Fun Friday: Caption This #1



12 Responses

  1. “Three Criminals await Chinaโ€™s New Form of the Death Penalty:
    Eaten Alive By Rosanne Barr”

  2. Meat may actually be murder after all – this shizz is killing me!

  3. And Adam and Eve saw they were naked and were verily ashamed. Steve, on the other hand, thought Adam had sexy abs.

  4. Oh that’s nice. It didn’t like my img src. Well.

    Lookee what I made Ma! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. (her)

    “Hmmmm, six pack or twelve pack — decisions, decisions.”

  6. Wow, that one dude’s abs are creepy. He might benefit from a layer of fat.

  7. Introducing the New Summer Line for the Newest Fetish: Human Grilling

    Did you just visit my blog on a non work day

  8. Is it me or the guy with the hair looks as freaked out about wearing meat as I am looking at them wearing FREAKING meat!!!

    I bet they throw out those outfits while millions of 3rd world children go naked, THE HORROR!!!!

  9. Ewww, that is so gross.

  10. Strictly no sushi!

  11. “Great going, guys! Now if only we can find a bisexual carnivore…”

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