ZzZzZz.. I’m not sleep!!

 I’m so bored. I’m sitting here in this umm presentation PRISONtation.  Someone please let me outta here.  We are all being talked down to, on the most easiest of tasks.  Every one is so quiet, I don’t think half of the people in this room are alive.  It’s times like these. that makes me wonder if one can actually die from boredom.  That would be a horrible way to GO, right?  Not as bad a dying of syphilis, but still..

 Ahh, yet another technical difficultly. Hmm figures..  Whew– a break from her voice.

 (2 mins later)

 She did not just make fun of Southerners, with a “directions joke”.  1   2  Wait for it….  3– Cue the crickets..

The only slightest cool aspect; the presenter has a slider counter on the screen.  Sigh–only 65 more slides to go. I think I’ll just ask the guy on my right, to make sure my puddle of drool doesn’t short circuit the keyboard, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maybe I should hit his power button to cause some co-motion.(get it… No… Loser)


14 Responses

  1. In situations like this I always ask:

    WWOSGD? – “What Would Office Space Guy Do?”

    Ya know, that guy in Office Space who got hypnotized and then just didn’t care about work? Here’s what I think he would do.

    Walk out. Not “storm out,” not “run out,” just casually walk out. If someone asks why you are leaving or left, you would reply: “this is too boring, I’m going to Chotchkie’s for coffee, wanna come?”

    And you would go for coffee, meat Jennifer Anniston, fall in love.

  2. LOL. Like the comment above. Funny.
    I too have been in way to many of these meetings. And I do almost fall asleep. What do they expect. They feed you, dim lights, and then slowly drone on and on. I find my eyes slaming shut. Its some kind of tourture test.

  3. For a second, I thought perhaps you were at my office. 🙂
    It does feel possible at times that one could die of boredom.
    I’m sleeping while I type this. kim

  4. I always think of painting my nails, but since it’s never possible, I use the time to mediate and plan great things. ;D

  5. Try looking around the room and imagine who wears underwear and who doesn’t — examine any corresponding details accordingly.

    I know, it’s kinda messed up, but it passes the time.

  6. I dont know I was told dying of boredom was much like dying from syphillis.

  7. I’ll bet you’re wearing underwear Justin. Not so sure about Wiggy. Me? I always go commando–never know when you might need to disrobe quickly.

  8. I’ll never be able to look at you the same again, WC.

  9. LOL..You had to sit in that MTG.. muhhaha. I heard about that one. Thanks for taking one for the time..

    PRISONtation.. you crack me up kid.

  10. Was the woman doing the presentation hot? Because if so, I’d be all over it. And when I say all over it…I mean I’d probably just stare at her inappropriately. Ya know…in a creepy way. 😀

  11. S-man,

    NO she was not hot..not even lukewarm

  12. Justin,

    For each point of desperation you have to add one point to her hot score. So a 6 that’s got 3 points of desperation is the same as a 9 who won’t give you the time of day.

  13. Times like these… I am SO glad I don’t do the office thing anymore!

  14. She was hot. You’re just trying to take her from me. Well, she’s mine. You hear me?! Mines!! Wait. you can’t hear my typing, nor words in written form. Drat…

    She’s mine you read me? Ya read? >.>

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