5 Things About Me..In Haiku

Good ole Heather tagged me. So I’ll play along.. Seems so intersting. Remember 5-7-5


I am twenty-three

I am the youngest person

Where I work at now


Music is my life

It is very eclectic

Makes my life go all around


My Mom and Dad split

When I was just a young lad

It was long ago not sad


Since I have to tag

Someone its really only

Four things about me


Oh I will now tag

From up north DragonMommie

It’s a Game go Sean


13 Responses

  1. Well, Justin V, I imagined you completely different!
    Interesting how internet misleads you!
    Enjoy reading your postings as usual!
    What kind of music do you like?
    As for myself, being obviously of another era, I particularly enjoy the rock scenes of the 60’s and 70’s: Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones (at their most raucous blues), Hot Tuna, Janis Joplin, and so on.
    I also love modern music as played by Deep Forest and Enigma, too.
    A bientot,

  2. I’m game… but what does 575 mean? My brain must be fried because I’m trying to set up a wireless router for a second laptop and me thinks it just crashed.

    Are these things supposed to rhyme?

  3. DM 5-7-5 are the sy-la-bles in each line, 5 in the 1st, 7 in the 2nd, 5 in the 3rd. The only requirements for a Haiku

  4. Ahem…
    Dragon delivers!

  5. Justin… You only give f-o-u-r things about yourself.. you are missing one! Please see my source:


    Let’s keep up!

  6. Robert,

    As far as my music, I really like the following: Led Zeppelin, Mariah Carey, Pink, Death Cab for Cutie, Sara M., Tim McGraw, Linkin Park, Copeland. I listen to some techno and house, and world music. I’m starting to get in Celtic music.

    It appears that my I always give people different impressions of me, etc on the phone, net, work.(for a brief catch up I would read my posts “Just 10”, “The first stone casted was color”, and maybe “2truths and a Lie”–those should get you up to speed)

    You’ve been sticking with me, time for a blogroll, welcome to the family Rob, I can call you Rob can’t I?

  7. Yea! But he is Robdragon

  8. Wow… just checked out “Haiku” and found out that I did not abide by the rules…. but technically, everyone else left out the last 7-7 of the longer version.

    Had no idea what Haiku was, but I guess I tend to be pretty “wordy”.

  9. nice haikus lol.

  10. Good “ole” Heather?????

    If you had said “old” it would be all over between us! LOL

    Good job, although you were NOT required to do them in haiku…but I like it! Fun!

    And plus, I love it when you are sarcastic to your commenters!

  11. Rob and Rodragon are fine!
    You wouldn’t know how many nicknames I have down here, some really offensive (LOL)!

    Past is my treasure
    Present is my joy, and Future?
    My expectations!

    BTW, Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry. Another one is Tanka.
    The Japanese are a bit stuffy about it. I prefer the English version!

    Jaane! (Japanese)
    A bientot! (French)
    Tata! (Queen’s English slang)

  12. Justin… thanks for introducing this form of poetry. Though it took me awhile to come up with my version, I really enjoyed the challenge and dipping my feet into the silky pool of words again.

  13. Very Nice. Unfortunately, I stink at writing Haikus. Serious.

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