Shop Till You Drop!

The List

 Does your Grocery List look like this? If so you’re a Dude/Man/Husband.  Yahoo did a story on Monday about the tendency for men to become overwhelmed when shopping for food.

You know I have comments. I’ll sum it up for you.

  • Men do represent a large part of grocery shopping dollars and they aren’t being very well accommodated”. (not accommodated ,what do we need? sports logos and no bottom shelves?)
  • Many men have difficulty finding items, forego buying rather than risk purchasing a substitute for an item(reading is fundamental, normally a similar item is located right next to the one that’s missing)
  • Male shoppers typically focus more on convenience than price(just depends)
  • men tend to hone in on the specific thing they want to buy instead of surveying the entire aisle, they are great with item they have purchased before, but it’s the new items.(How can you ever feel comfortable with buying a repeated item, if you never buy it to begin with).

Okay seriously, guys, is shopping that serious. On my list of hard things to do, grocery shopping is clearly right up there with, constructing rocket ships and brain surgery. Overwhelmed by the crowds yes, the lines yes, the delicious food samples, oh yes, but the actual shopping…

Is it that hard to price match and price compare? You look at the weight or the count and you look at the price. Can I save more by buying more?, Do I use a lot of this? Is this a good deal? It almost becomes second nature. You buy what you need, what you want, what you don’t need, and what you might need. LOL.

My favorite quote from the the article, was this “One guy thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown in the cereal aisle”. That’s funny. I do admit there are a number of options, but seriously are you kidding me? There are more aisles and items at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but you feel that 13-15 relatively small aisles in comparison is way to difficult to manage and navigate through. There are more nails lengths and types than cereal brands, and that’s just half of 1 aisle at HD.
Are retailers offering to much? If women can handle it, why can’t men? Do men find it difficult, because they don’t get enough practice?

I’m single, so I have to do all the shopping for me, or I won’t eat. It doesn’t seems at all difficult to me. I know I’m an only child, and we are usually independent, regardless. Everyone is free to comment, but I would like to call out some individuals. I’m asking all my coupled men out there; Sean, Whore, Mark do you have a hard time in the grocery stores? Do you not grocery shop at all because of this? Are you just the warm body that picks up the forgotten items on the way home?

To my coupled ladies; Heather, and DM, are your guys as helpless as a tipped over cow? Do you even let them grocery shop at all?

Have a great Hump day…


12 Responses

  1. DUDE,
    LMAO.. Meat, Things to go on Meat… That’s us/me.. LOL I’m that kinda of shopper. No list, just familar items. That’s how I roll.
    There are only 4 food groups;
    1. Non Sweet Junk Food(Hot Pocket and Pizza, and Chips)
    2. Sweet Junk Food (Candy, Poptarts, Ice Cream)
    3. Alcohol Drink (beer and liquor)
    4. Non Alcohol Drinks(water, gatorade, and sweet tea!!)

  2. When I travel my husband has to shop and I come home to find:

    Chocolate syrup
    Steak, pork chop, chicken breast
    potatoes (for baked potatoes)

    He says he would be happy eating that every night. Maybe he’s not lying after all!

    I also find a trash can full of pizza boxes, Happy Meal remnants and chinese take out containers. So I don’t know. But when I am in town, grocery shopping is definitely my job! The question is this – is it that men CAN’T food shop? or that they WON’T???

    You tell us, guys!

  3. Joe,

    LOL, love for 4 food groups dude.

    LOL, I like your hubby’s list of items. Pizza and Happy Meals(kids gotta eat). To answer you questions, ummm–We won’t if we don’t have too.

  4. Justin,
    Fun article!
    I do all of the grocery shopping and I am very good at it. I have been doing it so long that I don’t even have to put too much thought into it. My routine is I go every Sunday for the week. I make a list on Sunday morning, stick the list in my back pocket and go shopping. Once I have my cart full and I am ready to check out. I pull my list out to make sure that I got everything on the list. I usually do pretty good, if I missed an item I park the cart and go and get it.
    It was funny this past Sunday, the cashier remarked at how the price of eggs had gone up. I said that’s interesting. Truth is, I couldn’t tell you what a dozen eggs cost, I need eggs, I buy eggs, I don’t stop to look at the price.
    Have a great day!

  5. This one is a bit tricky for me. Usually, we go to the store together, so the shopping rarely rests solely on my shoulders. But when I do go by myself, it’s usually to buy something for myself. At times I do pick up the random item, but more often than not, I just get what I am in need of, and get the heck out of there as fast as I can.

    Now, my wife does most of the shopping. In fact, that is where she is right now. And see…I am sitting here typing this.

