You Got Here How?

OK, I was browsing the blogs at work today. I was reading a few of my daily favorites. You know those blogs, that are the drop of Dawn in a sink full of greasy dishes. A great blogger , Dame, whom I just recently stumbled on, did a hilarious post recently where she answered emails she received in regards to her blog. Fortunately for me, I don’t get an influx of emails dealing with my blog. This leads me to the point of the post. Since I don’t get email, let’s look at the search terms people used to get here. The search terms that people are using to get to my blog, simply blows my mind.

Here are some of my favorites

How to tell if a guy is into you by huggin (Did he use deodorant before hugging)
How to get a guy alone at school (umm creepy)
Big Hug (Aww)
Big Tree (Please don’t carve your initials in it)
I want him inside me(well the people in Hell want water and AC, AINT gonna happen)
ways to show him I love him (Buy him Electronics)
Justification of Budget (Spend the Money, Send me Some)
ways to know if a guy is crushing (if he is drinking orange or grape crush, then yes)
Justin Wall (No that’s not my last name)
“Dragon’s Yen ” (She is cool)
advice on one night stand with a friend(Umm Don’t)
one night stand pregnancy(Jokes on You)
Guys While Sleeping( Yes we sleep)
the sounds and smells of home sweet home(Grandma’s Apple Pie)

Oh yes, I officially have a stalker. One of the tags people use to get to my blog is Justin’s Life. A tag that apparently, only I use on WordPress, because I when use that term in the tag surfer, nothing comes up all at(which implies only I use it, cause your own post don’t show up). Seriously who’s stalking me, reveal your self..Are you hot? Do you like cheese? Oh yeah, and can you please take all paparazzi-style photos from the left side Mr./Mrs.-stalker person. Thanks!!

You Got Here How? Let me know…


5 Responses

  1. Seriously Justin… YOU are getting MY people! LOL… People are searching for Moi and they are going to YOU… whoa.. I also do not get many visitors… though I just past 9,000! At 10,000 I’ll have a party.

    I think I saw you commenting on tobeme’s blog and that is how I got here. Yeah, I love seeing how people get to me. I’ve discovered a lot of blogs by following the trail. I have one on there now that says “scary buttons”, and “baby big head” seems to be popular, too… though most are lyrics from the songs I post.

    ta ta!

  2. PS- I stopped drinking at bars a long time ago, but that was because the drinks were never strong enough.

    Seriously, I go for the occasional wine now and champagne when available. I love mimosas.

  3. 1st DM,
    Yes I too was shocked, with the Dragon’s Yen search lol. I’ve had several “mommie” stop by the blog, I figured they found me through your site too.

    2nd DM,
    Did you mean to post this under the other post? HAHA

  4. Today…. I’m ranked #4 on Google for the keyword …


  5. You commented on someone else’s blog…I can’t remember who…

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