Dear Comcast

Dear F*cking Mother F*cking Comcast,

I’m writing this letter in protest against you, your services and any all things you stand for. You are prehaps the worst business and minternet and cable provider I have ever had encountered. Why am so angry let me list the ways.

1. Mr. Comcast, I explained to you that I’m a film student, and I have class from 8-7PM every day. The only day that I could have a techician to come out was Saturday (8/18/07). You were suppose to send some one between 1 and 4 pm. At 6pm when I called to ask about the missing tech, you told me the schedule was behind that someone was coming. At 8 PM when I called a again you said you would send someone on Sunday.

2. On Sunday once again no one ever came and you told me that You All couldn’t send someone out because there  weren’t any techs near by, I repeat near by.

3. After 3 weeks of calling and scheduling, from that point, you send someone out to my house at 10:00PM on a Thursday night. Only after I promised you that I would burn your corporate office down, if someone didn’t come. The tech, didn’t have the right supplies to hook up all the TV to Cable, so now we only have cable on two TV’s instead of three.

4. The technician informs me that the local Comcast office is located around the corner. (any by around the corner he means 2 miles up the road from my house). Which makes me more upset, because you said you couldnt send someone out because of the distance(see #2)

5. After nearly a month of struggling to get service, the service you provide is down right whimiscal as best. I couldn’t even post this post last night because, your service BLOWS. Now I have to type this at school during my 30 min dinner break.  And because of that one of  my classmates will have to be killed and eaten, because I’m starving.

PS: Should my bill not be correct. I will make national news.


Justin V.


16 Responses

  1. I’m having an equally bad day, though mine has nothing to do with Comcast, which I have too. Hope you finally get what you’re paying too much for. I have big doubts bout mine.

  2. Welcome to my world.

    I found out how to get faster action. It may or may not work for you.

    After two missed appointments and my cable and MODEM being down for two weeks, I called and was told the earliest they could schedule a new appointment was in TWO MORE WEEKS.

    In a calm voice I said to the customer service rep, “I know this is not your fault, but FUCK THAT SHIT. I have been here for two appointments, you’ve had not only my address but TWO FUCKIN PHONE NUMBERS. You will be out here tomorrow. Let me talk to your supervisor.”

    I did not yell, I just used very strong language. The young lady on the phone said, “Um, you’re right, we need to do better. Let me get you my supervisor.”

    She put me on hold for a moment and came back and said, “I just talked to my supervisor and he said we can get someone out there next week.”

    “I’m sorry to put you in the middle of this because I know it is not your fault, but I did not ask you to talk to your fuckin supervisor. I asked to talk to your supervisor. I want to talk to him now.” Again, I did not raise my voice, in fact, I still maintained a friendly tone.

    “Just a moment.” I was connected to Brandon.

    “Yes, this is Brandon, can I help you?” Brandon sounded like a young guy supervising the night shift with no desire that night but to get home to a beer and Monday Night Football.

    “Brandon, thanks for taking my call.” I went through the history, then ended with, “Brandon, I know this isn’t your fault, but this is some shit and I need this shit fixed now.”

    “Mr. Scott, I see we’ve really messed up here. I’m going to get someone out there tomorrow.”

    And the next day they fixed my cable. Never underestimate the power of the fuck.

  3. Kevin, I’ve missed you.

    HAHA sorry, you understand my pain. We also gave two numbers as well. That helped. I may be to call someone, because instead of being home right now doing my homework etc, I’m here at school doing it, because I couldn’t even get the internet to work. SO i’m going to call tomorrow and emulate you to a Tee. And if things should go bad, i’m torching something.

  4. Just make sure you emulate the “entitled middle aged white guy” cause everybody caters to them. If you start channeling Tracy Morgan your toast. (At the same time if you get a proud black woman as a CSR, hang up and try again–she’ll just say “oh no you didnt” and you won’t get shit.)

  5. you’re toast. I do know the difference.

  6. why don’t you just move to another cable company (comcast is a cable company right ? . sorry man i live in the tropics. but i know verizon and teevo).

    anyway it’s good to see you back

  7. eeeeheheeheee.

    excellent stuff, J.

    So good to see ya’ back. Thanks for the giggles, hermano!

  8. You sound a lil upset…”Woo Woo Woo”, in my best Synclaire from Living Single rendition…

    I’ll go pray now that comcast doesnt mess up your bill, all we need is another black man behind bars…


  9. Justin,

    So yesterday I got the first bill I’ve received since going through all the above crap. The promised credit is non-existent, the pro-rated charges are based on the day they were SUPPOSED to fix my cable, not on the day they actually fixed it.

    Plus, since they pro-rated a portion of the bill back to BEFORE the last bill was generated, they charged me a $5.00 late fee because my bill wasn’t “fully paid” as of the last due date. Except on the day it was due I had a zero balance.

    Brandon is SO going to learn new words when he gets into work tomorrow.

  10. JV,
    I can relate. I have Time Warner (Comcast) and they are one of the worst cable companies ever. They never showed up for their appointment, I had to wait several weeks and my neighbor had to wait 12 weeks. They are the only company who services this area and no one has a choice, but I know what you mean.

    Anyway, welcome back and I hope film school is everything you want it to be and more. 😀

  11. I’ve just read a book about how the average man gets screwed. Don’t read it trust me. It will shorten the limits of what you will tolerate considerably. 🙂
    We all hate Comcast, and At&T,and all the Satellite Companies.
    And lately I’m thinking Verizon is really starting to grate my friggin nerves.

  12. The Washington Post had an article about a 68 year old woman who got treated like crap by Comcast and she went into her local office with a hammer and beat the hell out of everything. Not that I’m encouraging violence, but hardly anyone criticized her for doing this (well, she did get arrested and has to go to court) but public sentiment was not against her, that’s for sure.

  13. Dear Mr. Justin V. –

    Thank you so much for your letter of interest and support. We here at Comcast take pride in providing our customers quality service in a timely manner. We’re just so happy your experience with us has been a good one. Please tell your friends.

    – Faithfully yours, Comcast

  14. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  15. I just spent 48 min on hold with Dish Network. I feel your pain.


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