The Wall

This random rant comes completely, via the close minded people I work with at work.

The Topic: Building A wall to keep all the Mexicans out.

The Comment: Pack all the Mexicans on ONE Bus and send all the ***** back to MEXY CAN O 

 It sorta worked up a bit debate on immigration..  Nerd UP, Fingers Cracked, Here I go…

Okay let’s get something straight, whether you like it not, America is a melting pot. People have been immigrating here before this country was even a united country.  With an estimated 1500 Latin American immigrants entering the country on a daily basis, immigration, has indeed become a concern for out national government, and I can understand why.  We have limted space, and resouces, etc. I also understand the importance of regulation.

The Secure Fence Act of 2006 authorized the erection of a 700-mile fence across the U.S./Mexico border as a means to control the immigration flow. Not just a wall, but with surveillance, foot patrols, and radars..  I think it’s crazy, that America is actually building a fence to keep out immigrants.  I’m sure all of the of the greatest minds in the world, have come together and all decided that a Wall would be the best method of keep people out.  I mean has it really come down do that?  Mexico today.. The entire coast years from now. I mean seriously, how is this going to really stop people from coming. Build it,, THEY WILL COME.. A Wall won’t keep people out and if it does, they will find other means to get in the country.  I mean soon, I can see on the News..”100’s of Mexicans died in the ocean trying to enter America, through Florida.” It’s looking really scary here.. You know I can see in 2040, people being shot on site, trying to escape OUT of the United States.. 

Clearly, in the face of all this traffic, slowing down immigration will not come easily.  Undoubtedly, there has to be a better way to control immigration. I understand the need to have order in the country, but I also understand the dire circumstances that people run from when they seek a new life in a new country. America should develop other means and policies that would aid this situation. America could bolster the Mexican economy in various ways, which could in inturn  Reduce the trade defecict we have and reduce the number of immigrants streaming into the country. I’m just going to stop here.

Now back to our regular programming


4 Responses

  1. Hey Justin….
    Very touchy subject here. On the one hand, we have laws and if people are coming in illegally, then they need to leave. I say that because there are all those people who came in legally and what is this saying to them?

    I am a “rule” person. I follow them. Why are the immigration laws in place if not to enforce? Somehow the Govt. wants these people to come in for whatever their purpose it. The root of the problem is the economy in Mexico. The govt. there is robbing it’s people blind; but are we focusing on that? No, we do nothing and yet we are fighting a war that is meaningless overseas. This country just doesn’t care about it’s “Homeland” enough to focus on the issues at hand HERE. We send money everywhere, except to help our own people… what a SHHHHHHAME.

    On the other hand, whoever is here already needs to be helped. We need to be compassionate to our brothers and sisters just as Jesus would.

  2. Hey mate, interesting post… Here in Aussie land we have passed laws in the past 4 or 5 years that now makes it nearly impossible to get here except by legal channels at an embassy.. Illegals are held in detention till they can be sorted out into those who genuinely seek asylum or they are sent home.

    Im not sure this is the answer but its the one we have right now


  3. Tough subject. Agree a wall may slow down illegal immigration, however it won’t stop it. The wall is not the answer. Maybe the US should simply aquire Mexico, then all of the Mexicans would be living in the United States, hmmmm.

  4. tobeme…
    Very imaginative thought! Why not? I wonder how much money it would take… but then who would they pay? The president of Mexico will walk away with $$$$ ? Or pay him off, then put the rest of the money into making life there better for the people?

    Very interesting………

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