    The store itself (no matter which one it is) is my enemy. I really despise them anymore. And this is due to one thing. No. Not the many choices that overwhelm us into submission and force us to buy three loaves of bread just because they are on sale even though we don’t even need the bread. No. This is because of people in that store.

    My experience can be best summed up in a monologue from the high school adaptation of “the guy who wanted to bludgeon random customers for stopping in the middle of the aisle to chit chat with a person.”

    We all have these moments when shopping. The person that just stops dead in the aisle because their head just had an implosion of thought. The person who never seems to know where they are, or what they are even doing in that store to begin with. The person who clearly has no idea what in the heck a card reader is, or how to use it properly.

    And then the worst of them all…the greeters in Walmart. I swear by all that is holy and righteous that if I am greeter by some old dude with an excessive roll of smiley stickers one more time…I will take his stickers, cram them in my mouth, and eat them. What I am basically trying to express is that I really do not enjoy going to the store. I try to keep as far away from them as possible…omg…I could literally ramble on like this inside your comment box for days, if not, years…O.o

  6. Mark,

    Thanks for playing along and responding back. I’m a Sunday shopper as well. I agree some items like eggs, milk, bread, etc, by nature you just pick up. You know you need them, regardless of cost.

    Sean, S.Patty, Whatever it is this week.

    Umm thanks for the novel there buddy, that completes my summer reading list. HAHA.. I understand your pain with the “people” in the store. I’m sorry your Wal-Mart greeters are old men. We have old ladies, who reek of arthritis cream, but really nice. They never check my ticket when I leave, cause I’m a regular. How do you feel about Best Buy, or an EB Games.. un huh…right

  7. Oh man, this is tough. This reveals more about me than I wish to know–or you.

    True story from last week:

    My redhead was not feeling well and we were about to have company for the weekend.

    She made out menus for each day and a corresponding grocery list.

    I took the list, went to Excel and typed out the list, one item per line, with a corresponding category as I would find them at our Wal-Mart Supercenter. I rarely grocery shop, but I am in Walton’s Secret Money Machine enough to have a general idea where to find meat, dairy, toiletries, etc.

    I then took the list, sorted it by category then rearranged the categories to be in the order I would find them in the store. I designed my plan of attack: I would grab a cart at the door, quickly move to the back of the store and begin my assault. But, being the Alexander/Patton/Napoleon strategist I am, I take note of possible last minute “Memorial Day” rearrangements so I can adjust my stratagem on the fly.

    One hour later I was home, the boys were putting away the groceries and I celebrated with a toasted Rueben on Rye (not on her list, but on mine.)

  8. You’re a Wal-Mart Superenter Gorcery Shopper too!!!! YAY..

    I can be in and out in 45 mins. I have it down to a Science(Wallyology), a percise calculation of time, speed, person to cart ratio, the Low Low Prices and possible food samples.

    There’a a Mom with her cart in the way of a item you need, but she’s checking the list and the baby is crying what do you do?

  9. Ever watch hockey? The Mom shouldn’t be in the arena if she isn’t wanting to play the game. One high stick and she’s not gonna get in your way again.

  10. “Sean, S.Patty, Whatever it is this week.” -Justin

    That was funny. It’s true. One day it’s one thing, and the next it’s another. I’m sick in the head like that. For example, when given a choice of either chocolate or vanilla milkshake, I have a complete mental breakdown and start convulsing. It’s a chemical imbalance I have that there is no medicine or cure for. And I’m…ok…with that. 😀

    Best Buy or Ebgames…hmm? Best Buy is a rarity for me considering that all we have is a Walmart here. When I lived in Pittsburgh and went to best buy, I had no problems. Perhaps that was due to the calming effect from the scent of electronics. It’s like they release a sort of scent throughout the store, and thereby, drug us from the pain of actually being there.

    And as for Ebgames…ugh. Just thinking about it makes the hair on my legs hurt. It’s that real of a pain. Seriously, can they possibly make the store any smaller and packed with things so that one cannot move more than an inch inside the store? Then there’s the people who work there. heaven forbid I ever want to just buy something and walk out. No. It’s like being in an interrogation room with the lights shining right in my eyes, and a pitcher of water three feet away from me. This reminds me of the interrogation of Mumbles from the Dick Tracey movie. I’m gonna go ahead and laugh out in the loud right now…:)

  11. What an entirely inconsiderate and sexist post.

    This could easily pass for my grocery list.

    The nerve!

  12. Men always go for convenience, regardless of price. I think in my case it’s just that my man usually doesn’t have to shop so he doesn’t know what is a good deal and what isn’t unless I tell him. I can’t expect to send him to the grocery store without a huge bill. I’ll say how much did you spend? And he says 90 dollars? And I’m like well, what did you buy? And he’s like I have no clue. It’s cute…well, at least sometimes. Great post Justin. 🙂 kim

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