YUPPIE in Training

What is a yuppie you may ask?

Yuppie as defined by wkikpedia – Yuppie is the neologism for the consumers identified in the advertising category “Young Urban Professional”. The acronym pejorativelydescribes said socio-economic demographic group as selfish, materialistic, and psychologically superficial people with much disposable income.

It’s like I woke up this morning, and realized that I was a yuppie in training. If the term was coined in the 80’s, and we’re now on version 2.0, then I’m what am I??? the 3.0 of tomorrow. I mean for crying out loud, I’m wearing low-rise destroyed corduroy jeans from American Eagle, A Lacoste shirt, Rainbows, A Kenneth Cole watch, and Calvin Klein Undies(boxer briefs wink wink).

J. Crew sweaters, Lacoste shirts, Sperry shoes, 85 dollar Levi jeans, 300 dollar Ipods, 80 dollar cologne, Luxury sedans when and where does it all end, where did it all begin?  Why are we such a “brand” devouring society?

I recently had to travel for work and walked into a store at a mall, it was a outlet store from Saks 5th Ave.  I knew that Saks was know for selling expensive clothing, so I decided to check this outlet out to see what kind of  reduced prices they had, with no intentions of buying anything. A burberry shirt was on sale for 70 bucks, marked down from $165. A$350 dollar cashmere sweater, was on sale for ONLY 149.99.  OMG when did it become okay to spend 350 on a sweater, but more importantly why are we so eager to buy it.

I understand about paying for quality items, the good ole, “you get what you pay for”.  It’s true, I know. I  also know it’s all about perspective. To a person making 100’s of thousands of dollars, $180 for a pair of Dolce&Gabbana  glasses doesn’t seem like much.  The point is though, it still doesn’t change the fact, that you are spending 180 on a pair of shades, even if you can afford it.  Even with knowing these things, It is just hard to grasp. I mean heck, I can’t even explain, why I partake in it on my level, when I do, well I sorta do, but that’s for later, much later.

It all comes down to status right?  Who’s got it? Who wants it? Who flaunts it? How can I get more right? Outside of the Celeb realm, is there a peak to status?  If we’re constantly trying to attain more of it, what do we get when we get it all? What’s the end result?  It would appear to me, that once you got it all, it would only be a certain amount of time, before someone else got it, then what? You then become what, a group of people with status over another group? No end…

Will someone please save me from this consumer-ship hell!!

Corporate/Retail America (or whatever we want to call them this week), I smite YOU

Ahh.. the Monday Morning Ramblings.


14 Responses

  1. Justin,
    It’s all about feeding the ego! For none of these things help to advance our spiritual nature.

  2. Mark, very well put. Ahh yes the ego. Sneaky and ever so sly..

  3. Dude, status is what’s gets you the ladies!!!

  4. I have a $1,100 versace bag in my closet, surrounded by a few $500 Gucci bags. CRAZY!!! I wish can return them, and plead temporary insanity. It was about keeping up with the Yuppies. But then I had a child…so now I love when I can find a nice Target $29 bag for everyday… I still plurge at times but not, I repeat Not!!, like when it was just me, myself and I. Get a few puppies, and see how long you’ll stay a yuppy!!! (puppies=kids) LOL

  5. Joe,
    Chuckles, Yes, the ladies.. LOL silly boy. What they don’t love a great personality, and a warm smile?

    I agree sometimes you just have to spoil yourself. Ahh yes kids, the reality check of this world. I like that yuppies to puppies.. LOL.. Nice one.

  6. Ah, brand names…

    I am very susceptible to it but I haven’t spent a lot of money on too many things. It’s mostly because most of those names do not sell plus sized clothes (although Ralph Lauren does….and I did buy one of his tops heavily marked down at Belks).

    It will be interesting to see what happens if I can get into clothes formerly off limits to me. As it is, I’m terribly addicted to clothes from Talbot’s but I have not ever paid full price for anything. I’m more addicted to sales….

    I just don’t see me spending $350 on a sweater unless it could clean itself or something. And definitely not $180 on a pair of sunglasses given that I tend to lose them, sit on them or let others sit on them when they’re in my car….Good post, Justin!

  7. Justin,
    The yuppies are responsible for the decline of western civilization. Okay, maybe not quite, but they have certainly given Wall Street and Madison Avenue reasons to smile.

    When you can get a pizza topped with caviar for $1,000 and step over a homeless man in the gutter, as you drop your receipt on his head, something is rotten in Denmark.

    It’s fine to have those possessions, if you can afford them and other aspects of your life are in order. We become gluttons for corporeality, the more we have, the more we want, but money can’t buy class and it certainly can’t buy love.

    Nothing says success like a well dressed man, especially in CK boxers. ;D

  8. Oooo, a dandy dresser.

    My beautiful American Boyfriend has good dress sense, I’d love to see him in those boxers!
    This is an official challenge, let’s see a pic of you in your boxers!

    Hugs and kisses,

  9. AF,
    Yes I agree with you, that money can’t buy class and certainly not love. I mean i’m not critcizing us/people for having nice things, i’m just trying to figure where the desire come from.

    I’ve been officially challenged. Gulp. HAHA. We’ll just have to see, won’t we…

  10. JV,
    I know you don’t watch that much T.V., but you may want to watch, “The Lot,” tonight (Tuesday). It’s a reality show about would-be filmmakers. It may offer insight into the film biz. If you miss it, I will be watching tonight, so I’ll fill you in if you like. (Just email me)


  11. In the words of the Geico CaveMan…. Ahhh What???????


  12. I know, I look at the people with their gucci bags and their big cars and I shake my head and I “say people are starving” and I feel guilty over buying a new summer purse at Target every year….I guess I just don’t get the yuppies, not that I am judging. Maybe I don’t appreciate quality!

  13. “Saks 5th Ave”

    You shop at Saks? Total yuppie.

  14. TT,

    I wish.. oh maybe i’m glad I don’t. I just happen to be at a mall that had an outlet store from Saks, I had to see these prices or myself. Count me out of the yuppie club for now.

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