The Cure to the Hangover

Sorry Corinne, but that inspiring post is on hold. 🙂 

It’s been baffling scientists, bartenders, and alcoholics for years; How to prevent a hangover?

 (GASP, OMG, Justin drinks!!!)

I’m the type that doesn’t need alcohol to have a good time. Not to mention, I think it’s overly expensive and more important,  a waste of calories, and damaging to the body. I don’t drink often, but when I do, I normally get pretty wasted. I’m usually an all or nothing kinda guy. I don’t drink beer, only liquor. I normally drink myself to the level of vomiting and spinning rooms. This weekend my buddy Preston came down to visit. He graduated when I did, almost two years ago. Any-who, let’s just say when ever Preston comes down it’s always a good time. Last time Preston was down, I could be found Downtown, climbing the Speed limit signs, like Spiderman, and King Kong, all the while yelling Vulgarities of unheard measures.(I don’t cuss in “real” life, so it all comes out when I’m intoxicated). (remind me to tell you that story) Anyways, back the topic at hand, the cure for the Hangover.  

Sat Night, I had a ton of drinks(so much I spent 90 dollars in 3 hours–not all mine, but hey, maybe 15 or so drinks in 3 hrs.) I was pretty far gone by that point.  Still coherent and witty as ever. I swear I’m a brilliant drunk. (Remind me to tell you another story).  I just knew, I was going to be sick in the morning. To my surprise, I wasn’t… When I’m hungry I eat, and well I was straving at 3:30 in the morning. So I made my way to the kitchen…

I ate a bowl of oatmeal with some whey protein, and drank a half of cup of water, before going to bed.  Lord and behold, I woke up th next morning with not a single sign that I had been drinking. I even got up only after 5 hours of sleep.  No headache, no stomach pains, the Sun wasn’t to bright. I was all hyper and excited. I wanted to go workout, as soon as I got up. No vomiting no dry heaving, nothing.  It was almost as it didn’t happen. Mind you I did eat something before going out and had 1 glass of water.(Not trying to get AP) Normally I don’t go out 2 nights in row, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever until this past weekend. I tired the Oatmeal trick again and seriously no side affects of drinking again. I’m going to bottle this up and sell it. It’s the cure man has been looking for.

The Cure

1 scoop of Strawberry Whey Protein per 1/2 cup of Oatmeal(no instant, real oatmeal only),

Add water to liking

Nuke in microwave for 20-40sec

Drink with 4-8oz of water

Wait 30mins to 1 hour,

Pass out

Patent Pending–

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2 Responses

  1. J, you aaaaaabbbbsolutely LUCKED out! Despite countless studies of scientific measure, they cannot confirm any given ‘cure’ for the dreaded hang.

    BUT, I say you submit it to them, asap! (I’ve written it down for my own personal analysis. Of course I don’t drink, but for the sake of science, I am willing to perform this experiment on behalf of my fellow man.)

  2. LOL AW! I got my first shout out. In a Justin post. I feel like I rock, even though it’s actually Tuesday, and I thought it was Saturday this morning.

    My personal favorite for a hangover cure is the greasy diner breakfast. Because it’s usually some time in the AM that you’ve finished with your drinking. Grilled cheese (with the 4 kinds of cheese), chocolate chip pancakes DROWNING in maple syrup, corned beef hash, a couple of runny eggs. And hot chocolate with mounds of whipped cream.

    A cousin of mine swears by his boat-sized portion of chicken alfredo.

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