The Shy Social One

 I haven’t been doing much on writing about myself, about well the Justifcation of Justin. Who am I and why I am Me. My last personal post was The First Stoned Cast Was Color, where I talked about being judge based on color and the behaviors that follow. I think it’s time for a little JOJ. Today’s topic: Extroverting the Introvert

 By nature, I’m an introvert. The quiet and shy one, that sits back and observes. I’m sure some of it stems from being an only child. My mom is pretty shy as well. She actually considers her self anti-social. I’m content sitting alone, not saying much.

 Well this introvertness, conflicts with my Leadership skills.  I’m the type person and wants everyone to feel comfortable and at ease.  A crowd pleaser, if you will. Today sadly, a great deal of peolpe aren’t very socialable and friendly. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a room or a setting where, no one said anything to anyone, or everyone just cliqued off, to their corners.  So normally for the greater good of the situation, I become the social butterly that bridges everyone together.  Sometimes it’s by jokes, being goofy, or times, I start conversation that’s going to entrall or entice everyone to chime in. I’m the type of the person that likes to lead by example and well, I ‘ve got to be out there on the battle grounds.  I really prefer smaller groups, than larger crowds.

Also I think that my shyness or quietness has slowly deterioted, becuase I can remember, when I was younger that people used to assume that I was shy or stuck up, because I was very quiet. Just because I didn’t chime with  the my peers, they all assumed that I thought I was better than them.  That was far from the truth, so slowly, to avoid this misconception, I began to throw myself out there.

On Campus, I’m infamously known for knowing everybody.  It’s my curse, my overtly friendly nature, the farther, borther type I project to most people. It comes in handy at times, when I need favors and such, but mostly, I just like meeting new people.

I think now today, I’m pretty well balanced.  I’m adjust my intro/extro-verteness according to where I am.  Unless I’m suffering from OCS that day, I’m usually pretty good.  Just a bit of me.

Oh Yeah I’m BACK in NC..


13 Responses

  1. pretty sure that what you described is the only child phenomena. i am an only child of a single mom who considers herself anti-social as well–or at least who hates small-talky situations–and i am the opposite, although i’m not in some ways. it takes a lot of concerted effort for me to get out of my shell, and even when i’m seemingly the social butterfly, it’s rare that anyone really gets to the heart of me.

    in short, i’m cautious about letting people in, but i know SO many people. i think it’s part of the only child’s desire to make everything in life happy, to make everyone happy.

    funny. i’d never thought about it that way.

    hope the tally trip went well!

  2. NC? What part of NC?

  3. I HATE “small-talky situations”. When my sister was getting married, all the women would get together to talk about home decor stuff and I hated it. I sat there bored out of my skull.

    I am the (ex)introvert, myself. Though I am very talkative and assertive now, I did a 180 from what I was… totally opposite, the wallflower, the weird one, the silent one. Now, I do not hesitate to talk to strangers if I want… in the supermarket, on the street, doesn’t matter. I am not an only child, I am the oldest of three kids.

    I think my problem was that I cared too much of what people thought of me, while having a very low self esteem. Now, I have a higher opinion of myself and determined to be myself, not caring what people think of my style because I like ME.

  4. Justin… btw, thanks for your comment regarding my knitting blog. Quite an undertaking for me as I knit only in my “spare” time… but hey, what is life without a little pool to take the plunge in?

  5. AWWW My LOVELY Ladies..

    Thank you all for commenting on the blog. HEHE.

    Dr.Bolte.. Good OC connections especially about making everyone happy.

    Heather, I’ll get to you..

    DM– A pleasure always. Thanks. I’m glad you like you for you.. That’s always important, very important. You seem very soicalable and friendly.

  6. Cut the comercials, how did the interview go? What or where is NC?

  7. I seem “friendly and social”… NOW.

    Picture this: You walk into a room, packed with people, music everyone talking. You walk around… then notice something in the corner. It’s a shadow… no, it’s ME sitting there with a drink, looking bored (really scared silly at the thought of actually talking to someone). OR I might be sleeping because I’ve been here too long without intellectual “stimulation”. You think to yourself, “this chick’s got to be zoned out on something”. Nope, just me, 30 years ago needing to belong, yet hating to play “the game”.

    As you can see, TODAY, you can’t shut me up!

  8. you certainly dont seem shy being outgoing and friendly. introverts are not necessarily shy. knowing when to speak up and when to stay quiet is not shy but wise!

  9. Marica,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. HAHA.. You do make a good point about intoverts not necessarily being shy.

  10. DM,

    LOL..I see mty little gabby mommie is having a good day on wordpress. You quiet and shy..NEVER..cough cough.. LOL..

  11. Greenville, huh? Party school! (I went to App, can’t say much!)

    I saw something once that said you are an introvert or an extrovert based on how you recharge…

    If you are absolutely drained and you want to get your mojo back, what do you do?

    If you gravitate towards people, you are an extrovert.
    If you would rather be alone, you are an introvert.

    I, for all my naughty ways and outgoing fun-nes, am definitely an introvert. I’m not shy, I’m not unfriendly, I’m not anti-social…I just need time alone to recharge. Maybe you are the same way!

  12. ECU a party school HAHA riiight…

    YOu make another great point about intro extoverts.. I need to recharge by being alone I think. I’m content with being alone, I just don’t know if that’s what I have to have. It’s weird.

  13. You will figure it out, and I guess it’s possible as you get older you could change.

    Just do what feels good!

    You know, with what we are talking about…

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