So About this New Ken Doll!!

Okay so yeah, I went home this weekend and visited the family. My little cousin was around and she was playing with her Barbie’s, and she asked me if I wanted to play with her. I looked at her like she had asked me the my last oatmeal raisin cookie, but with her prepubscent smile and with her puppy dog eyes, how could I say no. If I was going to play, I was going to be Ken, grill some meat or something darn it(hey it’s getting warm here and I’m always hungry). I told her to go get Ken, and she informed me he was tanning(I cracked a smile), and insisted that Ken had had enough tanning for today and was going to wrinkle up and get skin cancer. She fetched the doll and what she brought back wasn’t the Ken I knew. She brought back a demonic beast from the underworld. This was no man, this a gender confused little mini version of the Y-chromosome, with bad hair I might add.

I wasn’t shocked that Ken had been upgraded since I was a kid, but man, if this is a reflection of today’s men, what exactly are we projecting? I know Ken has never been the most umm rugged flavored of men, but when did Ken become so, well freak’in weird. Actually I want to know when the man got “real” hair.


The 1980’s Ken doll that’s the one I remember. It was a dude, with stiff arms and legs, simple clothing (tee and shorts) and a slab of hair that didn’t move. Ken was simple and clean cut, even if he was a more less masculine version of the supper macho G.I. Joe. I don’t know what happen between 1988 and 2007 but man, the new Ken doll is almost scary. Pictured below is the latest version of Ken. Torn and destroyed low rise jeans, a wallet chain, a man bag, and some bling. It’s funny how even toys are starting to emulate the world around us.

But what exactly are they emulating? So if the Ken today is a reflection of today’s male, what exactly is expected of us?I mean, are we suppose to dress like this? Does the general male population actually dress “LIKE THIS”, I’d say no. While I will agree that some my dress similar, I don’t think this represents the current “Male” of society. I will admit I’m slightly metro, but I’m no where near this level. Sure there are huge changes in style, when comparing the old Ken dolls, but I feel at least those Ken’s, captured the essence of man, a little better than is current version. Can we get some cargo short and a polo, how about a vintage tee with some plaid shorts?

What does that in turn, make young girls expect of boys? Will this be the new baseline for, the model man? What do you all think?


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  1. Dude, I comepletely agree man. The new Ken doll is sorta creepy. Cool blog brah.

  2. Joe,

    Stop reading my blog and get back to work!! LOL

  3. Wow, that new Ken is to freakin much like a female.
    I could stand the plastic hair guy, he was just so genaric. These Kens are way too pretty. I like the old GI Joe dude, he was an all around guy.

  4. Justin,
    Doesn’t look like Ken is that far off to me. This looks like many of the 17 -20 young men that I see around. Yes, he is a bit metro, however like you said that is who Ken represents. If you take a look at the past versions of Ken, he pretty much represented this male demographic. I don’t think you have to worry about what expectation this sets for little girls. The men in their life, especially the Fathers, set the tone for what is expected of a man.
    The reality is, there should be no expectations. We should be permitted to be who we are and not be expected to fit into some type of “man” mold.

  5. When exactly did Ken start a goth band?

  6. E Reed,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog dude. I dunno man. Maybe the first single will be titled Spam. LOL

  7. n/p. Actually, the full title of the first single might be closer to: “Love Dies Like the Cold, Black Heart of Spam,” perhaps with a “Razorblades Remix” by Trent Reznor in the Fall. heh.

  8. Good one E, Then I can see Fall Out Boy doing a cover to this on their next album.

  9. I agree with you guys about Ken… and I also preferred the old GI Joe guy with the flocked hair…


    This is nothing new… AND what about Barbie? Why nothing about Barbie? Barbie is THE most unrealistic doll out there. So what if Ken is carrying a bag and has hair that looks like a little mini wig. All of Barbie’s features depict unrealistic proportions of a woman… What is that projecting to our little girls with Barbie’s? It’s telling them that if they want to be accepted and popular that they must look just like that. It’s telling them that they had better have the best clothes, all color coordinated from their hair accessories right down to their shoes and little anklets … oh, yes, and bling.

  10. At least Ken is comfortable with himself and doesn’t feel the need to bleach his BROWN hair!

  11. LOL, DM.. Yes I’ll admit. I omitted Barbie herself.. I had never really seen the Ken doll until recently, I mean up close and personal. I once heard a joke, about what Barbie’s measurements would be if she was life size. The numbers were unreal.

  12. Justin… so glad you laughed at my joke… but not really a joke when you think of all the young girl children out there, practically being weaned on this stuff. It’s scary… I had a Barbie doll, too and don’t really remember too much about image projection, but that may be the most insidious aspect about it.

  13. JV, funny post, sir.

    But I must say, I’m seriously traumatized by that doll. He reminds me of Andrew Cunanan.

    I suspect a major conspiracy.

  14. I’m more intrigued by a man who will play with his nieces dolls. It shows a very sensitive caring nature.
    Every day I love Jason more – er sorry, Justin. He is such a straight guy, but only comes to my my blog to see the pics of the guys!

  15. Adrian, you would post that, the day you have a pic of a nude dude up on your site today. Thanks nice setup!!!

  16. I think Ken may be gay and that’s why Barbie and he broke up.

  17. Yeah, I am kinda pissed because I wanted to save my barbies for my future kids and one of my dogs ate one of my ken dolls and now i only have one and i don’t want to get some lazy version of Ken. Ken has had like a zillion jobs and now kids see him as a surfer lying on the beach tanning.

  18. I think Ken has come along way over the years and I really think this Ken doll was a good idea, but poorly executed. I really wish Ken was more buff. More like the Twilight Jacob doll. Why is Ken always so skinny?
    I love the dark hair and blue eyes!!

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