Integrity…at the end of the day, sometimes it’ all you got.

You know people can say what they want to say, and you know what they will. “So-n-so dresses nice, acts goofy, smells, So-n-so has no sense of style, is not that hot,  is somewhat dorky, is pretty smart etc.” Personally, I really don’t care about those things, as long as at the end of the day, people can say good things about my character.

It’s more important for people to say “There’s Justin, he’s dependable, he’s honest, Justin is a man of his word, he’s genuine, he always does good work etc”.  So in a sense, I’m less concerned with what people think ABOUT me, and more concerned with what people think OF me. I hope that makes sense.  I want people to have good things to say about the things that make me, me.

Your integrity should be the thing you protect the most about yourself, an aspect that you try to improve upon the most, as it affects nearly all aspects of your life.  It molds and shapes what type of lover, friend and worker you are, it affects how you interact with people, how you perceive people and how you treat people.

We have to stand for something.  We talked about Branding at work today and personally I want my own personal Brand.  I want to be able and go in and leave my mark on anything that I touch and people will know what to expect.  Gotta bring the A game as they say. Bring it all day, every day.

Have you done anything to improve upon your integrity today?  If not.. CHOP CHOP


5 Responses

  1. JV,
    You bring a valid point to the table. Integrity is so vital to my existence and other people just don’t seem to care about developing character, a good heart or becoming a decent human being. They are more concerned about the superficiality of life. The things that don’t matter at the end of their days.

    Your integrity speaks volume. If only more people were like you. 😀

    Good post.

  2. Dear Justin!
    The old geezer I am does agree with you!
    But I think you should not worry too much. If you act naturally, your qualities will come out without your noticing them.
    If you have a sense of ethics, them being religious, agnostic or atheist is not important, and follow it, life will be the more enjoyable for it.
    True to say, people sound so much better in an e-mail or comment, but consultation is also vital to realize if you are on the right path or not.
    Just count your friends, people you can trust, people you enjoy conversing with. We all have (very) different upbringings, characters, beliefs, but we still are able to find a common thread to follow. As long as you have the right kind of people sharing values, talks, experience with you, you cannot be wrong!
    As Alexys says, it’s only the things that matter that we should think or talk about. We just have to recognize them!

  3. Integrity — you gots it! And a lot of it, there’s no doubt.

    But I can’t believe you wore that belt with those SHOES .. OY!

    No, really — the world needs more Justins. But of course, there can only be one. 😉

    Keep on keepin’ on, J. You make mama proud.

  4. AF,

    Thanks for the kind words. People don’t have character anymore. It’s sorta sad.

    You’re right should surround your self with “good” people as much as possible. I also agree people sound so much better in email and blog comments. You’re the coolest old geezer I know. 🙂

    I know I don’t understand–Brown shoes, brown belt right.. this is so hard. More Justins… hahah the world couldn’t handle that.

  5. Justin,
    Yes, intergrity, without it, you have nothing! I like the idea of personal branding, could make for some very interesting brands, ha.

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