Me… Sickly… No.. can’t be..

 I’m not feeling to hot.  I think I’m coming down with something..Of all weeks, right. I normally don’t get sick, heck I haven’t been flown blown sick in 6 years.. So for me to have

A Sore Throat–Slight Fever–Slight Headache–Tense/Achy Neck,  It can only mean on thing… 

There is no hope for America.. There is something out there.. 

Doom Doom Doom

 Biological Weapon in the Making

Someone wanna mail me some soup.

Hopefully I’ll feel better by my Birthday–next week.

Now please excuse while I crawl under my desk and nap it out..

But first I’m going to make one my subordinates go and get my ice cream from McDonalds.


12 Responses

  1. I’m that subordinate aren’t I, I am .. I know it..
    I refuse
    I INsubordinate Thee, I INsubordinate Thee!
    So do you want strawberries or hot fudge on that sundae?

  2. Tsk…Tsk…guess SOMEONE’S not walking in faith, hmm?

    And next week isn’t YOUR birthday, it’s MY birthday. June 26th. How dare you tell people it’s YOUR birthday.

  3. Two words, J — spicy foods!

    Feel better, mister. 😉

    Awww, two birthday boys. I’ll send balloons! Weeeeee!

  4. Kevin No way.. My B-day is June 26 too.. LOL… Are you kidding me..??
    I repent Lord, I repent…tomorrow I promise I will I repent

  5. JV,
    Sending you chicken soup and lots of hugs. I think your roommate cursed you when he left for Vegas. Feel better. Ice cream always helps.

  6. I knew there was some reason I liked you. Are you my clone?

    I was born in MCMLXIII. How ’bout you?

  7. I feel sick already…. LOL

  8. AF,—Thanks so much, me likes hugs 🙂


    I was born undeviginti octoginta three. What a special year. We gonna party like a Rockstar on Tuesday right??

  9. Happy birthday in advance if I forget but I will tie a ribbon on my thumb for a reminder. Hope you feel better…I heard some good Pu$$y (like i really hide it) cures all ills. 😉

  10. Oh forgive me, you were going to repent this weekend…sorry for trying to lead you to a life of sin…(however, you still have a few days b4 the weekend ;))

  11. awwww justin!!


    And the soup is in the mail!! 🙂

  12. As an aspiring film maker you already knew Adrianna Costa–host of the “On the Lot” reality show–has her birthday next Tuesday as well, right?

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