An Affair?, You’re Married!!!

The people are real, the places are real, the post is real. I was hit-on/came-on to by a semi-co-worker. She works with us, but she’s at an axillary site, 40 miles away, so we only see her from time to time. This is not an ordinary,come-on, as physical contact was involved. First the woman is 45 (beautiful, blond, maybe even MILF, level to some). Second alcohol was involved(she was the only one drinking). Thirdly, we are in the midst of a conference in Tenn, which of course is just the interracial couple safe heaven that anyone could hope for.

The conference for whatever reason, had a open bar. Sara(not her real name) started hitting the Gin and Tonic’s pretty heavy. After a few of those we make it to dinner and she’s still hitting the Gin and Tonics. I order a rum and pineapple juice and maybe drink half of it. Sara proceeds to finish it off for me. Our group, 4 ladies + Justin, walk back to the hotel. Two of the older ladies go up to bed, as the time is now 9:30PM. Sara wants to hang out in the Hotel Bar, and Ellen(not her real name), Sara and I, sit at the bar, and just chat. Okay, so Sara is already pretty toasty, and over the next hour gulps down another 4 Gin and Tonics. At which, I say ” Hey, I think that’s enough for tonight, I’m tired” Ellen agrees, but guess who doesn’t? I look her in the face, and say “I can not participate any longer, the big rectangle upstairs, will humor you all night long”. Ellen and I, guide Sara upstairs. I drop them off, and head to my room…

I walk down to my room and within five minutes, I get a phone call from Ellen, Sara’s bunk buddy, and she says “Sara is heading down to your room”. I run and stick my head out of the door and sure enough, Sara is heading down the hall towards my direction (mentally cussing doesn’t count right?!). She knocks and I open the door for her, clearly drunk she walks around the room, flopping down on the bed. She like “Hey cutie, let’s go find another bar”. I’m like “Sara, you don’t need anything else to drink”. She wiggles on the bed and gets up and walks over to me and kisses me(clearly didn’t see it coming) and I back away. I sit her back on the bed, and say, “come on lets go back to your room”. She stands up and says, “I’m 45 you’re 23, can you handle that?”. I’m at lost for words. I’m like “no I can’t”. (DID I MENTION THIS LADY”S OLDEST SON IS 21). She’s says ” I can”. She laying and wiggling on the bed. I’m thinking I have got to get this lady outta my room. So I pick up the phone book and pretend to look up bars. I tell her, that’s here’s one close to the hotel. I convince her to get up and start moving again. My plan was to take her back to her room and just leave her there, but once we get back to her room, she won’t stay in there. So I tell Ellen, that I’m just going to take her outside for a bit of air, all the mean time, assuring Sara, we were going to another bar.

Well at this point, I decided to take Sara outside for some fresh air. I had to get her out of my room. Well we make it outside, and just begin walking around outside the hotel. We cross the street and see a bench. We sit for a moment, and then she’s back to being all over me. Her hands are going everywhere. I gently shove her off and motion for her to get up. As we are walking, she’s grabbing my butt and has her hand on my shoulder. She keeps saying, “You know what I want. We just keep walking. We spot a bar maybe two blocks down, and Lord knows I’m not taking her there. I sorta turn her around and say “it’s getting late let’s go back”. I’m thinking some of the alcohol has got to be wearing off by now. As we’ll walking she nibbling on my neck and I’m pushing her off. Let’s take a moment and visualize for a moment, now. Older white women, young black male, lovie duvie, late night in Chattanooga,–NOT the perfect snap shot if you get what I’m saying.

So we approach the the hotel’s side entrance. She stops and leans up against the wall and I’m thinking, what now. She says, “do, me, right here right now, and proceeds to spread her legs(THANK GOD, she’s wearing pants). I look at her like she’s lost her mind. I reply with “Sara, umm NO, one you’re married, (looking at the cameras) two, we are outside the Marriott and I will NOT be on Dateline because of you. NOW let’s go. I hold the door and she proceeds to enter the hotel and we make it to the elevator. For what ever design reason, the glass elevator there has this long bar running in the middle of it. Sara proceeds to put one leg up on one side, and the other leg on the other,(THANK GOD, again she’s wearing pants), and falls flat on her butt. I help her up and proceed to nudge her to her room. We knock and another co-work comes the door, I gently push her in, and say..”I’m done, don’t you let her out of this room” Ellen, responds with a head nod and says don’t worry and asks if I’m okay. I shake my head and turn to walk away. The doors slams and I hear the locks and bolts beings turned, and faintly in the background I hear Ellen, yelling “Get up out of the TUB and get in the bed..

Sara doesn’t remember anything really in the morning. Which for me was just fine, as I didn’t want things to feel awkward.  I feel sorry for her in way.  Things must not be well at home, for her to be so loose and carefree about having an affair. I know the alcohol was doing most of the talking, but still.  Could have been a lot worst..

