Relationship Boo-Boos

These relationship mistake will rip through a relationship like a F5 Tornado.

1. The Boo-Boo: You take your partner for granted
The Problem: Date night used to be special.–now is just the act of ordering takeout and watching reruns of sitcoms on tv. The last time either of you brought flowers, candy etc, was because the one was mad for something you did. You stop calling frequently, etc.You figured they would always be there for you, but in all honestly they left the building a long time ago.
The Solution: Let him or her know you appreciate them. It’s the subtle things that matter. Just stare at them and make nice comments. Show affection, with simple hugs, arm drapes. Dress up nicely for them for know reason. Make the dates feel special again.

2. The Boo-Boo: You judge your partner’s family and friends
The Problem: You have spoken the bad about the love one. :Your’ mom a little odd” “Your friend smells bad” “Your dad tells the same stories over and over” etc.. Even all of these things could be true, and funny, your partner isn’t laughing
The Solution: Always remember blood is thicker and water. There are certain lines that well you just don’t cross. Just hold your tongue and smile. It’ll save you trouble in the long run. Now if your partner brings up a complaint, feel free to take a few shots, but keep it clean.

3. The Boo-Boo:You have trouble finding time for each other
The Problem: Working late, hitting the gym, volunteering with little kids, class, homework, — whatever the reason, what it comes down to, matter of the fact is that you are not spending time with each other.
The Solution: It doesn’t have to be quality time, just spend time. Sometime it’s the casual moments that matter the most sometimes. Meet for lunch, invite your partner to join you on activities; gym, Barnes and Nobles, work on things together etc. Going to bed late one hour later once a week, could be the saving hour of a relationship..1 hour.
Just thought I’d share.. sigh..


3 Responses

  1. Some of those are so true, in my last relationship i thought that things were fine but I had taken my partner for granted, not a good thing to do, I stopped all the good things we used to do and life became a dull and boring routine. Not conducive to a good long term relationship


  2. Good advice! It is too easy to take each other for granted. Believe me, if you take your loved one for granted, someone else will be there to take your place.

  3. Boo-boos #1 and #3 have been ones that I struggled with until a few years ago.

    About 2 years ago (18 years into my marriage) I decided to listen to my wife’s pleas for me to become more romantic. I began paying attention to comments she would make about things she wanted to do and then intentionally planning for us to do those things. The key to it all was being intentional. Without intention, it was so easy for me to think up a good idea but never do anything about it. Once I became intentional, it forced me to act.

    “Why not make romance a game?”, I asked myself. It became fun to find ways to surprise my wife with something new and different. She started to anticipate date night to see what I had come up with.

    Now our relationship is stronger than ever.

    Romance is a difficult area for many husbands. They know they have to do it but they’re not sure how. Another problem is they don’t plan for it. Most husbands don’t put romance on their “to do” list.

    To help these husbands (and myself), I started a service called By Husbands For Husbands. We are a resource to help jump start men in the area of romance. They can get advice, suggestions, hints, tips, feedback from other husbands, as well as services to help them to a better job of romancing their wives.


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