In VA, Admist the Uproar!!!

Here I am visiting VA today, and boy what I day it was been. Things have been in an uproar here since noon.

I experienced the most spectacular display of communication technology today. There we were in Chili’s waiting for be seated for lunch. One of the TV’s on at the bar, came on with a flashing report. A man ran over to the waiting area and said that 21 kids had been killed at VTech. There was a group of seven metropolitan young ladies who where waiting as well. Immediately each lady took out their cell phones and starting calling people for info, because we coudn’t see the TV. One young lady had a blackberry, and she jumped online to read a report. Another girl had internet on her cell phone and start connecting…

What was I doing?? I was pulling my laptop out and trying to connect to to a wi-fi spot. We needed info and we needed fast. We wanted it now!! Within one minute we had, coverage on several devices and we had live coverage from the campus, as one of the young ladies had called a friend at VTech. She was going to blast it on speaker phone, be she didn’t, because of the hysteria..

“Everyone is hyped up and antsy. Not in a really panic. We’re all just searching for answers and safe places to rest and regroup. Campus is a complete madhouse…”

There in a instant, we all joined together to become aware of problem. We exchanged data and info, like it was money. We had everyone crowded around us. It was overwhelming. We all know the rest…

This is slightly scary.. I worked on campus for a major university in NC.  Something like this could happen on my campus.  I work in a particular high stress area, thankfully I’m I’m semi-protected by my security clearance requirements, but someone could easily come and and start shooting..

There, there it is.. My post on the VTech shooting.. I’m ready to move on..


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  1. It is amazing, even with how technologly connected we are, this young man was able to kill over 30 people. Blessing of peace to all.

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