The Right V-Day Gift for the Right Girl

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, I think it’s in order to give all my fellow guys some advice out there about picking the right gift, but more importantly for the right girl. The only thing more important than giving the right gift is.. is to NOT give the wrong gift. A perfect gift to one, is another’s worst nightmare. Here’s some Manly advice.

Type of Girl: The Romantic (loves hearts and angels etc)
What to Get Her: Something custom and personalized. A tee-shirt, purse, headband (if she wears them) Romantic girls want to know you were thinking of them, and the gift wasn’t last minute. Customization shows your took the time before hand to think about her.
What Not to Get:Anything typical, common or practical, ie Candy, Roses, BLAH

Type of Girl: The Professional (Eats, sleeps, and breathes work)
What to Get Her:Something work-friendly. Help her get organize and make time for you. Professionals are consumed by work, don’t make her feel guilty, by trying to give her something fun, implying she needs to relax, I’m sure she already knows, she just hasn’t penciled it in yet.
What Not to Get: Spa gift certificate. Her schedule is way to busy, you’ll just add more time crunching stress.

Type of Girl: The Wholesome, Nature Loving Bohemian (aka Hippie in denial)
What to Get Her:Something, cleansing, some thing pure, something organic. Bohemian, like to make points, and take stands on issues, stand by her, by showing your care what she cares about.
What Not to Get:No Coach, leather style bags, no fur or anything that could have been made in a sweatshop, GOT IT

Type of Girl: Super Active ( The running, jumping, sweating kind)
What to Get Her:A sporty jacket, fleece, etc. Something she’ll use and need constantly. Become in tune with her activities. Provide with gear, or maybe invite your self along with her.
What Not to Get:Anything too girly, and intimate.

Type of Girl:The Impersonator (Her style changes as her quickly as the Magazines do)
What to Get Her:Something that relates to the latest person or trend she’s following. It shows that you are interested in the things she likes, and have at-least been paying attention.
What Not To Get: Old trend, Common trend. Something from a regular department store.

Type of Girl: The Sex Kitten ( Need I say more)
What to Get Her: Something that you both can enjoy later(hint hint), or maybe just her.LOL
What Not to Get: Candy..It’ll ruin that figure, and the prompt the questions that every guy dreads..I am getting fat to you/ Does this make me look fat…

If I didn’t cover your type of girl, leave a comment, and I’ll send you some shopping advice. Ladies if I’m wrong on these, please by means correct me(us). It’s ALL FOR YOU.

** This message has not been pre-approved by any significant other**

Added 1/31/2007 By Request

Type of Girl: The Nester (Homebody, Domesitcated Diva)
What To Get Her: Scented candles, matching spray. Maybe Linens, towels, some home decor, or a new kitchen gadget. Also I would suggest, something crafty, especially something you all could do together, during nights or weekends.
What Not to Get Her: Jewerly, Clothing and most lingerie,. She doesn’t want to wear, she would rather create it lol.  Sta away from this that will disturpt the home environment she has created.


11 Responses

  1. Justin… I just LOVE to read your blog. It really made me laugh today. I love that I don’t know what to expect from you!

    Oh, BTW, how about domestic-type women? Homebodies? Or is that a little too old and too far into the horizon for your social set?

  2. Hey, We love V-Day, too! Especially ME because it’s also my wedding anniversary… so DH will never forget BOTH days!

  3. Dragonmommie, I shall add your type to the list. This should be fun. As soon as I get home, no time now. stay tuned. PS thanks for commenting.

  4. Justin… VERY nice! Though I must say that there is ALWAYS room for jewelry! Yeah, I’m a DD!

    I agree with the lingerie… it just doesn’t stay on long enough to justify the cost. I love candles, and especially new kitchen gadgets… better than bedroom gadgets. Love crafts, though DH would ne-VAH participate. I give you an A+ for effort, presentation and timeliness.

    Good Job!

  5. Interesting list, i used to be with the nightmare girl.. The one who thought V day was a commercial waste, but if you did not get her something then OMG, Hell Hath no Fury…

    I thought this was funny and thought provoking, though i have no one for this V day to get something for..


  6. Hey, is it weird if I just TOLD him what he should be getting me?

  7. 25cent

    No it’s not weird. Some girls just like surprises. I yeah I would be thankful if a girl told me what to get her.. Makes life so much simpler.

  8. That ruins all the fun! DH is like that, though, if I don’t glue a picture to the front page of his daily paper, you can forget it! Hey, that sounds like a great idea!

  9. I like surprises… No, I like being told about a surprise. And then I can become a royal pain in the A trying to get whoever to tell me what the surprise is. He said flowers — he’s not telling me how much. He’s not telling me exactly when in the day. He’s not telling me delivery method.

    That’s kinda like a surprise — right?

  10. Fun list.

    I love giving suprises. I think that is fun for both.

    Valentines day is difficult for me, because I don’t wait for a special day to do something special for the one of my heart.

  11. Justin, I totally agree with the customization issue.

    It just makes the gift UNIQUE and girls just love being unique.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. We also have a unique selection of personalized leather gifts for Valentine’s Day on our website. We have found over the years that a leather gift with monogrammed initials makes the item worth at least 10 times the price in the mind of the recipient. The trend this year is also for giving personalized gifts to Moms, Dads and Grads.

    Happy Shopping!

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