Spoiled By Mommy-kins

So as most of your know the Birthday is tomorrow, TUES. JUNE 26 (please take note Fedex overnight shhipping is cheap).  So I ventured home to see me mum and family for a little bit. Of course I didn’t stay too long, as I start to develop a complex if I’m home around my family to long.  Mom was glad that they didn’t ship me to Iraq to be used as some BIO weapon(apparently, I had of the most aggessive strains of Strep, the Doc, has ever encountered). She was just glad to see her baby. LOL.. Her little (PRIVATE NICKNAME).

So pretty much my mommi gave me some mega $$$$$ for the birthday.(HELLLO iPHONE)  Of course that’s nice, but I feel slightly bad for taking it, as I know she sorta can/yet can’t afford to give me what she gave me.  Ever feel gulity about taking a gift?  Sigh Grrr…Anywho.

1 Day till the Birthday,

5 Days till the Change.


3 Responses

  1. awww… your birthday is my bf’s half birthday! That’s so cool.

    Explanation for the half-birthday — my mommy decided it would be cool to give me presents every time i got past 6 months of any age. so like 2.5 yrs, or 10.5 yrs. 24.5 years (yes, I got a present back in Feb too!).

    Maybe it was an only child thing… but I love the idea (not only an extra day to get presents, but also an extra opportunity to give to someone else). So I’m passing it onto him..

    Happy advanced birthday! (Although, it just occurred to me, that your half-birthday might be eclipsed by that thing called ‘Christmas’). Oh well.

  2. Happy pre-birfday, J! 🙂

    Send your mama a gorgeous bouquet of thank you flowers. It’ll ease the guilt. 😉

  3. Well happy birthday. Enjoy. Don’t eat too much cake!…lol.

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