Oh Phobia Oh Phobia

Wow, I  don’t think I have been this long without blogging ever.. LOL.. Super-swamped week.. Anyhow here’s a list of Phobias I have.  Please feel free to comment or share any of yours.  Fortunately for me, none of these truly hinder my life.

Gerascophobia–The fear of growing old or aging.

I know man has been searching for the fountain of youth forever. I don’t wanna live for ever, I just don’t want to get old. I wanna stay young and active. There’s just something about getting old that worries me. Maybe its the lost of mobility or lack of endurance.

Phalacrophia– The fear of becoming bald

Yeah I really don’t want to go bald.  I won’t wear a fake hair piece or get plugs, but man, can I please keep my hair.  Both of my grandfarther on my mom’s side went bald, so I guess there is no hope for me.

Belono-Ommataphobia – The fear of sharp objects sticking you in the eye.** This is the combination of 2 phobias)

I seriously have issue this this one. I constantly walk around thinking about this. I don’t like walking in metal art galleries and such. Places with glass ceiling are extremely scary. I don’t think I’ll ever have contacts, even though they are plastic/glass.  Horror movies with eye injuries freak me out.

Soteriophobia– The fear of having to depend on other.

I know this stems from being and only child, issues I have/had with my father. I just like handling my own things. I don’t like depending on other people to come through for me. It’s too unpredictable.

Atychiphobia – The fear of failure.

It’s sorta what keeps me motivated. To give up is to fail, and I don’t want to fail.  I’ve always placed this pressure on myself to succeed and excel and with that, there’s always that little doubt, that things might not go as plan. But if you rework, retry, you can always avoid failure.


8 Responses

  1. Those are very interesting phobia’s…. Im scared of growin’ old as well, scares the shit outta me. One really weird thing that Im scared of is the sticky side of tape haha, Im not so much scared of it, as I just really don’t like it. I wonder what the name for that phobia would be haha. 🙂 Phobias are weird!

  2. Bird-ophobia and clown-ophobia and crowd-ophobia.


    Very healthy fears if you ask me!

  3. Well, that is a lot indeed!
    As far as i am concerned, I would worry only about my health, but could it be classified as a phobia?

  4. to me, there is no such thing as failure. there is only trying. we do our best, and if it works, it works.

  5. Sean thanks for much for stopping by the blog. You’re right about failure. You only fail once you stop trying.

  6. “Phalacrophia”

    Once in law school (around finals time) I looked at my hair line and it looked different. I freaked! I thought I was going bald. I even bought some Rogaine and put it on for a few weeks. Truth of the matter was, I wasn’t going bald, just stress from finals made me crack. What a waste of $55 bucks.

  7. So now that you have listed some of your fears, what can you do to overcome your fears?
    Are your fears real or simply a projection of a future not within your immediate control?

  8. Mark,

    Thanks for you input. You make a great point about “fears”. We shouldn’t worry or concern ourselves with things that we can’t control. Looking back, I guess I really can’t control going bald. The sharp object one.. real fear!!

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