The Types of People You Should Be Friends With Part I

1. The Mechanic – Always great to know a great mechanic. Saves you much time and money.  Follow their advice and your car will never give you any serious trouble.  If the day of the “Great Breakdown” happens, you’ll be assured that you won’t get reamed by other mechanics. My mechanic, is a guy name Daniel, that I went to High School with.

2. The Good-Looking One– A guy or girl’s best friend in sticky situations.  Having a HOT friend can save your butt big time.  If you have a hot brother or sister, that works well too. Use accurately: As bait, cover ups, chick/guy magnets, calss reunions,  date rescuers…

3. The Lawyer- Very important. Leases, contracts, sticky legal webs.  This person will undoubtedly keep you out of jail, and from being Duped by “the Man”. Wanna know if you can legally sell your soul on Ebay, ask your lawyer..

4. The Doctor– This one is an easy one.  Knowing a doctor, is just simply on the better things you can ever do in life. Prone to injury this is a must for you then. Prone to weird and embarrassing rashes, fungi and other body  irregularities, this a must for you too. Fortunately for me, my former room mate is in Medical School, and hes wants to be a plastic surgeon.  Yay, free PS for me, cause he wouldn’t have passed Immunology without me, LOL.. Not to mention I’ve got compromising Pictures. MUAHHAHAH

5. The Guy with a Record— No I’m not talking music here.  Its okay to have that one shady person at you arsenal. You just never know when you need that “favor”. No need to get Your hands dirty LOL.. Heck find the right one and you won’t have to call in the favor, just submit the umm”Challenges” and they will readily accept.

6. The Techy– The Electronic savior. Computers, TV’s stero’s, Ipod.. If it’s broke they know how to fix it, and most likely will do it for, to show you how smart they are.  Need an electronic to do something, it’s not suppose to do, this is your go to man. Forget Pimp my Ride, It’s Pimp my Ipod. Hacking optional…

7. The Nobody– The Nobody is an easy pick.  Your lackey, your pawn, easily usable as a filler in any situation.

8. The Muscle/Athlete– Sometime you just need brute strength.  Need help moving: the Muscle.  Need to to win that softball game:the Muscle.  Need to intimidate a bully: the Muscle. Need to look tough by beating up a huge guy: beg the Muscle to allow it. (Pete, back of green peas and two tylenol, every 4 hours, the swelling will go down by Sat. I promise) LOL

9. The Artist— All derivatives apply here.. Sometimes you just can’t say it in words. You need pictures, drawings, Body Chalk lines moved to another location. Can be use to to decorate houses and parties.  Always creative, always emotion. Gotta like the EMO kids..

10. A Preacher. We have them, but do you really know him/her.  You mentor and guidance for all of life’s questions.  Helps you and all else fails. Also who needs to wait for Sunday to ask for forgiveness, when you’ve got the Pastor on speed dial. You also never know when you need a quick hitching.

Future Types:

Author/Poet, Extra Mommie, The Culinary Blessed….


17 Responses

  1. So who Am I on that list?

  2. Joe, If you have to ask, then you’re not on the list.. LOL
    I do have an opening for #7 lol.. Sorry no dental..

  3. Funny, shallow, but funny.

  4. Where would I be on that list? (Just kidding)

    You forgot you always need a FWB – just in case ms. right goes bad on you!

  5. Mark,

    I see that people are exercising the right to comment freely on my blog, any who…We all blog for different reasons, and today’s reason was for humor and entertainment. I’m sorry but every post will not be some superficial-deep entry post, in hopes of arousing some temporary spiritual, social, or emotional experience.

    Today is not the day…

    Heather–You be be number 11.. the Author/Poet, someone has to write the biography, or the movie script, when they cover the person’s life story. LOL (remember I look good in blue, orange and black)

  6. I don’t want to ask where I would be!

  7. LOL… DM, that’s funny comic.. I thought about the dentist, maybe i should reword my title and add a bunch of people..

    DM you could fit under
    Extra Momma-
    The Cook
    The Crafty Builder

    I think I will do that.. I’ll just make this a Part 1, and add a Part 2 later..
    Inspired yet again.

  8. Justin,
    I love where you’ve taken this, but I must say you forgot one.

    THE TRUCK GUY. The guy with the Toyota Tacoma 4X4; The Nissan King Cab, The Dodge Ram. Any truck with room for my stuff. The Hummer is deceptively small inside. I don’t want to have to rent a U-Haul. That takes the fun out of getting someone else to do the lifting.

    It’s important so the next time I move, I can do it in one trip, not 50 little trips in a Honda Civic. So a Truck Guy would be great to know. 😀

  9. Alexys, you’re so right.. In defense, #8 the Muscle noramlly drives the TRUCK LOL..

    I’ll be sure to to add him to the list.. Great addition it shall be.. I too have a truck guy friend. He recently helped me move a large painting.


  11. I believe this was a funny blog because it’s true. But not as funny as the comment above mine. Good stuff as always.

  12. Justin,
    Relax, I said it was funny. Guess you were in a funny mood when you responded. Funny is good, even shallow funny, ha. I didn’t mean to come across as critical.

  13. Mark,
    It’s all good man, it’s all good.

  14. LOL!
    For me it is a bit more simple:
    1. a friend
    2. a friend
    3. a friend
    4. ….
    It is only a question of haveing the job done for you? (joke)

  15. Awesome post, although I don’t currently have too many of the listed friends, I do have amazing friends that would do anything for me. And I think thats what it comes down to in the end. 🙂

  16. Ah man, you had to leave out “Author/poet” T_T The next suitable choice for me has to be preacher.. Such a badly connotated title.

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