How to Escape from a One-night Stand


The Plan: Go in hard and heavy. Be blunt and tell her you are not looking for a relationship. Oh yeah and keep a picture of some woman(Ex, sister, Cousin, friend) in your wallet. Wave it in her face if things get ugly, and pretend that’s it your current girlfriend.

The Reason: Hook-ups are about sex, not feelings and emotions. It should be ok to make a clean break with minimal fuss. Tell her how hot it was, but that you just acted out.

The Catch: If the one-nighter happens at your place, then it might be a littke tricky getting her to leave. I always suggest, saying these things, when she’s near the door. If the one-nighter was at her place, you might have things thrown at you.


10 Responses

  1. Justin! I didn’t know you did such things!

    Let me just say that I went through a period in my life when all I wanted was one nighters… I deceived myself for awhile that I was capable of the detachment… but eventually, it caught up to me and I had to admit that I got emotionally involved. I don’t think that women are capable of it… we are just too emotional.

    That said, I think that men should not take advantage of this because they KNOW that we get attached. They say things that appeal to our emotions just to get us into bed.

    Plainly said, no sex unless you want the long term commitment. If, BIG IF, a woman says that she just wants a one night stand, don’t believe it unless she is a hooker.

  2. DM,

    I’m shock to think that you think I’m would engage in such activitiy. I’m to much a good little Christian boy to have prematial sex. All advice given, up here , it not from direct experience.

    Back to your comment.. You do bring up a good point about women getting attached easily and quickly.

  3. Justin…. Oh… didn’t see your disclaimer before, but I wrote in jest…. I really do not judge anyone for what they do. As I mentioned, I’ve done my part!

  4. Interesting topic. I have though about this of late. And know that I really would not, could not do this. I’m in the belief that love leads toward having an intimate realtionship. I think that is why the idea of dating is so tough for me. I feel that most men are going to expcet “it” at a certain point.

  5. One night stands leave most people wanting and what they want can not be found in a one night stand.

  6. So… uh… what’s this ‘blog of the minute’ thing I hear? (I’ll comment on your actual post in a bit)

  7. Hey, that’s why I left that comment I went to the worpress homepage, and your post was up there. I’m serious.. That’s why all those people started posting too, i guess. Then, when i check back, it was back to “10 ways to make money online”.. That maybe would also explain the growth TODAY.. lol MS. #11

  8. Sorry to be all snarky… but what’s the point of posting — if you’ve never been in one?

    ONS’s are funnnn… not that I get to do that anymore.

  9. Sorry about posting this on your pregnancy post, but heck that is where ONS’s can lead you!

    I agree that while I was active in a ONS, it was fun; but there was always a little hope way down deep that it would be more. Most people do not even know what they are seeking when they engage them. Oh yeah, it’s easy to brush off that nagging feeling of wanting to really connect with a lover and say we are just in it for the fun. But night after night that it happens, after a while you just can’t brush it aside any longer. Deception exposed.

  10. Dude, how do you do it, how do you come up with the stuff. LOL
    ” If the one-nighter was at her place, you might have things thrown at you.” So true so true. Picture frames hurt!!!

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