I’m Herrrrrre

Wow I can’t believe I long I’ve been gone. I’ve missed so much, I don’t know where to begin. New state, new city, new home, room mates, house, car, school, daily obstacles, so ummm yeah, I guess behind door number 1 was a BRAND NEW LIFE!!!! I was thinking about changing my name, developing a new complex, adding a new fetish, altering my dialect, and starting completely fresh. Jk…

Yanno, it’s amazing how much you begin to miss blogging after a while. I remember the days when I struggle to get something out, and boy now do I appreciate those days. At least I could stare at the screen!!!.

My delayed return was pushed back even further, thanks to #*$&#ing Comcast(i’ll get to you soon enough) and Apple( I still love you, but why does it take 4 weeks for a laptop to come from the prying hands of one of your 13 year old Chinese workers, the only option I changed was the screen)

I’m going to spend to next week catching up with everyone and I’ll use each day to update you all what’s been going on here. Boy do we have much to talk about. Excited? Good, Now let’s keep up!


3 Responses

  1. Great to see you’re back. What a whirlwind of stuff going on in your life. But are you enjoying it? I hope so!

  2. Lori,

    I’m in a love-hate relationshop with my life right now. It’s going good and slightly not as well as expected, yet better than one could hope for. LOL. I’ll have to explain. On the good side I’ve lost the 10 lbs I put on with Goodbye dinners and lunches, before I left. I just don’t have the time to eat and not to mention, it’s HOT here in FL.

  3. Welcome back, glad to see you.

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