Not Even Worth it

 My Dad just had to dirrty up my birthday. 

He calls me at 12:07AM this morning.. After my birthday is over, and I’m in the bed.  He tells me he’s been painting all day and forgot. Then proceeds to rush me off the phone.  DIDN”T even ask how was my day or nothing. I CAN”T STAND THIS…

 I was okay all day, hadn’t even thought about him not calling.  But somehow realizing he foregot and the fact he rushed me on the phone…just PISSES ME OFF!!!!

 It’s not even worth the time and effort..


2 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry, J. That just really sucks. Truly. Big hugs.

    and hit me blog if you’re up for it, i tagged ya in a lil game.

    Chin up, lil buckaroo. =)

  2. Thanks Dame

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