They Make You Eat Fast

The They here are Fast Food chains, more importantly the colors; red and yellow.

Yup I think the colors red and yellow make you eat faster.  It’s a trick that’s been used by the Fast Food chains. Think about it.  I can’t find any real hardcore PROOF about this, some sites on the web mention but that’s about it. I do understand that colors can affect your mood, but can two colors make you really eat faster…

 I began to ponder this idea or concept about 5 year ago, when I was on campus.  I was eating at one of the campus commons and running along the side of the walls were these to two colorful streaks;l red and yellow.  Now this struck me as odd because well the colors of of my school are Purple and Gold, not Red and Gold.  We all joked that some one had messed up big time. We are are now.

What are the two colors of the world’s biggest fast food chain McDonald’s.. Yup Red and Yellow.

Wendy’s – Red and Yellow–the sign,  the building colors

Pizza Inn, Pizza Hut, Arby’s,  KFC, Chik-Fil-a — All RED letters

Heck even BK uses Orange and Red(close enough)–umm maybe that’s why they are 2nd behind McD’s

I’m on the prowl, to lean more about this concept.  Evil Fast Food chains and their manipulation of the general public..Oh It’s ON


14 Responses

  1. I believe this is by design. It’s not that the colors make you eat faster, it’s that the colors do not invite you to stay and linger. Think about the design of the seats, very hard, uncomfortable, they too are designed to not make you linger. The fast food industry wants you in quickly and out quickly. There whole system is built around this concept.
    Good observation about colors.

  2. BTW – the more comfortable the chair in a resteraunt, the more expensive it is. See they want you to stay longer and spend more money on wine, coffee and desert.

  3. Mark,

    Very observations and points as well. You’re right about the design playing a important fact in all of this. It’s very true in sit down restuarnts, it’s more asthetically pleasing, and yes you typically spend more. Hmm make you really think.

  4. Is this why every time I read my Red Letter Bible I want to eat a Big Mac?

  5. That’s really interesting! I never really thought of it before, although I have thought about the different effects that colours have on moods.

  6. Whore,
    LOL.. Your craving for a Big Mac is due to the fact that you ACTUALLY like Big Macs, which in itself is another mystery. Thanks for officially stopping by the blog. (Another SOUL is mine).

  7. Justin, I read every one of your posts I didn’t realize I hadn’t commented. You have a good blog, I probably didn’t have anything to say that was good enough to meet your quality standards.

  8. I tend to agree with you there, Justin!
    Actually all junk food looks yellow-brownish, except when companies run out of ideas!
    Even here in Japan when I do the shopping for the Missus (which I really enjoy), I can’t help notice all these frozen, dried and ready-made food stackked in customers’ baskets. I stopped counting the times when cashiers enquired if I were a professional cook when they saw all the fresh greens et al in my basket.
    Now if you are craving for a big Mac, why don’t you try replacing the beef with a hamburger made of Tuna?

  9. @ Whore Aww Whore, Flattery will get you everywhere with me.. I gotta up the ante now, since I know you read. LOL

    @ Rob–Thanks. I didn’t know you where in Japan, wow that makes you even cooler.(I wondered about the Japaneese Blogs you have about food–now i know) LOL.. personally I don’t eat a lot of beef or pork, mostly fish, turkey and some grill chicken. That’s nice you shop for the misses..

  10. Interesting, I do see all that yellow. Guess its to catch your eye. And yellow is sunny, and makes you want to go, go, go.

  11. You realize that red and yellow form the color orange. Orange’s are produced in abundance in Florida. Florida is home to all things fast. For instance, gators. Their mouths close at a very excessive rate of speed.

    So maybe the combination of the two colors that blend when our eyes meet them in our mind turning into the color orange and that sets off a chain reaction making us think we are about to be eaten by a Florida Gator. It’s all relative really. Ya know…or not.

  12. I believe that tobeme is correct. Red is a color that invigorates… keeps you hyper. Design is definitely a contributor… How about when the seats are fixed too close to the table and you can’t even fit in there to begin with! Well, that’s just me!

    Oh, another one. Starbuck’s. The chairs are designed to keep you there, but the air conditioning is up so high that it’s uncomfortable to stay…. so if you want to stay, you need more HOT coffee!

  13. Oh… and the coffee gets cold very fast, so you need to replace it more often……

    or you can ask them to heat up yours!

  14. DUDE.. Jesus Christ You’re right, about Wright Place.. Never notice the Red and Gold in side.

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