Poppin Grandpa’s Blue Pills

Picture this, being 20 something,  and using Viagra, not because you need it but because with it you can experience a stronger erection than you ever thought possible. With your new welcomed srtength, you think that you now can become a marathon humping sexual beast, capable of conquering the even most experienced vixen.  Oh yeah, then you drop dead..  At 23, I can’t help to wonder why are we(young guys), willing to die over a woody?

You’re  probably asking  yourself, why are young men even taking Viagra, in the first place. Young men shouldn’t even NEED Viagra. At least I’m hope not. I mean sure who wouldn’t want a few extra minutes of motion in the ocean. But then, when my health is at risk, I’d pefer to get off the boat.

Let me look in my blame bag..Hmm today I think I’ll pull out  Media, Society, Parenting Skills.  NO!!! People are just plain stupid sometimes. People just dont’ think about the consequences.   What is 2-4 hours of hot and heavy sweating really worth.. Your life obviously. Yeah, today’s hornballs are gonna start dropping like flies.

If I died of a heart attack after or during sex, because of Viagra, at the age of 23, I would be completely ashamed and a utter loser. That’s got to be the worst way to go, next to syphilis.  Guess I really wouldn’t matter being dead and all right!! But still…

The little blue pills aren’t cheap either at $25 dollars a pop, Viagra is easily and quickly become a hot selling drug around college campuses.  So as I sit here in my office at work, I’m sure there’s some college kid in the building next to me, buying some thrill pills for this weekend as I type. These buyers aren’t your normal drug taking “losers” either. Therange of user is becoming very diverse. Everyone from preppy to punk, to the scholar to the sleepers. You name it.

So how and why are young mean falling dead from taking Viagra? Viagra is quickly becoming the favored party as well too.  It’s the anti-Ecstasy.  Ecstacy increases desire, but decreases sexual performance. Viagra works in just in the opposite it increase sexual performances. Trouble happens when people take both, so that they can experience the best of both world. People tend to mix drugs and alcohol.  Afterawhile alcohol works as a depressant, and when that happens people start taking Ecstasy, or Viagra to speed things up. The body can’t handle these extremes!!

The real dangers from Viagra come with people take drug and mix it with Amyl Nitrate aka Poppers. Chemically speaking the two should never mix. Most death occur this way, because well, both of them dilate the blood vessels. If you’re going to be stupid enough to take drugs,  dont’ mix your drugs. Pick one vice a night people.

Let’s see.. Mr. Titanium.. or Death…

I think I’m OK just being Mr. Rock


7 Responses

  1. Great points Justin, and it’s worth saying again – DO NOT MIX VIAGRA AND POPPERS!!!

  2. Humm, didnt know this was going on. But I’m not surprised. People will take almost anything to the edge. It’s just amazing how young people dont think that death is even a possablity. Yes ,I think stupid is the word.

  3. marcys says..(she posted in the wrong entry)

    I’ve been wondering about this myself. I’m an old lady now, but I haven’t forgotten what guys were like in their 20s, and none of them needed pills to get it up. This Viagra craze, in my opinion, is nuts, and not just for young’uns. Older guys oughtta finally figure out how to use other parts of their anatomy for love–Mother Nature is trying to teach them something.

  4. N. Heather–Thanks. Yes I’m you echoed that.

    Seanbe– Yeah, it’s crazy isn’t. Where have you been hiding.

  5. Crazy stuff! I just don’t get it! Don’t see the need! Of course this is a symptom of people looking for exteral happiness, missing that it is always with them.

  6. shhhh… my DH thought that he would need viagra to satisfy me just because he was older, at that time, almost 50… and for some reason he thought that I was some sex crazed person.

    I was totally against viagra, especially without even knowing how we would make out without it. He soon learned that he didn’t need it at all.

  7. I’ve popped them once or twice, but never with drugs or alcohol. Wow, never knew, you could die, from the thrill pill, I thought you had to be old or something for that to happen.

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