How to Escape from a Week Long Relationship

The Plan: A Phone call is the way to go. Keep it short and simple, and sweet. Just don’t stop calling completely. Explain to her that you had a wonderful time, but you’re just not feeling the long term connection.

The Reason: The honestly will pay off in the long run. It’ll save her and her gal pals endless hours of wine drinking, playing the game “What happen and why he’s a jerk”. It’s sorta like a band-aid, it will only sting for a second and that’s it. Plus using the cell, avoids that “Smile to Frown” when it’s face to face.

The Catch: Beware of the chick who reallys wants to stay in touch. She might be just a little clingy. If it gets to worriesome.. let’s Thank God for Caller ID and Voicemail.


2 Responses

  1. and change that phone number!


  2. One week does not count as a relationship. That is just a rapid series of dates.

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