me alot of English questions. “is that the proper way to say it?”.he also gave me nicknames and teases me alot . My friend even noticed that he pays more attention to me than the other girls. Recently he went to the army. I still haven’t gotten the chance to tell home how i felt. What should i do? Does he like me?

  73. there’s this guy i like and i really want to date him but he’s dating one of my bestest friends im sad how do i get him to like me and ask me out!

  74. So I like my friend. But I don’t know for sure if he likes me back. I think he does. But I dunno I mean I’m super oblivious and I can never tell with guys also he does a lot of things. Like he usually finds me before school or after class, but I dunno if he is just looking for a friend to talk to or if he is going out of his way to find and be around me. I’m not very skinny and don’t have the best skin in the world but does that really put a guy off? He did say he doesn’t care about appearances….so anyway we text each other all the time and usually he initiates it. I usually want to but I don’t want to seem desperate. Also I want to say hi to him before his classes but again I don’t want to seem annoying or a pest. I don’t know how to be certain…I want to tell him but I am afraid of pushing him away…Oh goodness me, someone please help me out here!

  75. I like this guy from upward basketball, he makes me laugh by hurting him self. Does he like me? I can’t tell but we both like a lot of stuff the same

  76. haha, my old crush does everything listed here, besides the long pauses… he always tries to fill those silences with random stuff… lolol, him trying now is so cute, and i think im falling for him again x]

  77. b4 i start im in 10th grade .
    Justin i like a guy but we are in different groups he’s a sporty dude and im in the sporty perfs(a sporty girl that is popular). his friends tell me that he likes me but when we are alone studying he acts all different, nice sweet but i don’t know the thing is he likes different sports that i don’t.
    help me please.

  78. okay dere z dis guy i like .. v both r very comfortable around each other , llike he come and stands real close to me , v tok every day .. he says dat respects me n my feelings … wat d hell am supposed to make out of dis…????? does it mean dat he likes me in nyway ??

  79. I’ve got one question….. The guy I think likes me is my best friend….. So how do I tell if he’s trying to be friendly or trying to make a move? Please email back.thanks!

  80. can some people also leave comments about to see if a guy likes you?

  81. seriously….and good blog justin!

  82. I’m so confused right now because I’ve been really close to this guy ever since I told him I had a crush on him we have been really close but his moods are on and off he will sometimes be happy and laugh with me sometimes he would talk to be in a cold way and that’s how he acts like he wants to talk to me but he actually doesn’t yes he does ask me to come watch and support him when he plays rugby at school… Everytime we do something touchy like kissing and stuff he wouldn’t talk to me like he normally does after a week his back to normal (we are not dating yet and I don’t know why) I do tell him I love him and he replies “TE AMO” in a very cold way like his saying it but doesn’t mean it. When his around other people he pretends like I’m not there but when we are alone his all over me…the other day we were talking this white girl appeared out of no where asking him to come with her… I looked at her and in and in my mind I was saying “are you efin kidding me can’t you see we are busy” so instead of him staying with me he walks away with this girl no good bye no hug no nothing as he left me sitting there one of my guy friends approached me and asked about homework and stuff like that and he asked if I was ok and I LIED and said I was I was actually angry at him for walking away like that the next day I lasted the whole day without saying anything the following day his sending me romantic messages and sweet talks me knowing that ill fall for him again… People have warned me about him they say his a sex machine and a player and a manipulator I don’t know if I should believe that… I don’t know if his into me or not I don’t want to look stupid Justin please help and advise me…

  83. Hey, there’s this guy I’m talking to and he texts me a lot and we talk all day and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. He tells me super deep stuff and last night he said “I figured If I cared about you so much, which I do, I would tell you.” and he’s told me he loves me before. And gets really sweet with me and stands up for me. He says stuff like “sweetie” and “babe” and “my love”. He brings me his deepest problems and I bring him mine. But sometimes we just talk. He invites me over to his house a lot. Does he like me or is that just his overly nice personality?

    • I like this 19 yr old he knows already he says cute stuff to get my attention.checks me out A LOT nvr wants to end the conversation makes time for me says stuff he no tht will make me laugh ill say sum bout a ex-bf nd he will say thts kinda like me.I NEED HELP DOES HE LIKE ME

  84. This guy I met camping was messing around with me and we went to play basketball and he rubbed up against my boob and said we would make a good match…….does that mean he likes me???

  85. I’m a shy kindof girl. I have a boyfriend and I love him so much. We’ve been going oujt since july and we haven’t even held hands yet. I wanna hold his hand I wanna tell him that I love him. I want to kiss him. How can I work up the courage to hold his hand or hug him or kiss him? I get scared when he’s close to my face cuz I might try and kiss him and he won’t want to… What should I do????

  86. Ways to tell if a girl is in to you
    1. She teases you. “Your so stupid! Hehe haha! !” She likes you
    2. She’ll playfully punch or slap your arm. Something of that nature.
    3. Laughs at your jokes. Every single one.
    4. She changes her look. If she does her hair a new way then asks if you noticed anything new about her, she’s 75% probably in to you.
    5. She’ll let you touch her whenever you want. If you try to grab her hand, kiss her, hug her. She’s probably in to you{:
    Hope this helped ! !

