Be Nice, I Still Have Two Days of Black History Month Left!..

Those are the very words, I said to a friends of mine, who was yelling at me on the phone today. My friend on the other end began laughing. I followed up with “Can I please have my twenty-eight days please sir, thank you”. What started off as a witty joke (If you understand me, my personality, and how I carry myself, the joke is even funnier), gave way to a catalyst of thoughts for me on, well, this whole thing called Black History Month (BHM), and the mentality that follows it.

I’m not here to debate, if we should or shouldn’t have or celebrate BHM, but man BHM, isn’t what it used to be, and not that what is used to be, is really any better than what it is now. BHM has become nearly as commercialized as say, Halloween. People market and buy certain items during the month, special activities and programs are planned and held, TV stations air “special” programming, students do accompanying projects and reports. I mean all we need is for food companies to start making little peanut butter candies of G. Washington Carver, or marshmallow versions of W. E. B. DuBois, and we would have a full month holiday.

Who is BHM for?  mean, there has to be an agenda behind BHM, right and well every agenda needs an  audience right? Is it intended for students?, for the everyday American?, for Black people?, White people?   If it’s intended for someone, then why is it “forcefully” thrusted, on everyone.  It’s protmoted like it’s campaign or a platform, but I don’t think it’s quite making it’s point clear.  There’s no ambiguity as to WHY we have BHM, but there is not any clarity as to WHO BHM is truly intended for.  Personally I think it’s for students, in general.  Because educating 45-year Bob on the first Black CEO, isn’t going to be life-altering as say for a 9th grader, who’s self-doubt about life and himself is weighing him down.  But i also think, that if BHM, is/was intended for students, then we have a long way to go..

I leave you with the mentality of today’s youth…A high school student, once asked the question “Why isn’t MLK Day in February, with the rest of BHM..


5 Responses

  1. Justin,
    Interesting question. Who is the target of BHM. Today, I would agree with you, the primary target is students. I believe the intention when it was first launched was that BHM would target all of us, black, white, all races and ages to bring the attention of the world to the fact that black people have been great contributers to our society, to help the world understand black culture and to attempt to nullify people’s misperceptions and prejudges about black people.
    BHM may be something which has outlived it’s purpose.

  2. In that case maybe we need a Human History Month. But for what? Oh yeah to remind us all of the struggles we all have had to get where we are today. Well in that case… we should celebrate it and keep it in our mind at all time…. so that we don’t have to behave like the consumers that we have become by buying things that are targeted toward us for every holidays. Our holidays are becoming a mean/reason to consume so to satisfy the endless wants that is Capitalism.

  3. Students should have the opportunity to learn about the positive role models out there. It’s just a shame that they need a special month as an excuse to teach what they should be teaching all year long.

    That said, I do enjoy learning about historical Black figures and their contributions to the world. There is so much to learn. I enjoy especially learning about the accomplishments of Black women in history.

  4. Thanks for the laugh as well as the deep thought. Friends and I have debated this issue for a while. I also work for a municipality that falls all over itself for BHM but ignores Women’s History Month (March). Then again, every month is special to some group or another (there are long lists out there). Some just have a more powerful lobby than others.

  5. Juliasmommy

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. You bring up a great point about Women History Month and it’s neglection by most. I think that WHM is just as important as BHM as in terms of educating people about “OUR” history.

    PS I read the Tooth Brush..
    Aww.. It’s so cute. LOL.. I’m liking the perspective of your writing. If only we had commentary form Juila.. 🙂

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