My Shoes Go’A Flip Flop Flip Flop

YAY warm weather is finally here to stay..

It’s time to pull out the shorts, shades, bring out the flip-flops and the “Jesus Sandals”.

This is why I love North Carolina. The weather at times can be P E R F E C T.  Warm days, Cool breezes, Sunny and Clear Skies. I’m sure everyone is picturing me running through fields of flowers, spinning around, with my hands spread, sun beaming… It’s not quite like that, I also swing on the homemade tire swing.

ColdStones and other ice-cream shops doing amazing business.. Little Suzies and their Lemonade Stands(inflation is hitting hard, 75cents a cup,).. Pools smelling like chorline and tropical sunscreen..

I love being only an hour or so from the beach. I’ll never understand how people in the middle of the country, live with out being close to the beach, or for even EVER going to one. It’s sorta like seeing and playing in snow. I think that everyone should experience and experience it often.  Nothing relaxes like a day on the beach, just sitting and enjoying the air, the view.

 As you can see I’m having a daydreaming day at work today.


10 Responses

  1. Hey Justin,
    You’re a man after my own heart. I like daydreaming. It keeps me out of mischief (although a little mischief once in a while is good.)

    Sounds like you have a case of summer madness coming on. We get that a lot in Los Angeles, except everyday is Summer. People even wear t-shirts, shorts and flip flops to work. Sometimes I’ll see lawyers, real estate agents, and other professionals flip floppin’ (some carrying their surfboards under their arms) while shouting on cell phones about getting their clients top dollar. I think the sun cooks the brain cells over easy.

    You didn’t say if you have your flip flops on at work?

  2. Alexys,
    Y I’m wearing jeans and a polo, with flip flops. LOL I’m breaking out the shorts to work next week. I should have today, as it’s 90 degrees.. YIKES

  3. Justin-
    We have it good in NC, don’t we?

    Rock on baby!

  4. Heather Heath.. You KNOW IT..

  5. I can image you running in fields of flowers with your sister, your bonnets blowing off in the breeze . . . Oh, no, that’s a scene from ‘Little House on the Prarie’!

  6. Nice place you got there. I’ll visit someday.

  7. Adrian– HAHA, it’s just like

    tomachfive – Thanks for stopping by the blog. You really should visit someone. It’s pretty nice.

  8. And Tom, seriously – to meet Justin AND Naughty Heather? What kind of an awesome trip would that be??

  9. I used to love spending days and NIGHTS on the beach! Now this old body has to be protected and I shy away from the beach during the day. We are all pretty fair, myself, DH and especially Gabriel. He is so fair, he’s almost translucent. We’ll hit the beach as the sun is going down. Ah, how the life changes with age and family!

  10. An hour from the beach? I officially have a jealous rage. The beach is where it’s at even though I have no idea what “it” is.

    North Carolina? I use to live in Galax Virgina. They pronounce it “Gay-lax.” Insert laughter now.

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