Can I Order A Large Cheese Pizz—Roommate

This weekend on the way to a fairwell party for a good buddy of mine, I experienced my first flat tire, ever. Then my doughnut went flat before i got somewhere, to get my tire replaced. The worst part wasn’t being stranded, nor was it paying 130 bucks for new tires, nor driving on a lonely dark road all the while metal is scraping the asphalt. It was this conversation i had with my room mate

Me: Hey, what’s up
Roomate (RM): Nada, whatcha doing
Me: Well, umm, Do ou know how to change a tire?
RM: Yeah
Me: (jokingly) Well, you wanna come help me change mine
RM: Umm Yeah.. Where are you
Me: Allen Road
RM: I don’t know where that is
Me: It’s not to far from where we live. It’ gonna be dark soon, you think you’ll going to be able to come. I don’t have the tools I need to fix this, and I really don’t know how.

2 Mins, Later
RM: Umm, I foregot, Bavish ordered Pizza, and I don’t know what to do about that
Me: Yeah.. And…
RM. He ordered pizza and it hasn’t come yet, I don’t know what to do..
RM: Oh, well I’ll leave here in a few mins.

4 Mins:
Me: Hey don’t worry about it, I have other People coming!!.
RM: OH OK!!!

I”m stranded with no tools to fix my car.. And you DON”T KNOW what to do… YOU DON”T KNOW WHAT to do.. Pizza or helping my room mate… pizzaaaaaa or helping my room mate..I swear, I don’t know about my so-call friends sometimes. I really do. I’m always bending over backwards for anyone and everyone and as usual when I need help, I don’t get any consieration… I can take doing all the dishes, I can take cleaning up… I can take being woke up at 3:00 by his guest.. I can take it all… But I just can’t take stuff like this..


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  1. Justin… We are a lot alike in some ways! The one thing that gets me in trouble is griping when I see people not considering others… whether it’s ME or not. I get in trouble because DH has to listen to it all and it turns him off. I can relate to that because my dad’s wife is that way.. she is always complaining about something or someone; and so, I can see what DH is talking about… but that was a little off the topic as I am given to do… I am not saying that “you” are a turn off. I can seriously empathize with you. Doesn’t it make you feel unappreciated, as well? Weeeell, this is the place for rants!

    I can proudly tell you that MOI knows how to change a tire! yep! And, I’ve done it two times, once had to get down and dirty in the dirty snow. Once it was in the summer on a strange street in Brooklyn that was in a neighborhood that was not my own. How did I know what to do, you ask? I had a Saturn at the time and attended a workshop at a dealership and part of getting to know my car was learning how to change the tire and the locations of all the key stuff I needed in the truck to change said tire.

    I’m good…. I’m good…. I’m good…. I’m good!

  2. Justin, I understand how you feel and am struggling with it with several people now. You do what you think is the right thing to do and you expect others to do it in return for you. Sadly, some people are takers and others are just doofuses (like your roommate). (I’d like to think that your roommate really can’t switch gears in his thinking and figure out a solution to the riddle of roommate/pizza.)

    I have to remind myself that I do things because I want to do them and make sure I’m not doing it because it’s expected or people will like me. (I have people pleasing tendencies.)

    Dragonmommie, I’m impressed with your tire changing abilities! I am a klutz which is why I have AAA. (Justin, get AAA membership!)

  3. I NOW can change a tire.. Muhahah.. I just didn’t have the stuff.. Only the doughtnut.. I will admit i’m quite clueless about cars, besides the basics.

  4. I got a LOT of satisfaction changing those tires! I had gone to the workshop because it was something to do on a Saturday that was FREE!

    I eat donuts for breakfast!

  5. Sorry, had to LOL. That was funny, as long as all came out safe.
    I have had that happen, but was able to get to a gas station and pleaded with the guy to say open, and help me put on the donut.
    Since then I have had about two others and I am very fortunate to have a BF who will come right away. I must tell you that is new for me. My ex would be like, “well what do you want me to do?”

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