  87. Hey this guy I like is probably more mysterious than most… He stars nd smiles at me but he won’t keep a conversation going with me like he does other girls he told me he liked me last yr then he asked me how my best friend felt about him just bc she has well lets just say a big figure… Yet idk if he still likes me or not? What do I do?

  88. Hey justin,there is a guy in my class and am crazy in love with him.he stare’s a lot at me and he hits me a lot gentely my friends all now and they do things like hit him and then tell him that it was me.am worried that he know that i like him.i stare a lot and laugh around him do u think he likes me?

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  90. This boy is weird he does everything his friends does why can’t he stand up for him self I like him and I want him 2 ask me to go see a movie some time

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  92. Right 10 ways girls show if they like you. Girls can be pretty easy to detect and very hintful, but most the time show it too much and look desperate.

    1) She will find any need to talk to you, whether its acting dumb and asking for what we need to do in work, from asking what food you would recommend(it could be anything), basically a load of small talk.

    2) She would act childish and more like ourselves, this is to see whether you would accept her for who she is and how you would react.

    3) She’ll act like she doesn’t want you to sit by her to see if you will stay there but when you do she’ll talk to you all lesson/meeting.

    4) She constantly smiles and laughs at your attemps to be funny, basically if you make yourself look like a complete prat.

    5) She’ll pick on you and call you names, this is to see whether you can take a joke and its her way of flirting.

    6) She will look envious and let down if she sees you playing around with another girl but will also try to distract you/catch your attention

    7) She will glance and smile at you when your not looking, and look away quickly if you catch her looking at you.

    8) She would disagree when you compliment her and challenge you to a little debate until you slip up.

    9) She will tell you her problems and feel special if you listen, give your opinion and ask her what’s wrong in the first place.

    10) She will playfully hit you or trip you up when she sees you, this is to see what reaction she would get.

    Girls can show a lot of mixed signals but be sure never to take how open she is with you for granted, but if she is shows interest and feels like you want to hear what she has to say then show her the truth, if you like her back than (THIS IS IMPOTANT) you must definatley show you care about her, she wants to feel like no others and just yours…

  93. There’s a guy at work that constantly asks me meaningless questions and is always smiling and teasing me…the other day he said ” I bet you don’t have a bf, you look like you scare guys or would be the man in the relationship.” What is he trying to tell me by that??? He’s constantly telling me that I LOOK mean but is glad that I’m nice..

  94. All girls are different, I’m a bit shy and awkward or sort of stand-off-ish so when I like a guy I mostly stare at them big hope they don’t catch me…I also gravitate towards them, if they are on one side of the room I slowly make my way there without looking like a crazy person. If and when they talk to me I get sort of nervous and flustered(say dumb things or just laugh because I don’t know what to say) also I look away after making eye contact because it makes me nervous…but I have no prob with making eyecontact with a guy im uninterested in….so I guess those are a few ways to tell if a.shy girl likes you… We also get really giggly

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  99. This is horrible advice. It’s sh*t like this that makes girls think a guy is into her, just because he is a good/nice person. Except the constant compliments. That one is good advice.

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  105. If a guy likes u and makes u laugh he definitely likes u so be happy kk


    Girls are really all different, so I’ll just give you what I would do.

    1). Now, I’m not really shy at all. I talk with everyone all the time no matter what, but when my crush tries to talk to me, I sort of just…. Walk away…

    2). Another thing that EVERY GIRL DOES is if you catch us staring at you. If a girl is staring at you and looks away when she thinks you’re looking, she definitely likes you.

    3). Another one is if they start embarrassing themselves. Now, you see, I will be walking down the hallway to my locker with my friends one day, and then all of a sudden, he walks by. When he comes, that involves me talking to loud, laughing for no reason, tripping, getting caught staring, etc.

    4). If they open up to you. Now, sometimes a girl is really closed off. I, myself, don’t really like sharing information about me with people. But if my crush asks me a question, no matter what is, I answer it automatically and as best as I can.

    5). If she tries to push you away. Ok, this is more for just me now. If you try to talk to me and I roll my eyes at you and look away from you, THAT MEANS I LIKE YOU. I mean sure that could also mean I hate your guts, but most of the time it means I like you.

    6). When they hear your name, they automatically try to listen in on the conversation. Sometimes it looks obvious she’s listening, sometimes it doesn’t, so watch out for that.

    7). If they blush when you talk about their crush to you, say their name or say they would be a cute couple

    8). If you said they would make a cut couple and the girl automatically goes red and denies it all….. That’s kind of obvious

    9). If she tries to get your attention, it means she wants you to look at her. She might be wearing more makeup or have a new outfit on, but whatever it is, she wants to show it off to you so she can get your approval.

    10). If she tries to get close to you in any way, literally or figuratively, that also means she might like you

  107. I’m female and I’d say that these 10 ways to tell if a guy is into you could also apply to females. I’m at the beginning of a relationship and I recognised myself in almost every one of those 10 points lol… ie. I’VE been doing those things to show my interest in the guy. So there you go! 🙂

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