The Eagle Has Landed..

I’m down here in the great ole Sunshine state.  I already like Tallahassee.  It’s bigger than my current city, but not overly big.  The traffic is questionable. They don’t believe in right turns at intersection. They have these little side roads that lead off before you there. It’s so weird.. Also the I’ve seen it before, but the traffic lights don’t hang down, they are Horizontal instead of Vertical..

The flights were ok.  I swear, after ever connection the planes got smaller and smaller..  A little wobble here and there, but nothing dramatic.  While in Orlandao aka the House of the Mouse, I took the time and picked up some cool postcards and a bottle opener.

The hotel is nice.  The Michigan basketball team is staying here.. They are playing FSU in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tourney.

The weather was suppose to be nice, but it started raining this afternoon.  Its a good thing i did my dry run before it got dark and before It started to rain.

Not much to say, I’m just trying to focus here and just relaxed.


One Response

  1. Justin,
    Sounds nice down there, enjoy. Supposed to get 12 inchs of snow here today. Wishing I was in Florida too!

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