So Underwhlemed by Spiderman 3

So, ok, some of you may know, I’m plotting to take over the world, my avenue of attack;MOIVES. I love them, hate them, can’t live without them. So you can only begin to understand how excited I get during the summer blockbuster months. I’m at the movies at-least once a week, if not more. I’m about to release my inner nerd;you have been warned

Outside of the Bad Acting, Crammed Story Lines, and the Nauseating love story between Peter Parker and MJ, as if those weren’t enough, here are my top 3 reason for NOT SEEING SPIDER-MAN 3….

1. CGI Air Fighting(Over the top FX)–I’m sorry but I as more impressed with the Matrix Revolutions SuperBrawl(Final Battle) air fighting, than SM3. At least MRevolutions, used real people in the majority of the fight scene. The CGI fighting in the air was just to much in SM3, I couldn’t take it. Made all the battle slight boring. Creative in some spots but just not as visually aweing as I thought it was going to be. The CGI in general was way over the top in some parts. I can understand Sandman, near perfection, but enough is enough.

2. Lack of Humor– Seriously where was the humor. I mean outside of the Jameson scene there was nothing.. I found myself laughing at other things.. the little black kid during the City of the Key scene, and Peter’s little motorbike…ummm that’s pretty sad. You gotta keep your audience entertain.

3. Had the Been there Done that feel.. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m just tired of SM I think. How many more buildings can he swing from, how many more WEB slinsg, can he use to propel himself etc. Just felt old and dated.

This isn’t a proper review, just a list of Reasons for not liking SM3–

More Review/Rants to Come this Summer


5 Responses

  1. Justin,
    It’s so refreshing hearing someone speak their mind — especially when it’s true. I have not seen SP3 and I have no intention of paying a ransom to see it. I look at films differently since I am kind of in the business of film.

    I may have to see it eventually to break down other aspects of the script production, special effects, etc. but it’s too bad that money is the only reason for the franchise. Give me a “good” film and I will see it over and over agian. SP3 probably makes Catwoman look like Hamlet.

    I can’t wait for you to take over the world and lay down the law for the big studios. If I actually saw SP3, I would be in front of the studio now demanding my money back. šŸ˜€

  2. Dude, I concur, SM3 was a big let down. You’re right about the humor.. I don’t remember laughing. I thought the CGI texturing of Sandman, was incredible thought. Sony Imageworks got that right atleast.

  3. When SP3 releases on DVD, I’m buying it. But that’s only because I have a slight compulsive disorder where I need to own everything in the collection (i.e. own SP1 & SP2, need the 3).

    I know I’ll personally enjoy the movie. Why? Because if a man can sit and watch Garbage Pail Kids The Movie from beginning to end, then he can withstand the pain from anything.

  4. Oh well, I was thinking of going to see it, now I can wait. I was interested in seeing how he exploreded his darker side. But for this action guy it must have great visuals. And I’m sure dont want to see a bunch of sappy love sceans. The BF has no interste in seeing and and will wait for it to come out.
    I too like to review movies. I went to see Ghost Riders with Nick Cage, boy was that a bust. But I like the whole cowboy history stuff and though they would catch more of that.

  5. I really enjoyed it. How did you not laugh at his over the top increased sexuality and how he gets on that piano and overshadows mary jane than does some crazy ass dance.

    Sure, the cgi was at times over the top but it honestly was very realistic and didn’t take me out of the movie at all. CGI has come a LONG way. I also thought the script had some very well written moments and the theme of having a choice in life was actually well written and played. The romantic angle was also interesting because he was so naively innocent and heroic that he wasn’t empathizing with mary jane or even listening to her he was just prescribing and being the superhero instead of being human like she needed him to be.

    There was a lot of interesting elements to that movie in my opinion. But yes, if they want to continue the franchise, they are going to have to rethink it. Now that they have explored the emotional and intellectual side of spiderman so much, theres a lot of room to explore making the action scenes kick ass and bringing some of that pulp feel to things. Dr. Doom anyone?

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