I’m Bringing SafetySex BacK !!


Well I’m a former sex educator(once one always one really). As a student I was apart of a group called the Healthy Pirates, a diverse group of students who peered healthy advice to students around campus, on topics from nutrition, domestic abuse, eating disorders,  drugs, and yes SEX.

I’m a Christian, and while yes, I believe in abstinence, and living morally correct,  I also believe also in educating people about the dangers of STDs and possible pregnancy. Ignorance leads to bad mistakes, and sometimes irreversible fates.

People often, criticize me for my efforts. I get it from both ends. Some people believe I should only advocate abstinence and abstinence only. Others criticize, for teaching birth-control methods, stating that it is against God’s way to prevent the bearing of children.  They scream and yell, accusing me of perpetuating the epidemic, of pre-martial sex. 

I do not feel guilty about teaching safe sex, and the various and numerous methods of birth-control. I always plug in abstinence as the most effective way to protect yourself against STDs and from getting pregnant. I clear up myths and common misconceptions about STD’s and safe sex. You’d be surprise, how even some of the smartest people are clueless when it comes to safe sex.

I maybe not be saving souls, I’m sorry but I’m saving lives, maybe in a not so conventional way. If I can prevent one person from getting HIV, or prevent a mother that would have aborted a child, from getting pregnant in the first place, then MY JOB IS DONE. I can’t control all of the actions people do, but atleast I can equip them with the best weapon of defense; KNOWLEDGE. I often, flare back at my criticizers and asking them “What are You doing, to ameliorate or alleviate the situation we have?” Normally there silence is all the answer I need.

Why do people have to be so narrow-minded when it comes to finding solutions to problems?

Birth Control


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  1. Justin,
    Sex education is a noble endeavor. It is unfortunate that this is such a controversal subject.
    Regardless of a persons belief system and understanding that many people strive to practice abstinence, the cold hard truth is that sex is a very big need for many people and even more so for teenagers who may not have the spiritual maturity to abstain from have pre-marital sex.
    Saying that teaching safe sex promotes pre-martial sex is like saying that purchasing car insurance promotes dangerous driving. One does not promote the other. Safe sex does help to insure against STDs and unplanned pregnencies.
    Keep doing what you KNOW is right!
    Very good post.

  2. Justin, I really admire what you’re doing. I’m sure you do get a lot of flack from both sides but you’re not doing it for either side. You’re doing it for the people who don’t know. It’s up to them to decide what to do.

  3. i, too, believe in abstinence. in fact, i believe in total abstinence before marriage, but i also have a brain and am the beneficiary of a good sex ed program in the california school system. honestly, it made the whole abstinence thing make a whole lot more sense (separate, of course, from my religious reasons for abiding by it).

    i will teach my children what is right, but i will also TEACH them. i don’t ever think that information is anything other than good.

  4. Tobeme,
    Great example. True, it is a very controverisial issue. Thanks fo the pat on the back.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    I’m glad to you that you can come to a compromise. I agree information is just useful.

  5. Great post… You are definitely doing the right thing and I am really impressed that you are following your heart on this subject and taking a stand and acting upon it.

    Too often the young do not see beyond their blossoming adult bodies and the urge is too strong to explore it. I feel the same as you in that, while I believe in abstinance, I would rather see someone using condoms to be safe and prevent pregnancy. One abortion is too many abortions. I grieve for all the killed babies out there…. stupid people.

  6. I figure people (younger people in particular), are going to have sex no matter what we say, so it is good to teach them about safe sex.
    My personal feeling is that the only person who can judge us fairly is the Lord, as mere mortal humans do not know or understand the circumstances completely.
    I am a christian living with aids. If you want to know why I have aids just ask. The problem I find with most christian people is that they take it upon themselves to pass judgement.
    I do not believe I am in a position to judge anyone. I know that God loves the sinner and not the sin and I try to live by that.
    If you feel offended by anything I say, ask yourself, “What is it about me that causes me to take offense.” It’s not just charity that begins at home.

  7. Dragon,

    Many many great points. I agree with you in so many ways. Good comment

  8. hey man

    i’m a devout catholic and thus i am inclined (more like canonically obligated) to oppose birth control. however, your unflinching determination in educating people about safe sex is admirable.

  9. I find nothing wrong with people wanting to impart knowledge. After all, knowledge IS power!

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