Home Sweet Home

I’ve been home for the past few days.  My mom had eye surgery yesterday, so I decided to be there with her for the ordeal. Thoughts on home..

There is something about home that just makes everything feel so right, so ok.  There is a layer of security that surrounds you and protects you from the rest of the world.   Even after you leave home it  never quite feels the same, but forever and always, home is special.

Why is home so special? Maybe it’s the smell of home cooked food or the cool draft of the old house. Maybe it is the way the floor creaks, the odd way the couch pillows are lumpy yet comfortable.  Maybe it’s the carpet that gave me burn when I was 10, the magnet I made in the 2nd grade that’s still on the frig, or perhaps my Garfield comforter that I sleep with :).  Even the towels seems softer and smell much nicer too(how does she do it). Maybe it is just being around people that love you unconditionally for who you are.

All the problems of the world seem to disappear, all the stress just vanishes. Time is filled with joy and laughter and memories. No pressure to impress or sound intelligent. Everyone just seems to real, so human.  Home is like another world. A world with out anger, hate, lies, and unfaithfulness.

Home is right, Home is true, and Home is more about love, happiness and peace, than we can ever some times imagine.

I Love Home


5 Responses

  1. “Maybe it is the way the floor creaks, the odd way the couch pillows are lumpy yet comfortable.”

    This got me to comment. YES, it’s the way the floor creaks. We are intimately familiar with every nook and cranny, every creak, every draft… AND we know instinctually where they occur in the house. I could walk around my childhood home in the pitch black dark and know exactly where I am, and where all the furniture is, upstairs and downstairs (basement). I never needed a light to get anywhere in the house.

    Sadly, the house has been sold, the interior gutted, and new people living there. When I am with my dad, sister and brother, THAT is my “home” now… so this past party, everyone was there at once which was a real bonus for me.

  2. DM,

    LOL.. I’m sorry you lost your OLD HOME..but it looks like you’ll starting one yourself.” I could walk around my childhood home in the pitch black dark” I’ve done that a many a time before., once in a while someone will remove a table or something and I’d bump into it.

  3. I hope your mom’s doing okay. And I sincerely hope that she doesn’t have the kind of recovery my mom had after her eye surgery.

  4. Corinne,

    Thank you. I just called her and she’s doing pretty good she said. She’s upbeat and sounds well.. It should be a speedy recovery.

  5. When I was 24 years old my parents got divorced and it has always been very difficult for me. I’ve never felt like I have a home since then. I think it must be really hard for young children.

    The thing I miss the most is my mothers cooking! She gave me her recipe books, but the food never tastes the same – I think it’s the secret ingredient, love!

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