Does this sorta of thing happen often? How would you have handle this? Would you taken the “opportunity” at hand? What does this say about marriage and being faithful?


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  1. Oh man! Most guys pray for that type of scenario! I’m glad you handled it like a gentleman. I’m not sure if this kind of thing happens often, but I would guess that you are correct in surmising that things are not well at home, because if they were, she probably would have been on the phone with her husband after dinner.

    She definitely was not thinking straight.

  2. Blackouts can be so convenient.

  3. Wow, what a crazy night. It says a lot that you didn’t take advantage of a vulnerable moment for this lady. It is pretty sad, but you did the right thing. I wanted to say thanks for coming by my blog. I added you to my blogroll and will be checking in. I also wanted to say that the Maroon 5 cd is growing on me. I just got it yesterday and I listened to it this morning on my way to the office. It’s just different from the first one but then lots of artists are like that. Cheers. kim

  4. Justin,
    You are a gentelman! You did the right thing!

  5. JV,
    This happens all the time – unfortunately. It may have nothing to do with “trouble at home,” and everything to do with alcohol consumption. Whichever way you look at it, it was sexual harassment and you shouldn’t have had to tolerate it.

    I think you did the right thing in not “lowering” yourself to take part in a potentially volatile situation. The same thing happened to a friend of mine at a party when a woman came on to him and wanted to “take him in the closet.” You could have wound up on “Cheaters” as the other man.

    I hope it doesn’t cloud your view of marriage. Marriage is a sacred communion and it’s sanctity should never be violated. What goes around comes around.

  6. Like I said, man, you’re smooth. It’s really not fair to the women or gay men around. Sorry.

  7. Mark,

    This doesn’ cloud my view of marriage, even my parents divorce didn’t do that. LOL wound up on cheaters. I don’t ever want to be “the other man”, even If I could.

    I post for your comments. 🙂

  8. Justin,

    You can’t blame the woman. There are things a woman needs and even though she may not say them out loud unless inebriated, the needs are there non-the-less.

    If you want to avoid these akward moments in the future, I would encourage you to stop making the following casual statements:

    “OUCH! I just bumped my penis on my knee again.”

    “No, that’s just me, and, since you asked, I AM glad to see you.”

    Any sentence containing the words “lollipop” and “candy shop.”

    I think this will help you navigate the corporate world with far less harrassment.

    But let me tell you what you will be doing in 20 years…

    You’ll be married, you’ll have kids, and this story will be one of the best anecdotes you tell your male friends. I woudl tell you mine, but you’d just think I was bragging.

  9. Alcohol is not her friend!!

    But you are, and she is lucky.

  10. I have been in corp for some time now. And saddly this does happen more than I like to look. My girls have a rule. One drink. And stick together. But there are quite a few of the girls that seem to just let loose once out of town. I’m not sure why. Of course the next day, everyone is talking about them.

  11. More, Not sure it has anything to do with being married or not. I think so women want to fit into the male group. That in my company involves a lot of drinking. And once drunk all bets are off for both male and female.

  12. I cracked up the whole time reading this, I know it wasn’t as funny to you while going thru this scenario but MAN, it’s hilarious. J, ur only 23? wow, seems much older because ur so mature. Ok, that’s not a come on. promise… I’m laughing with you nor at you, altho ur not laughing now but u will.

    On a serious note, that lady is dangerous!!! Please do not go anywhere were booze and the likes of her are involved. At best you can lose ur job, at worst, u’ll be in jail. Things are F-up at home, in her head and her environment. You’ll laugh at this one day, not sure what day but one…

  13. Heather,
    Alcohol is NOT friend.. just say NO to Gin and Tonic(shudders at the sound of that)

    Yeah, some people just shouldn’t drink. Oh and believe me, there was plenty of talking going on, post event.


    I’m glad you got a laugh out of it. I tell the story in a humorous way, I thought it was pretty funny myself acutally. It’s really funny, if you really know me personally. Yeah “Sara” is dangerous. HAHA

  14. holy mercy.

    first, this is one of many reasons why i don’t drink. people are stupider than usual when they drink.

    and i am very, very impressed with your behavior. what a gentleman!

    and i have no idea if it happens a lot, but i would imagine so. sad, eh?

  15. first of all, i applaud you for doing the right thing.

    if i were in your shoes man … well i would love to ‘handle that’ .. that is of course, if she’s hot.

    even though i don’t drink, a lot of people in my school get drunk, and well .. they do stupid things. they even have a group on facebook dedicated to showing pictures of people in drunken hookups. its funny , and sometimes very kinky .. but its wrong.

    once again, i applaud you for being a gentleman. that’s a hard act to follow.

  16. I’m totall taking over you blog today.. Sorry playing catchup.. I can’t help it was tanning at the beach. LOL on some you know Vacay.. oh wait you wouldn’t know about that you work-o holic.

    Anywho..Dude, you gotta introduce me to the MILF..HEHE..

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