Like a Acid and Base, I need a Buffer
Something to ease the pain as I Lie here and Suffer
Lying, cold, alone, body covered in sweat
Eyes burning, the tears haven’t flowed not just yet.
I look up, eyes close and start to pray
God, why me, why me, why today?
I didin’t think, it would come down not in this way
Everything’s to moving so slow, so still, as I lay.
See I don’t need you, don’t need you at all
I have these words to confide, to break the fall
This is a story about the
Unconsideration of the Coniderate
The more and more I read about you
I wonder if you are physically, socialy, emotionally illterate
It’s classic, it’s true, you reap what you sew
Karma’s around and I hear she’s one bad MOFO


2 Responses

  1. very cool..


  2. Interesting – draws a rather disturbing picture.

    Well Done!

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