93 Million Viewers And CBS Still Fumbles!!!

 I noticed that during the Superbowl (SB from here on out), besides most of the commericals disappointing, the lack of advertising of CBS, it’s sister Paramount, their Mother Ship, Viacom. Maybe I should say lack of good advertising. I was reminded about Justin Timberlake & the Grammys, that CSI Miami was returning, and that Two and Half Men, was still on.

 Where was this year’s “Code Black”.   ABC did a wonderful job last year of advertising Grey’s Anatomy during the SB. 37.3 million of us stay tuned to watch the show.(The highest post show in history I believe, topping 2004’s Survivor’s 34 million, don’t quote me)  In fact, I, along with Millions more started watching the show after watching the “Code Black” episode. Heck most people just watched to see what a code black was in a hospital. ABC made the right move with the right show. Nothing’s hotter than Grey’s Anatomy now. Viewership steadily picked up after the SB, so much, ABC moved it against the giant CSI in the Fall, a show that had been dominating Thursday nights, and Prime Time TV along the board for awhile now. I can’t wait for the viewership numbers to come back, so I can compare Grey’s to Criminal Minds. I bet you Grey out preformed.

I can barely remember the show, they advertised, Criminal Minds or something. It showed nothing of interest, no cliffhanging bait, not even a cool tagline. Maybe they shouldn’t have showed so many Grammy ads, a one night event. They should have played other shows on their line ups, that needed the exposure, for weekly ratings. CBS did it right with Survivor, years ago, what happened this year.

 Let’s me get this right, CBS is apart of Viacom, and along with Parmount, correct.. HMMM I would like to ask someone, why didn’t PARAMOUNT advertise any of there hopefully summer tent-pole blockbusters? I mean for crying out loud, 93 Million people are watching. You have every demographic watching the SB. If just 20% of those people go see your movie, that’s a 100 million dollars.   Not to sound like I’m jumping on the ABC/Disney wagon. But hey, let’s point out the facts. Disney owns ABC, whom which advertised Pirates of the Caribbean 2(a Disney Film) during the SB last year.  We all know how that turned out. I mean after capturing the highest grossing weekend ever, and nearly 1.1 billion dollar later from world wide box office tickets alone, I think Disney and ABC, did ok.  In general, none of the big studios advertised their summer blockbusters. I’m sure Shrek, 3, Spiderman 3, and Pirates 3, don’t need to advertise during the SB, they have the built in audience, but where were the others.  If I had 93 million people watching I’d spend the moive on creating the atleast a teaser trailer.

Only 363 more days to go!!!


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