Google Me, Just Me

I’ve been reading a few articles lately on my generation, one talked about how this generation of 20-somethings feel likethat they deserve more, one talked about how today’s college students are more narcissistic than ever before. My thoughts…

Some people call this generation the entitlement generation, because we expect to much from our jobs, from life, from you. Is that so much to ask for? I’ll admit there is a little truth in this. I feel like I should have a super high paying job, and work in an environment where my opinion really matters, where

I have the corner office. For me the latter two are true. I’m steadily working on number one ( it’s ingrained, that at 23, 40-50K just isn’t enough). When I graduated I too suffered from the delusion of reality. Lucky for me, I’ve figured that the office environment isn’t for me. I need a job where creative thinking is sitting by the pool or on the beach. On the narcissistic end, I’m average. I care, but then in general I don’t care. I mean, I worry about my weight and looking great, and yes I can spend a half an hour, after the shower, getting ready, applying creams, and scrubs and grooming to prefection. Even with all that, it’s about keeping your ego and personality in check.

First we were gen X, then Gen Y and now Generation Google. Simon Dumenco, says that Google has given us instant answers, instant gratification, along with BitTorrent(entrainment), iTunes(music), MySpace(friends), and all of these things carry over into the “real world. So why can’t we have instant gratification with careers?  Why can’t I bust out of college and “have it all?” Give it to me NOW NOW NOW NOW NOWmeme.jpg

I’m not ranting, or complaining,  I’m explaining the mentality of today’s 20-something. It’s like a disease, like a manifestation of the materialistic,  narcissismtic, self, .  We feel that life is just so underwhelming,–part due to the images and projections of what society considers, “good living”.  The cars, women, money, houses, trips etc.  The Media either focuses on the poor or the really rich. We’re taught, go to school and work hard, don’t be poor, be like the rich, make something of yourselves.. So we do that, and after surviving, 4, 6, 8 years in a program, we leave thinking, we are setting pretty. WRONG!!!! NOBODY told us about working hard after college. People leave expecting way to much. I think everyone needs to be knocked down a notch.

America is not ready for this entitlement generation. Oh wait, actually it is.  See the “Market” is up on us. We are being marketed to. Everything to from PS3, iPhones, semi-luxury cars, 80-dollar shirts, and 150 dollar jeans, are geared and centered around today’s 20-something crowd.  All things we should have, we should be able to afford, things that we are entitled too.  I mean seriously a 500 phone!!(YES I WANT ONE). Then we get depressed and upset, because things aren’t what we think they should be. We want what the “entitlement”, was suppose to give us, what is promised,  even if we aren’t ready for it yet, and above all, we want it before we deserve it.


5 Responses

  1. On the one hand, we SHOULD reach for the stars… BUT… BIG BUT… we need to WORK for it and not look out upon the world and believe it owes you a living! I am wondering what the generation after you will be like… Oh man, my son is part of that generation!

  2. As a late-term (born in 1964) baby-boomer, I can say the self-absorption of today’s generation is nothing new. There are simply more gadgets to feel entitled to.

    Nonetheless, I do worry where we are headed. Work alone won’t get us there. It takes contentment that comes only through faith. Someone once said, “True contentment is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.”

  3. Pete,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. You make great points about this “self-absorption_ being nothing new. By the time you hit your 20’s the term YUPPIE was just being coined, and with that the classification of a superifical, self-centered societal breed, that the most of America loathes.

    You’re correct again, we do have more choices now. It just seems that we are going to more extremes to get what we want, which worries me. BTw, great quote on contentment.

  4. This is simply the most selfish blog entry I’ve ever read in my life.

    Juuussssst kiddin’!

    Justin, don’t worry. If you become overly entitled and self-absorbed, your life will disolve into a pile of pompeian dust — then you’ll re-evaluate, reinvent, downscale your portfolio to medium risk and live a life of high anxiety, low elation, guilt, self loathing and Saturday nights with the History Channel — like the rest of us!

  5. Oh dame,

    You know just how give it to me. Umm Motivaional Speaker…not a career option for you lol. Man if that’s what I have to look forward to, I might as well go ahead the buy the razor blades now, that way they will be good and rusty by the time I hit my mid-life crisis.

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