You Do the Math

Since Friday is a holiday, I’ll go ahead leave you with something for the weekend. I know I’m going to get lashes for this, but I thought it was sort of funny, sort of I say sort of.


Smart man + smart woman = romance
Smart man + dumb woman = affair
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy


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  2. Well, good thing I’m getting the romance end of it this time. Of course, I’ll use the wisdom that comes with age (is it null if you have no more wisdom teeth?) to spin it into the third option.

    Happy Keester! (I know it’s Easter, but it just seems more broad that way… and Keester sounds cuter… )

  3. Funny stuff.

  4. Dude, it’s so true, and funny too.. LOL.. I know I know Back to work..

  5. Yes, this is the way most men think it breaks out, and I have to say it is a good percentage that way. LOL Have a wonderful Holiday.

  6. Very Funny! haha

  7. Dude… are you moderating? Still if so, WP should TELL me that.

    Oh well.

  8. Now there is a practical use for math! lol.

  9. DM,
    I don’t get the comment??? Are you referring to Joe, above??

  10. Don’t know what happened last night, but I commented twice and WP kept telling me that I already commented, but it was not showing up… so here goes again:

    Love it!

    What would the equation be for :

    woman slaves over stove to make man dinner
    man buys sponge cake for dinner (chips on the side)
    woman serves her “healthy” dinner
    man eats a little
    woman leaves to serve at 2 hr mass home by 10pm
    man kisses woman “hello”
    woman smiles
    man goes to bed (without woman)
    woman sees dishes on table and in sink
    woman sees half eaten cake neatly put away
    woman washes dishes
    woman cleans kitchen table
    woman wonders if baby was even fed because there is nothing to indicate it other than baby is sleeping.
    woman pops open a soda (name withheld)
    woman prepares 75 chocolate cups for holiday visits
    woman surfs net
    woman knows man spent entire night on internet fiddling with fantasy……… baseball
    woman decides to sleep really late so that man can spend “quality” time with baby in the morning.

  11. Justin… just tried commenting again…and it still does not show up. Last night WP was giving me a message saying that I was duplicating my comment.

    I am wondering what is going on. I do believe that I’ve seen long comments on your blog, so I don’t know what the deal is.

  12. I’ll post my comment on my blog… which is essentially asking you to create an equation for a phenomenon that occurred last night in my own house.

  13. […] was actually prompted by the fact that I could not post a comment to another blog at WordPress. It was to this post at The Justification of Justin called, “You Do The Math“. WP kept generating an error message stating that I had already commented. I then proceeded […]

  14. Ha!

    I hate math.

    But that was funny!

  15. Okay, I am game, but what does 5 7 5 mean?

  16. when i browse videos on youtube, i always look for those videos with funny stuffs in it.`;

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