Single Parents Rule

I took the short trip home this weekend, to see my mumsy wumsy for Mother’s Day.  I’m the only child, so I don’t have any siblings to take up some of the slack. Actually I don’t mind going home, I really do enjoy it, it’s just the long drive of nothingness I dread.

I look back growing up and I’m just simply amazed at how my mom was able to raise me. Her salary, our needs, raising me a boy(still much easier than a girl, I think haha), taking care of her needs, and providing a loving and nurturing home.  It wasn’t always easy, I knew that, but she did her best at keeping things as normal as possible. We were a team, and we still are, and always will be.

Single parents are some of the real hidden heroes of the world. Working, keeping up a home, and raising a child all at once is a greater endeavor, than anything a superhero has to take on . They are the ones that should get the media attention not the bundles of trash like P. Hilton. The late nights, the early mornings, the long hours, the double duty of parenting, the list goes on and on.  It seems that the list is never ending.

Angels don’t come in the forms of wings and feathers, they come in the form of single parents (especially mothers) and love.  They are the the ones that shield you from the ugliness of the world. They ARE the miracle workers of this world.

To all my single parents out there, I salute you, pray for you, and above all respect you.  You have an amazing and daunting job, and for that you deserve the world, but for now, take this “Thank You”. I  The burden you carry may seem unfair, and insurmountable, but just want you all to know that you CAN and WILL make it.

I look back, I’m so grateful of my mother for all the sacrifice she endured so that I could have.  My hat’s off to you Mom. If I’m the reflection, of your work,  I think personally, you did alright! 🙂


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  1. Justin,
    Your sensitivity blows me away. A man who loves his mother always has a special place in my heart. It usually dictates how you will treat the other woman in your life.

    Glad you’r back in the swing of it.

    P.S. Who is P. Hilton. I don’t have any idea?????

  2. Agree with you 100 + 1% I have always wondered HOW single mothers manage to do all they do… and make it look so easy. I think that the key must be acceptance. But still… I look at myself and KNOW that I would never be able to do it all by myself. I am constantly wondering what I would do should the unthinkable happen to my better half and try to work out a plan in my head… I always close my eyes against the whole prospect.

    My maternal grandmother was a single parent. She refused to take another man into the house because of her teen-aged daughter, my mother. She worked long hours in a factory. I know how hard that life is and I shutter at the thought of it.

    So many women out there who are doing it, right now. I respect those women who put their children’s interests and welfare above their own comforts because there ARE a lot of single mothers out there who don’t.

  3. J, this is really touching, and it’s inspiring. Being a single mom is rough — always somewhat feeling your child(ren) goes ‘without’ in a sense; being without a more traditional sense of family, sometimes having less ‘stuff’, fewer (if any) vacations, a smaller casa — financially, it’s hard to provide as well as two parents could. Sometimes there’s not enough mom to go around, no matter how thin she spreads herself. Lotsa’ guilt for single moms, and lots of worries, fears, doubts — some of it’s silly, some of it’s valid. But yanno, reading this helps my faith, and my confidence — and shows me how well kids can turn out being raised by a single parent. And that everything eventually makes sense to them when they’re all grown up. Thanks, J. Really.

    And make sure to tell your mom that she did a fabulous job raising a fine young man. =)

  4. Aw, Justin, that’s so sweet to write that about your mom. I hope you printed that out and gave it to her. That’s the kind of gift I’m sure she’d appreciate.

    It is really touching what you wrote and you two are a wonderful team.

  5. Justin,
    Nice tribute to your Mom!

  6. Very well put.
    You know I feel very fortunate.
    My kids do tell me offten how much I do for them.
    Its a amazing job being a Mom, and single on top of that, well, you do what you gota do.

  7. AF,
    Feels good to be back!!

    Thanks for comments. You’re right there ARE many single parents who don’t put their children’s welfare a priority in their lives and that’s sad. It really is.

    Aww. Thanks. I know it’s a hard job, especially with 3 yourself. I admire you.

    I should I have printed that out. There’s always next year’s M’sD

    Thank You

    I’m, glad your kids to tell you how much they appreciate you. Yes, sometimes you just gotta do, what you gotta do.

  8. I agree with you completely. My mom was a single parent and raised me as well as my three siblings, and did a phenominal job. She worked two jobs at time, getting up at 3 in the morning to start and not return home until we were home from school, then making dinner – doing all the night time activities , homework, lunches for school the next day – and she always made time for every sport, fund-raiser, feild-trip, or activity that came along.
    My mom has always seemed like a giant to me, even though she’s only 5’1, she’s a true super-hero, and all my inspiration.
    Single mothers (fathers as well) show that impossible tasks can be done when they’re done in the name of love.

  9. That’s so sweet!!! I hope that one day my son will say the same about me. Single parenting, on the most part a thankless job. Thanks for sharing… I hope you don’t mind I wrote a poem in honor of single parents, the link is Hope you like 🙂

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