Keep Her: 7 Ways to Keep Your Girl

This is the sister post to Keep Him: 7 Way to Keep Your Guy. By Popular demand, :),. Here is a GENERAL list of things you can do, to keep things things together. Similar to the last list, the order is not important here, just a list. Enjoy

1. Understand Feminine Needs: I guess you’re wondering what do I mean by feminine needs.I’m not just talking about tampons and leggings. I mean understand it is going to take her longer in the bathroom(lines and clothing). Understand that perhaps she could be a little more emotional. That she may cry for no apparent reason. Understand that she likes things explained to her in detail(thanks MOM) or that she is going to tell you things, in perhaps greater detail than you want. Be patient and listen. Understand about other female products etc. Understand that sometime she just wants to be held, and cuddle. I’m sure that N. Heather will comment on OTHER feminine needs. I’ll leave that to her. 🙂

2. Give Her Girl Time– Similar to GUY TIME. Women need girl time, just as much. Give her time to hangout and socialize with the ladies. Maybe it’s going to a chick flick, a salon, or shopping at the mall, whatever the activity is, let her partake in it without too much hassle. Above all, trust her, if she and the girls decide to go out on the town. Too many guys worry about other guys hitting on their ladies, especially when they aren’t around. I think some dudes, just need to chill out. Be faithful to each other and things will last.

3. Complement Her: Give a woman a reason to smile. Tell her how beautiful, how smart, how sweet she is, when she at-least expects it, and above all when she deserves it. There’s a thick line between flattery and genuine words of praise. Especially now in the sex driven society we live. Ensure her that she surpasses what the Media portrays as sexy and pretty, by just being herself and that she’s wonderful the way she is. Let her know she doesn’t have to Runway thin, tall etc, to be HOT. Let her know that’s it okay being who she is.

4. Protect Her: I don’t entirely mean physically. I mean protect her from situations and events. Check her oil, walk her to her car, check in the closet and under the bed for evil hateful BiTc.. I mean monsters. Above all protect her form herself, I think that women are over critical of themselves. Don’t let down herself, and be sure to watch her self-esteem. Also protect and stand up for her. Be assertive when she can’t or when she feels uncomfortable. Stand behind your woman.

5. Take Her Shopping:I’m not going to stereotype here and say all women like shopping. Shopping in this example can be substituted, but makes the most sense, once you read. Instead of giving woman money to go and do things, go along with her and help her make choices. In the case of shopping, GO with her. Sure you may not understand the difference between the types of skirts, or shoes, but you’re find out things about your woman you never knew. You’ll find out how she thinks, how she sees her self, her insecurities or prides and such. Learn and observe and help her. Shopping isn’t limited to clothing, what about food. Tag along and help her shop for groceries. Pick out things that both of you will enjoy later. Don’t make her do all the grunt work.

6. Connect With Her Emotionally: As guys, we are supposed to be hard shells; no crying, no emotion, stern, unaffected. Don’t be afraid to open up to your woman. Show her that under the greasy hair, the muscle and the scent of Old Spice that you are real, that’ you’re human too. It’ll do you both some good, but It’ll show her that you do care some level about being intimate. I’m not saying you have to flood the place with tears, just share, concerns, fears, dreams and hopes with her.

7. Listen to Her Voice. I’ve seen it several times, where the male in the relationship, does all the talking, tall the decision making, etc. Listen to your woman, I’m sure she has something to say both literally and abstractly. I’m sure that she’s about something, she stands for something. Give her a chance to speak her mind, and hold her peace. Don’t strip her of identity. You should be able to “Hear” your woman’s voice in a room filled with hundreds of women.

Guys, Girls, Feel free to add to this post.

While these things are done with a light heart and mild intentions. I hope that everyone can find something here, to be of some aid, evn if it is just a daily chuckle.


13 Responses

  1. You might want to edit the URLs. They don’t work.

  2. Good stuff, Justin! Loved this —>check in the closet and under the bed for evil hateful BiTc.. I mean monsters. Aaahahhaaaa, too cute!

    Just a couple of objective notes — not all women love to shop. I personally loathe it and would prefer to stick flaming razor sharp skewers in my eyes. And the only thing worse than shopping, is seeing a man tagging behind a woman who is shopping. His pain is written all over his face. Sure, it’s a sweet gesture, and I see why you suggested it — but the next time you see one of those sappy bastids that’s been doing it for a couple decades, imagine a bright neon sign across him that reads: MEN, DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

    p.s. the bit about watching her self esteem was sweet, too. Who’da thunk a guy would think of that???

  3. Wishbone,

    Thanks so much for catching that. I have fixed them.

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked the post. Yes I do agree/recognize that not all women love to shop. HEHE.Don’t let this happen to you.. LMAO.. I see your point.

  4. My feminine needs? Ummm. Yeah.

    I’ll do a post on that….let me process for a little bit!

  5. Now this is enlightening.

  6. Heather,

    I was expecting yout chime in with all the Naughty needs, that I left out..

    BUKOL… YOU”RE ALIVE..long time no hear from dude.. where you been hiding.??

  7. Interesting and somewhat funny. Some of these are good, while some of them are very sterotypical. However that is the hard part about writing something that begins with a lable.

  8. I think I have expressed my naughty needs…lol

  9. I’ve been wondering about this myself. I’m an old lady now, but I haven’t forgotten what guys were like in their 20s, and none of them needed pills to get it up. This Viagra craze, in my opinion, is nuts, and not just for young’uns. Older guys oughtta finally figure out how to use other parts of their anatomy for love–Mother Nature is trying to teach them something.

  10. I dont know how to explain it but im kind of saying dont seem too desperate or too in-love with her right away. Its great to show a girl that you love her but if all you do is share about how much you love her she will get freaked out and feel like she “owns” you. I have a girlfriend right now and i am trying to fix this because it is a huge problem for me. i get real worked up when seh doesnt call me or doesnt want to hang out with me..and im starting to notice that it is kind of freaking her out

  11. Johnsto,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I agree you can’t fall in love to quickly. I learn the hard way that sometimes I didnt wanna spend every free moment with someone special, and that it was okay. It’s not that you need a break from them, or them from you, just sometimes you need to being by yourself, or with other people. Too many people rush in to say that they are in love, way to soon.

  12. my girls are lucky to have me.

  13. is this written by a gay dude?

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