Why do Monday’s Suck?

Reasons Monday’s Suck

1. Your body has adjusted to the weekend, and wants to be sleep in and be lazy. (Who rolled in over an hour late?)

2. If it’s not raining the sun is too bright on Monday.(anyone else wearing shades in the apt?)

3. The feeling of forgetfulness follows you all day: homework, that form, your lunch, snack etc.(I know I foregot something, I just don’t know it yet)

4..  You think about all the cool things you should have done over the weekend.(the list is too long)

5.. You can never find anything to wear.(can’t believe I made it out looking like this)


7 Responses

  1. J, whenever you think you really hate Mondays, just remember that you woke up without the following: 1) you weren’t accused of rape 2) you weren’t asked to submit a dna sample from your baby’s mama who you don’t even KNOW — you SWEAR, and 3) you’re a mere four days away from another Friday.

  2. Today was mostly crappy for me, too, and Gabriel. The weather was so cold, damp and cloudy for most of the day, despite the radio’s insistence every 20 minutes that it was going to turn into a great day. It did but that was around 2-3pm. Took Gabe for a ride and he fell asleep, which was a good thing! I parked somewhere, then crocheted two more granny squares. Two hours later, we both went grocery shopping… at this point, he was over dressed and I had to take off his hat and jacket. I disappointed myself by picking a ShopRite without kid cars on their wagons. That was the whole point of going shopping today, to make it an adventure for the boy!

  3. PS= Justin… these comment boxes have the red underlined spellchecker!

  4. DM,
    Sound like you guys had a day in deed. I’m glad it did shape up a bit. I’m sorta disappointed that Gabe didn’t get to ride in the wagon-shopping-cart-hybrid.

    PS. Yes I have little red lines..but not on YOUR blog style. 🙂

  5. I hate Fridays!
    Friday is way too close to Monday.

  6. I do believe my blog style has them, too… at least I see them there. I think they are supposed to be on everyone’s blogs

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