Temporarily Homeless

I’ve been gone a a little while. My life as you know has been turned upside down, with the late accpectance to Film school.  The call came 1 days before I was suppose to sign a lease on a new apt.  So with me departing in a few weeks, I technically don’t have a place of my own, aka Semi Homless.

It just feels strange no having a place to call home, a place to call my own.

I’ve lost of sense of security, I don’t know if it’s crashing on the couch or having most of my belonging in boxes and crates. Maybe it’s the fact that I have technically don’t have a “key”.  It just feels odd, like something is missing.

 Oh btw, did a mention, three guys in a two bed-room apartment. LOL  Yup that’s us.  How everyhing fit inside this place I will never quite understand.  Anywho, I just wanted to touch base with my fans. I know you all await my full return. I know you all need some comedy/enlighten/drama in your life.  I’ll see what I can do about the comedy at least very soon.  I’ll be back full force very soon hopefully.


13 Responses

  1. Congrats J.. When you make it big don’t forgt about me… LOL… Good luck homie!

  2. don’t worry. i’m sure you can make a movie out of this experience. hahaha

    goodluck man.

  3. and also good luck on getting a new house.

  4. And also, every movie needs a naughty girl in it! 😉

  5. X, Thanks man.

    Josh–You are right, thanks man.

    Heather, Oh yeah, you’re at the top of the list hehe.

  6. Good luck! Just think today might be looked back as the good old days sometime, ha!

  7. “Semi Homless.”

    Enjoying your freedom?

  8. Justin!

    You made it to film school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!
    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!HUGS< KISSESS!!!!!

    Proud of you!!!!!!

    There’s a perfectly good double bed at my place if you need somewhere to crash!!!!!!!!!!
    You made it to film school … I am so glkad for you… shit, I’m crying

  9. Justin, I’m late to the party! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    I’m so, so, happy and proud of you! WHEEEEE!

  10. We were all lost with out you, Justin… :D… as for homeless, this is the time to save up, 3 guys in a 2 bed room has to be good for the pockets, now the bathroom maybe less than desired…

  11. Hang in there. Semi-homeless is always better than completely-homeless. And, it’s just temporary too. Good luck!

  12. He got into film school and dumped us!
    I feel so used. . .
    Jason, you have proven me right again, they just want you for what you can give them.
    I still love you anyway and know the only reason you are not in contact is because you have no where to plug in your lap top.
    hugs and kisses

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