Oh But Wait, Fa*&ot isn’t offensive to Gays

I was once told, that Ann Coulter was the Devil. Oh how her horns show.  It’s already old news to what she said in regards to John Edwards. What’s getting worked up now is her defense in the whole matter. She states that “‘Fa*&ot isn’t offensive to gays; it has nothing to do with gays,”It’s a schoolyard taunt meaning ‘wuss’”  Story can be found here, along with a link to the entire interview. Video below..



 Sorry the the video is only streaming off of Foxnews.com, it’s been like 15 mins and no one has placed it on YouTube,  yet..surprised..yeah me too. 

Excuse me, but isn’t the F-word more offensive to gays, than perhaps anyone else. I mean please someone correct me if I’m wrong!!!  NOT OFFENSIVE, maybe we should ask the 100’s of people who protest outside the Grammys a few years back because of Enimen’s use of the F-Word, which prompted him to preform with the openly gay Elton John. Oh yeah then there was Issiah Washington, who called T.R. Knight the F-word, let’s ask him, if he was offended.  Or maybe the groups of black gays and lesbian who protested two NYC concerts, one featuring two anti-gay reggae artist, and the other, the more well known DMX. I could go own forever.  Apparently according to Ms. Coulter is has nothing to do with gays. WOW.. I’m not even gay, and it offends me. Sheesh..

 I can not phantom the words and “excuses” people come up with for saying some fo the things they say. People try to dance around the words they use to meticulously, it’s sad and pathetic. Some people  are just full of BULL SH*#, and it spews out, from every end.


7 Responses

  1. How would Cocaine Coulter know if that word is offensive or not if she isn’t even gay herself?? There is that terrifying adams apple she lugs around though….makes ya wonder.

  2. Shane,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. LMAO–Cocanine Coulter..

  3. I watched Keith Obermann’s show and they had the whole video so I imagine you can find it there at his site. The commentator who was being interviewed was gay and she said a great quote…She said Ann Coulter needs publicity like a tapeworm needs an institineal gut.

    Listen, I can’t get over how she makes a living but she’s a convenient tool to say what a lot of people think and then they can either disavow it or say she’s just an entertainer (like Ru$h Limbaugh). I mean, Harry Truman was a traitor? George Marshall of the Marshall Plan a traitor? Joseph McCarthy should be considered a super-patriot? I mean, how about her mean-spirited comments about the 9-11 widows?

    I don’t think she’s human, let alone a woman or a man. If someone on the left said anything as awful as the things she’s said, they’d be on Fox News 24/7, denounced by the current White House and everyone. But hey, she (and everyone else seems to say), why take it so seriously. I’m only joking.


    The last book title in that series says it all…shameless. Good post, Justin!

  4. Ann Coulter once again showed her true character and how she thinks or fails to think by saying what she said in a public forum. What you see here is a glimpse of her who she really is. The scary part is, who is she when the cameras are off.
    She embarrassed herself, her party and the American public with her comment and the defense of her comment. This is sad.
    This does not make her inhuman, in fact it makes her very human, this is a clear example of a human ego on overdrive.

  5. Lovies, I’m a faggot and if people want to call me that they are welcome to. It says a lot more about them than it does about me.
    I’ve learnt to look at why I find something offensive rather than get angry about the situation. In this way I’ve learnt a lot about myself.
    I find I only take offense when someone has touched on something I myself need to work through.
    Hugs and kisses.

  6. Its funny but I agree with uncensordwritings, Im gay and it does not offend me, I know it would to others but to me there is more to be worried about than a single word used against me. I know its just a symptom of greater homophobia, and as such is unacceptable, but one person saying it has no meaning to gays isnt really adding to the tide.


  7. Glad to hear the point from uncensoredwritings, and littlepony.
    I think it is just to bad that Ann C gets this much press. She really is a nothing. As my mother said, “If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all”. Bur really why the need to go there. Just say, the facts as to why the dude would not be a good candiate. She is only looking to get in the camera light. That seems to give her some kind of power high.

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