Holy Crap Batman!: Film School is Approaching

Yes, FSU sent me the email inviting me down for school this Fall. (I know after being wait listed and all)

And to think, I was getting ready to sign another lease for an apartment in 1 day. Wow talk about cutting it close

The timing couldn’t have been better or worst.

I have 4 weeks to get my stuff in order and get down to Tally, FL.

I will qualify for in-state tuition, don’t ask me how!!! which saves me 30K a year,  HOLLER

If the stars align just maybe I will make it.

I’m storta happy and sad all at the same time..

I’m really stressed, because I’m homeless in about 5 days…

Just bits and pieces here, more to come later..


10 Responses

  1. JV,
    Congrats. I knew you would get there. By this time next year you should have a 3 picture deal with one of the big boys!

    Can’t wait. 😀

  2. Yay yay! How exciting!

    Don’t forget us when you’re rich and famous, big shot! 😉

  3. congrats dude

  4. Congratulations Justin! It will all be great, follow your dream!

  5. hey that’s awesome justin.

  6. Congrats Justin!!! Knowing you and I dont know you that well, but what I see is a man that can land on his feet. I know things will work out well. And ah I don’t forget the lil people!!! AWESOME!!! 😀

  7. Well mucho congratulationos!

  8. When your first film comes out I’ll be the first one to buy the pirated version. lol jk

    anyway man, congratulations.

  9. I knew there was a reason I was up in the middle of the night.

    Welcome back.

  10. Hey, if you are in film school there is a great contest on UTube for Valentines Day. The contest is to create a video for the holiday. Actually its two contests, one is to recall your great love and the second is to actually do an online video proposal called “Will You Marry Me?” Here’s the URL http://www.youtube.com/greatestlovestories?cm_cid=twb8. If you’re in film school you’ve got a leg up.

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